Grandmother is very spoiled grandchildren and all they can – how to respond to parents?

Grandmother is very spoiled grandchildren and all they can - how to respond to parents? Not all families are lucky to loving and caring grandmothers, for which the happiness and health of grandchildren – is paramount. Alas, most often grandmothers are for young mothers and fathers a real headache, or completely ignored by his new role, even forgetting about the days of the birth of grandchildren. And if you do not have to fight with the latter, hyper-caring grandmothers are a real problem, which is not so easy to solve.

What if the grandmother crosses the boundaries in her love for her grandchildren, and is it worth reacting to at all?

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  1. benefits that grandma spoils grandchildren
  2. Cons overprotective grandmother and pamper grandchildren
  3. What if grandma spoil the child?

The benefit of the fact that grandmother spoils grandchildren – what is good grandmother’s care for the child?

There are children who enviously look at their peers swimming in the love of grandparents. These children do not feed sweet pies and do not allow them everything in the world, because there is no one, or the grandmother lives too far.

But, according to statistics, most of the grandmothers of the children still have.

And this is wonderful, because the grandmother …

  • Always come to the aid of the young mother and give the right advice.
  • Will help when you need to sit with the baby.
  • Can drive a baby for long walks, for which there is no time for mom.
  • He will never leave his grandson hungry and see that he is properly dressed.
  • She lodges her child if his parents need to leave for a short while, or their apartment is being renovated.
  • Doing good works is just like that, from great love and completely sincere.
  • I am ready to answer any question of “why”.
  • He often reads books and plays with the baby in developing games.
  • And so on.

A loving grandmother is a real treasure for children who will remember with nostalgia how they were tastily fed, laid to sleep on the feather bed, patiently demolished all the whims, spoiled and shoved into the pockets of the candy until mother sees it.

Cons of grandmother and grandchildren grandchildren

Alas, not all parents can boast that their children’s grandmothers are just such – forgiving, understanding, kind and ready to give the last.

There are also such grandmothers who become a disaster for their parents. The “suffocating” hyperope of grandchildren, in contrast to parental love and without regard for their opinion, does not bear in itself anything good – neither for children, nor for the relationship “grandmother-parents.”

Of course, in most cases, hyperopecia is based solely on unlimited grandmother’s love for children. But in this sense (specifically in this case), as a rule, there is absolutely no “brake pedal”, which would help to splash love with adequate portions, rather than drown the children in it.

The reason for a hyperopeak is not so important (a grandmother can simply be a domineering woman, with whom they are afraid to argue, or splash with love, recouping grandchildren for all the years of neglecting their own children), her shortcomings are important:

  1. Parents lose their credibility – the child after meeting with the grandmother simply ignores their methods of education.
  2. The child is spoiled and fed with sweets – the regime of the day is brought down, the diet regime is brought down.
  3. Parents are on the verge of plagiarism, and the relationships within the family are starting to get worse.
  4. The child refuses to do everything that his parents have already taught him, because the grandmother ties up the shoelaces, puts on a hat, feeds him with a spoon, stirs sugar in his grandson’s cup and so on. All the efforts of parents in the upbringing of independence from the child go to rubble.
  5. Grandmother’s house is a real “baby-land”. There you can do everything – eat sweet before dinner, throw candy wrappers on the floor, throw toys, rude and come from the street later than laid (adolescents often leave for grandmothers from parental control).
  6. Grandma has other views on education, on clothes, on the style of upbringing, on food and so on. All that the grandmother considers the only correct, the parents categorically deny and do not accept.It is not uncommon for cases when such disagreements led to tragedies. For example, when a grandmother treats a sick grandson with decoctions, when he needs to be taken to the hospital urgently. Or smear a burn with oil (this is prohibited). “Wisdom of the ages” can play a bad role in the fate of the whole family.

Naturally, such care for children does not go. The harm of such love is obvious, and the solution of the problem should be sought immediately.

How to learn to say “no” to a child – learn to deny children correctly!

Grandmother is very spoiled grandchildren and all they can - how to respond to parents?

What to do if a grandmother excessively spoils a child, how to explain to her and change the situation – all advice and recommendations to parents

No one will argue that the love of grandparents is undoubtedly important in the upbringing of children.

But it is important to maintain a healthy balance in the influence of grandmothers on their grandchildren in order to avoid problems in the future that will arise, first of all, among the children themselves.

What should moms and dads do in such a situation when the grandmother goes over “the limits of what is permissible” and begins to “confuse the cards” in the parental methods of education?

Naturally, each specific situation requires special consideration and analysis, but there are recommendations that will work for most cases:

  • Analyzing the situation: is the grandmother really harming her grandson with her wrong view of upbringing, or Mom just jealous of the child to his grandmother, because to that he is more located? If this is the second option, do not make sharp movements. Still, the main thing is the happiness of the baby. Yes, and it’s worth to be grateful to an elderly person who invests his time, money and love in your child. If the parents’ authority really begins to “loudly” and fall quickly – then it’s time to act.
  • Carefully evaluate – exactly how the grandmother’s hyperopepe is reflected on your child , and think – than this hyperope is caused. So it will be much easier for you to understand how to proceed.
  • Try to talk calmly with your child’s grandmother about not being right . Do not make claims – just put before the fact, not forgetting to refer to the authorities in the field of education, medicine and so on.
  • The last word is just for you. Grandma must understand that the chosen line of education should be adhered to even in your absence.
  • In a very critical situation, you should consider the option of separation , if the family lives with the grandmother.
  • Do not leave your grandmother for a long time. Enough for a couple of hours (during this time it will not have time to “badly affect” your child) at a party, so that the grandmother was happy, and the whole family is calm.

Grandmother is very spoiled grandchildren and all they can - how to respond to parents?

If you can not “reeducate” the grandmother, you are tired to struggle, and the consequences of the weekend spent at the grandmother “are no longer just manifesting, but hindering you in the family – that means it’s time to put the question” edge “. It is better to refuse to help grandmother, if the pastime with her negatively affects the child.

Were there similar situations in your family? And how did you get out of them? Share your stories in the comments below!

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