Headaches and their causes

Headaches and their causes


  • Symptoms of head pain
  • Causes of headache during pregnancy
  • Causes of headache in forehead
  • Causes of headache in temples
  • Causes of headache in the nape of the head
  • How the blood pressure and headache are linked
  • Why else can the headache?
  • Help with pills and medications
  • Folk remedies for headaches

Everyone has a headache for at least once in a lifetime. This happens at high temperature, with overwork. The cause of the headache may be muscle tension of the neck or shoulders. With migraine dizziness may occur, nausea, weakness appear. Sensations can be pulsating, pressing, sharp. An extraordinary force is reached by the so-called a painful headache – some are ready to commit suicide, just to stop the torture. Often it happens in men over 30, who smoke a lot.

Every sixth inhabitant of the planet suffers from one or another kind of head pain. The reasons are:

  • different stresses associated with overwork, depression, overstrain of the muscles of the neck and back, especially the shoulders;
  • deviation from the norm of the values ​​of intracranial pressure, as well as trauma to the skull;
  • migraine.

Symptoms of head pain

Headaches and their causes

  • Neck muscle tension, why the head hurts, often associated with feelings about and without, and with various stresses. As a rule, at first the neck becomes numb, then there is discomfort in the nape, which goes to the temples. Often, the condition is aggravated by dizziness and nausea. Often this is due to uncomfortable posture, enthusiastic work in an uncomfortable position or osteochondrosis.
  • As a rule, in order to find out why the headache is hurting, it is necessary to consult a neurologist. In some cases, it will be useful to turn to a psychiatrist, since an uncomfortable condition associated with the tension of the neck muscles is often associated with depression.
  • If pain and nausea occur at night or in the morning, accompanied by dizziness, weakness, often the cause of this condition is a hematoma or a brain tumor. To make an accurate diagnosis, you will have to undergo tomography.
  • Typically, female adolescents or young girls with excessive body weight, increased intracranial pressure and visual impairment experience pain in the back of the head, in the forehead, temples, or in the entire head. This happens as a result of a sharp change in the weather, fatigue, this or that nervous shock.
  • When migraine pain is pulsating, it often appears in the morning. Symptoms – it hurts only one side of the head, there is photophobia, it becomes impossible to listen to loud sounds. In the beginning of an attack, flies or light flashes can flash in front of your eyes. The exact cause of this head disease has not yet been established, but it is expected to be associated with a change in the level of hormones. The disease is inherited.

Causes of headache during pregnancy

Headaches and their causes

It should be noted that the causes of head pain during pregnancy are almost non-existent, since in this case there are no sharp fluctuations of the hormonal background, which under normal conditions occurs regularly with a natural female cycle.

Why does my head hurt during pregnancy? Often this is due to the manifestation of migraine. The disease is accompanied by visual impairment and digestive disorders. Some products may provoke headache: cheese, chocolate, citrus fruits. Also affects the change in weather conditions, overwork, unpleasant odors, annoying noise, rhythmically flashing light.

During pregnancy, a possible cause of discomfort is low blood pressure as a result of early toxicosis, usually this is observed in the first trimester. On the contrary, if it is increased, it is a rather alarming symptom, it can signal a late toxicosis, while a protein is found in the urine, and swelling appears on the body.

Causes of headache in the forehead area

Headaches and their causes

Painful sensations in the forehead area can speak of dental malnutrition, sinusitis, allergies, migraine or stress.

  • With sinusitis it becomes difficult to breathe through the nose, characteristic discharges form, tears flow, painful to look at the light. The body temperature rises, shivering, gives in the temples.
  • When front often and strongly hurts the forehead, especially often this happens in the morning after awakening, the sense of smell is broken. In the acute form, the puffiness of the forehead happens due to worsening of the local circulation.
  • The forehead often hurts with increased intracranial pressure, as well as with deviations from the norm of blood pressure values. In this case, gives in the back of the head and in the temples.
  • If, when pressing the eyebrow, painful sensations occur in the forehead area, this may be due to inflammation of the membranes of the frontal and latticular sinuses, as well as to neuralgia or nephritis of the first branch of the trigeminal nerve.

Causes of headache in the temples

Headaches and their causes

In some cases, the exact cause, why it hurts in the temples, can not be established:

  • In women, this is often associated with hormonal changes during natural cycle. As a rule, when pregnancy comes, everything passes.
  • Discomfort in the elderly can be caused by changes in the vessels of the brain due to atherosclerosis. At the same time the sensations are pulsating, it also hurts in the back of the head. There is a connection with weather changes, overwork, emotional shocks.
  • Pulsating pain in the head may be a consequence of inflammation of the walls of the arteries of the temporal region. Which, however, happens rarely.
  • Discomfort in the temples occurs with influenza, angina, poisoning – for example, in case of hangover syndrome.
  • Often the cause is a consequence of suspiciousness, in which anxiety, discomfort is observed, rapid fatigue occurs. It seems that it gives in the temples, but it is difficult to determine where exactly.
  • In a number of cases, pain in the head is caused by the malfunction of the temporomandibular joint. This affects the back of the head and even gives in the shoulder blades. Often during a conversation, there is a characteristic grinding of the teeth and the closing of the jaws, which causes the muscular pain to be transferred to the bones of the skull. The sensations are so sharp that often misdiagnosed “migraines”.

Causes of headache in the nape

Headaches and their causes

Often, it is associated with various abnormalities in the health of the cervical spine. For example, osteochondrosis. As a rule, the movement of the neck when turning the head intensifies the suffering.

The consequence of osteochondrosis can be neuralgia of the occipital nerve. Often it is caused by draft or hypothermia. Pain in the back of the head is periodic, with the back, neck and lower jaw often hurting. The movements of the neck cause discomfort, so the patient tries to keep her motionless.

Another reason is staying for a long time in an uncomfortable position. As a result, there is fatigue of the muscles, painful sensations in the neck and occiput.

How the blood pressure and headache are related

Headaches and their causes

It is believed that with high values ​​the neck hurts, and with lowered ones it hurts in the temples.

Is it true that the cause of head discomfort is an increase in blood pressure? At first glance, the question is strange. After all, if you measure it, the value will be increased.

On the other hand, it is known that there are no pain receptors in the brain. That is, there is nothing to hurt in him. At elevated blood flow values, the tone of the vessels is higher than in the normal state. Vessels are narrowed, and the brain experiences oxygen starvation. To the brain less “choke,” he gives the heart command to work more intensively to deliver enough blood through the narrowed blood vessels.

The exact cause of the painful sensations, accompanied by increased pressure, should be established by the doctor.And, it is quite possible, according to the results of the survey, elevated values ​​will be the consequence, rather than the cause of a migraine attack or the manifestation of a tension headache.

That is, in the beginning the body experiences this or that stress, as a result of which there is a spasm of blood vessels. In turn, spasm causes an increase in pressure.

Why else can the headache?

Headaches and their causes

The causes of headache are known to many, although not everyone is aware of this:

  • Wrong eating habits. First of all, you need to limit the use of foods that can cause migraine attacks: cheese, chocolate, citrus, red wine.
  • Smoking, alcohol, a lot of coffee during the day – faithful companions of pain in the head.
  • Various external stimuli. They can be unpleasant smells, constant stuffiness in the room, unfriendly nervous situation in the team.
  • Quite often, pain is associated with meteorological dependence. In this case, discomfort occurs with fluctuations in atmospheric pressure or before rain.
  • Stress and overwork at work can provoke tension headaches. The discomfortable state is provoked by an uncomfortable pose, absence of breaks.

Help with pills and medications

Headaches and their causes

Treatment begins not with taking medication, but by finding out the exact cause of a painful condition. Such diagnosis should be made by a doctor.

Popular therapeutic agents are analgesics, namely non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, such as Aspirin and Ibuprofen . An example of an analgesic is Analgin . But in the pill from the pain of the head Citramon already includes paracetamol, acetylsalicylic acid and caffeine. Most of these drugs are acids, and therefore irritate the gastric mucosa.

Tablets help to quickly cope with the symptoms of the disease. But they are not so harmless, especially combined means. Therefore, if the head constantly hurts, it is better to find out the true cause, rather than look for a quick way to get rid of the painful condition.

Folk remedies for pain in the head

Headaches and their causes

  • In case of a migraine attack, you can try a fairly effective treatment with folk remedies – warm your legs. Compresses on the head help: on the reddened areas cool compresses are put, on whitened – warm. From pain, stroking the head in the direction from the forehead to the nape is useful.
  • To reduce severe pain, you can attach to the forehead and behind the head the leaves of burdock, coltsfoot or cabbage. Burdock is applied from the side of the nap, the mother-and-stepmother is a smooth side.
  • If you get a headache, it is useful to take a decoction of nettle, brewing a tablespoon of dry grass in an incomplete glass of boiling water. Take from two tablespoons to half a glass of infusion an hour before meals.
  • If the muscles of the neck or shoulders are straining excessively, it will be helpful to take fresh potato juice. You can also drink mixed with honey, Kalina juice. Take a tablespoon 3 times a day for an hour before meals, the duration of treatment is three weeks.
  • Quite an effective remedy for pain relief is the lemon peel. It should be applied with the inner side to the temples or to the forehead. The irritation that appears should be rinsed with water and greased with cream. Effective beets, its mugs can also be applied to the temples.
  • If pain is caused by stress, it is helpful to prepare the next infusion. Take 2 parts of the motherwort, one part of thyme, two parts of mint. Pour a glass of boiling water, insist for 40 minutes in a bowl with the lid closed. Take half a cup an hour before meals.
  • With pain during a migraine you can fight with cranberries.
  • Tablespoon chopped root valerian brew in a glass of boiling water, put on fire and boil for five minutes. Insist and cool to room temperature. Take a tablespoon three times a day.
  • Brew a teaspoon of peppermint in a glass of boiling water and take half a cup during an attack of pain.

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