Healthy diet for weight loss

Healthy diet for weight loss


  • Why you manage to lose weight by eating healthy
  • How to organize a healthy diet for weight loss
  • Principles of proper nutrition to lose weight

Many suffering from overweight, looking in the mirror , at some point decide: it’s time to lose weight. Immediately the question arises – how to lose weight? Diet, sports jogging, increased physical activity come to mind. At the same time, an obvious answer is thrown out that it is quite possible to lose weight without diets and without exhausting trainings in the gym. It turns out, using a healthy diet for weight loss, it is easy to achieve amazing results. Some can reduce the weight to 10kg per week, which, you will agree, is very good.

Why you manage to lose weight by eating healthy

Everything is very simple. Overweight is not necessarily a consequence of metabolic disorders. Often these are harmful eating habits, which you do not want to give up because of various reasons:

  • habit has long become part of the way of life;
  • it’s “tasty”, we “love” it;
  • many are lazy to follow any recommendations;
  • Some live by the principle “until the thunder bursts out” and eat, horrible, gaining excess weight.

Proper nutrition for health gives the body the opportunity to finally get rid of the accumulated toxins and toxins, which it simply can not pull out, as large amounts of “wrong” food. After all, in order to get rid of all the harmful things that come in every day, the body shots it out wherever possible, including fatty tissue.

If the body is given the opportunity to do what it does best and how it is originally adapted to feed, it will certainly find a way to lose weight by removing fat, toxins and toxins. As a result, the weight begins to decrease.

How to organize a healthy diet for losing weight

Healthy diet for weight loss

To lose weight through a healthy diet, you should exclude the psychological stress caused by following a particular diet. During the day, you need to eat, but so that there is no feeling of hunger. Hunger is the cause of stress, it has a negative impact on the psyche.

Properly organized nutrition helps to effectively get rid of extra pounds, contributing to weight loss, only if more calories are being consumed than what comes with food. Therefore, it is necessary to take into account the nutritional value of the products, the balance of the daily diet.

To start eating properly, you need to give up harmful food, not the one that contains a lot of calories. It is this sign that the principles of healthy eating differ from all kinds of diets for weight loss.

The list of harmful products is known: excessively sweet, fatty, high in calories, lots of coffee, fast foods, ready-made products from the nearest cookery.

The goal is to lose weight meals in snatches during the day, abundant lunches or dinners, eating in front of the TV or during the working process, when the feeling of hunger is satisfied with a chocolate, a pie, a cup of coffee.

It is much more useful to satisfy the feeling of hunger with yogurt, there are more fruits and vegetables – carrots, radishes, vegetable salad with the addition of cold pressed oil. There is cottage cheese and tea. Obviously, these products will not make you fat, because they have few calories. They effectively alleviate hunger, help to avoid discomfort and also lose weight.

The principles of proper nutrition to lose weight

Healthy diet for weight loss

  • To lose weight the right food, breakfast is mandatory. Even if you allow yourself to excess during breakfast, during the labor day there is a lot of opportunities to spend excess calories. As a rule, excess morning calories do not go to fat, which can not be said in the case of the habit of abundant lunches or dinners.
  • It is necessary to allocate a special time and devote it exclusively to the reception of food.Only the organism, concentrated on this occupation, can effectively deal with its digestion and assimilation. If the brain is busy solving some other problems, it is much more likely that some of the food will go to fat for assimilation sometime later, if suddenly there is a famine, accumulating a stock “just in case.”
  • For more effective weight loss, you should not rush during meals, because this is a kind of protection against overeating, because the signal about the onset of satiety always enters the brain a little later. If there is no hurry, it comes just in time.
  • Slow food allows you to better digest food – the stomach will be grateful for it. After a meal, it is useful to sit at least five minutes, giving the stomach the opportunity to really “get involved” in the work.
  • You need to get up from the table with a feeling of mild hunger, that you can eat a little more.

For slimming, you need to eat less sugar, using honey instead, but also in small amounts.

Eat better not later than two hours before bedtime, and dinner should not be dense. There are two reasons for this:

  • to sleep with a full stomach is difficult;
  • there is a probability that the stomach “shalturit” and part of the food will be processed “in reserve”, creating fatty deposits.

To effectively lose weight by a healthy diet, during the day you need to drink 1-1.5 liters of clean water, of course, given the time of year. Water is necessary for the body for internal self-cleaning, because the dishes are washed with water, not with tea, milk or compote.

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