How quickly remove the bruise

How quickly remove the bruise


  • What is a bruise
  • First aid for bruises and bruises
  • How to not eliminate the pain of a bruise
  • What to do with a bruise in a day
  • Use of medication drugs
  • Traditional medicine for rapid removal of bruises

Bruises and bumps – an indispensable attribute of child development. There is a hypothesis that every person in his life should receive a certain number of them. And if they are not received in childhood, nature can not be fooled. The process continues into adulthood. Half the trouble, if the damage happened on the arm or leg, these places can easily be covered with clothing, although it is more difficult to do this in the warm season. How quickly remove the bruise, if it formed on the face? Especially according to the law of meanness, according to which a sandwich always falls with oil down, trouble happens on the eve of something important and responsible.

What is a bruise

Damage that causes so much trouble is nothing but a hemorrhage . If the blow is quite strong, the vessels burst and the blood is in the surrounding tissues.

In cases of excessively weak and fragile vessels, a bruise occurs even from a mild depression. Unlike men, the female organism is more prone to the formation of unpleasant hemorrhages due to higher estrogen content.

Closed injury does not pass as quickly as you like. To a sensitive place it is once more painful to touch, not to mention the negative aesthetic consequences.

At first a dark spot forms, gradually it becomes reddish-blue. When restoring the tissues, the stain acquires various colors: from yellowish-brown to yellow-green.

Damage to the face usually goes through the week, restoring the leg may take a month.

First aid for bruises and bruises

How quickly remove the bruise

To quickly eliminate possible negative consequences, reduce the size to the damage site, it is necessary to apply something cold as soon as possible. A half-finished product from a freezer is suitable, a piece of ice. A cool object is best wrapped in a towel so as not to cause frostbite around the surrounding tissues.

Under the influence of cold, the vessels narrow and the area of ​​the bruise becomes smaller, there is almost no edema. Pain is reduced.

If a hand or foot is bruised, the damaged place can be placed under cold water, apply a towel soaked in icy water, changing it as soon as it warms up. It is advisable to raise the arm or leg as high as possible in order to reduce the stagnation of blood in the limb.

Effects of cold for 15 minutes is enough.

How not to eliminate pain with a bruise

  • It is not necessary to eliminate painful sensations with Aspirin and other drugs that dilute blood. They will have an analgesic effect. But to remove the bruise or make it less will not succeed. On the contrary, the area of ​​damage will increase. You can take Ibuprofen , it does not cause blood thinning.
  • It is worth giving up alcohol anesthesia. The hot drinks will expand the vessels and the size of the hemorrhage will become larger.

What to do with a bruise in a day

Once the swelling around the lesion is reduced, the site of the injury is useful to warm up. This procedure will increase the rate of recovery of damaged tissues, the bruise will be eliminated much faster.

A hot-water bottle with hot water, bags of salt or sand, which in winter can be heated on a radiator. Heat is applied three times a day for 15 minutes.

Use of medications

How quickly remove the bruise

If there are no contraindications, it is useful to make an iodine net at night. It will help to remove inflammation, improve blood circulation, as a result of which the visible consequences of hemorrhage will pass faster. In the morning, the iodine grid will not be visible.

In the pharmacy you can ask for various ointments and balms:

  • gel with extract of leech Bruise-off contributes to the prompt elimination of damage;
  • cream-balm SOS and balm Rescuer have a resolving and restoring effect;
  • ointment Concentrate affects the skin, has a regenerating and soothing effect.

By applying medication in 2-3 hours, it is possible to eliminate the bruise in just a couple of days.

Traditional medicine for the rapid elimination of bruises

How quickly remove the bruise

Usage of bodyguards

Long time effective remedy for hemorrhage is considered to be bodyfoot . This freshwater sponge, it is sold in a pharmacy in the form of powder.

A couple tablespoons of powder is diluted in a small amount of water and applied to the damaged area. When the composition dries, it is washed off. The mask is applied twice a day.

In the case of “finale” you should use the bodywoman carefully, because around the eyes especially tender skin. On a gentle skin, a bodyguard can not be used.

Compression from the leaves of cabbage and plantain

Rapid bruising is helped by compresses from fresh cabbage leaves with plantain. Leaves before use it is useful to beat off with a hammer to make juice.

Masks from onions with salt

Onions and salt help to quickly cope with a bruise and accelerate the regeneration of tissues. Half the bulbs should be finely chopped, add a tablespoon of salt. Put the gruel into the cheesecloth, attach it to the damage for half an hour or an hour. During the day, repeat three times, each time preparing a fresh mixture.

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