How to bring down the temperature

How to bring down the temperature


  • Causes of temperature increase
  • Temperature 37, 38, 39C
  • What is the right temperature?
  • Is the temperature to be brought down?
  • How much the temperature is kept
  • How to knock down the temperature of the baby
  • How to bring down the temperature without drugs
  • Pills that knock down the temperature

When the state of health worsens, the shiver starts to shiver, the thermometer shows 38C or 39C, you want to quickly knock down the temperature with a pill. This is a mistake, since knocking down the temperature does not mean getting well. Heat is a natural reaction of the body to destroy viruses and pathogens, to remove harmful substances. It is not necessary to bring down indicators without need. In most cases, the body itself, without the use of pills, is able to cope with the disease.

Causes of temperature increase

How to bring down the temperature

This condition is physiological self-defense to rid the body of harmful substances. If health allows, this process should be given the opportunity to develop naturally, providing all possible assistance.

It’s good to drink more clean warm water. A couple of days starving, so as not to distract the body by digesting food.

Weakness is explained by the fact that a lot of harmful substances are in the blood, causing intoxication. We have to spend considerable effort on removing harmful substances, destroying microbes. Enzyme activity increases, more antibodies are produced, which increases immunity.

The intake of antipyretics to bring down the temperature, additionally loads the liver and kidneys. In addition, noxious substances circulating in the blood cease to be excreted. The remaining harmful mucus in the body is prone to decay, promotes the development of tumors, and becomes the food of pathogenic microorganisms.

Thus, hyperthermia (fever) is one of the curative factors. For example, with an acute period of acute respiratory viral infection and a healthy organism, the readings up to 38C do not last more than 2-3 days.

Thermoregulation is the responsibility of the brain department – hypothalamus . It maintains the indicators within acceptable limits, for which it sends signals to the blood vessels for constriction or expansion, if necessary increases sweating.

The temperature rises in the case of bacterial or viral infections, in inflammatory processes, after surgery. The body produces special substances (for example, interferons ), under which the hypothalamus starts to consider the normal value of 38C. As a result, fever, shiver, until the blood warms to a new value.

Tablets, knocking down temperature, block this action.

Temperature 37, 38, 39C

How to bring down the temperature

Subfebrile . At 37-38C, the body’s defenses are increased, the activity of bacteria and viruses is reduced. Therefore, it is not necessary to bring down this temperature, if the patient’s state of health is satisfactory. Children are more sensitive, so they may need to take antipyretic tablets.

Febrile . Moderately high rates from 38C to 39C.

High . Values ​​range from 39 to 40C.

Very high . Above 40C.

High and very high indications usually do not bring the body benefits, can cause disruption of the work of organs and tissues. But all individually.

During illness it is enough to measure the indicators in the morning after awakening and shortly before going to bed. They are important for setting the right diagnosis, correcting treatment.

The fever in children and adults is manifested by the following symptoms: headache, fatigue, trembling, pain in different parts of the body. Respiration and heart rate are increasing. The amount of urine released decreases. Heat is often a symptom of the body’s struggle with infection.

After the removal of fever comes relief, sweat is released, and urination becomes plentiful.

What is the right temperature?

How to bring down the temperature

It is believed that a healthy adult has a normal temperature of 36.6C or lower. In the morning, it can drop to 35.5C, in the evening rise to 37.2C. The lowest values ​​are fixed in the period from 2-7 hours, the largest – from 16 to 21 hours.

As a rule, men have a temperature 0,5-0,7C lower than women. In boys, the indicators stabilize at 18 years, girls – at 13-14 years.

In the absence of diseases, the temperature rises when digesting food (up to 1С), in women after ovulation due to an increase in the level of the hormone progesterone , these values ​​persist until menstruation.

For runners for long distances at the finish, the values ​​can reach 40.5C. The body produces a lot of heat, which does not have time to leave the body.

Shoot down the temperature?

How to bring down the temperature

The body fights the disease with immunity . The effect of protective forces manifests itself including pain, increased temperature and pressure.

It turns out, the treatment with pills that knock down febrile or subfebrile temperature, is directed against the effect of immunity.

Some experts are convinced that once a year the temperature should be raised to 39C. At these rates, mutated mutant cells, sources of all kinds of tumors die. Despite the discomfort, this measure increases antitumor (cellular) immunity.

In addition, if you do not knock down the temperature 38-39C, the body will produce the necessary antibodies, a kind of vaccination against the disease.

Hardened people rarely get sick. They have practically no fever due to the increase of anti-inflammatory (humoral) immunity. But the antitumor immunity of the tempered person remains at the same level.

It turns out a paradoxical conclusion:

  • If there is no need to knock down the temperature, then the immunity is low.
  • If you have to “fever”, then the immunity at a sufficiently high level.

The body raises the temperature to destroy specific microorganisms: at 37C some die, while at 38C others die.

A temperature rise of one degree doubles the rate of leukocyte transfer to the causative agent of the disease. This process contributes to recovery. Tablets, knocking down the temperature, inhibit this process.

Many adults, feeling an ailment in the morning, go to the doctor. But the indicator 38C can not harm a healthy adult person. This is a natural reaction of the body in case of acute diseases similar to the flu.

Therefore, do not bring down the temperature of 38C and take antipyretic tablets. Especially do not worry, when this “treatment” fails and the indicators do not decrease.

Often, it is better not to lower the rate for a speedy recovery, but to raise the temperature to 39C, so that she goes through a day or two. It has been experimentally established that cells of the immune system efficiently kill bacteria at 39.5C.

It is worth paying the most serious attention and telling the doctor about the temperature increase to people with weakened immunity, the elderly, after the previous chemotherapy treatment, in case of leukemia . Similarly, it is necessary to react if the high temperature of the newborn is maintained in the first month.

How long does the temperature last?

How to bring down the temperature

As a rule, the higher the numbers, the less they hold. For example, the temperature of 38.5C may begin to decline after three days, and 37.7C last for a week.

If an adult or child rises to a temperature of 39 ° C and after a short time passes, this is a sign of a healthy body and strong immunity. If the 37C readings last for a long time – a week or more – the body does not cope well with the disease, its immunity is weakened.

If possible, it is necessary to tolerate elevated temperature taking into account individual characteristics.Often a healthy child does not notice the indicators of 39C, plays and moves, as this reaction of the body is natural for him.

How to knock down the temperature of the baby

How to bring down the temperature

Children have different temperature changes. Some at 37.5C ​​may lose consciousness, others play at 39C. Therefore, the values ​​at which to start taking measures are determined individually.

To reduce the temperature, it is necessary to create conditions for the organism to cool down. The child must be warmly dressed, so that there is no spasm of the skin of the skin and through them there was heat release, sweat formation. But in the room to support +16 .. + 18C.

Do not wipe with vinegar or rub alcohol with tinctures of young children, these substances are absorbed into the blood. It is better to put cold compress on caviar for 15 minutes, add a few drops of essential oil bergamot to the water.

It is useful to drink abundantly. It is worth to cook a decoction of raisins, cook compote of dried fruits. You can give fruit, teas and herbal infusions, heating them no higher than 40C. Raspberries for children should not be given for a year. Fresh grapes and juice also should be excluded.

To knock down the temperature, older children can wipe the body and thigh with vodka or a damp sponge.

It is dangerous to knock down the temperature of the child with aspirin, other salicylates. For example, aspirin at the age of 12 years can provoke the development of the disease – Ray’s syndrome .

Churning the temperature does not affect the recovery. In addition, a mechanism that does not allow the temperature to rise above 41C has not yet been explained.

If the child has a temperature of 37 ° C, do not worry. Studies have shown that in healthy children the indices are in the range of 35.9-37.5С. In the afternoon or evening, the value may rise to a degree, this is normal. The temperature can also increase the intake of antihistamines , the digestion of heavy heavy food.

Danger represents loss of consciousness as a result of a heat stroke in the sun, after visiting the sauna, as a result of poisoning. These effects can suppress protective forces that prevent the temperature from rising to dangerous values ​​while the child is conscious.

The temperature increases the excessive wrapping. Especially a small child is not able to get rid of excess clothes on his own. It is desirable that the child had as many clothes as adults.

Some experts believe that it is not necessary to bring down the temperature of 40.5С for one or two days, if there is no vomiting, breathing is not difficult, the child is active. Elevated indications signal that the system of healing of the child’s body is working.

In any case, the doctor should address with lethargy, confusion, twitching muscles, another uncharacteristic behavior of the child.

How to knock down the temperature without medication

How to bring down the temperature

At home, various recipes of traditional medicine are used.

Vinegar . Stretch the thorax in front and behind with vinegar diluted with the same amount of water.

Vodka . Stir in equal parts vodka and water. Do wiping up to three times a day. The alcohol evaporates and gives a quick effect. Therefore, after the procedure, do not hide behind a blanket.

Lemon . Often take a glass of warm boiled water, where to squeeze the juice of one lemon.

Cranberry .

  • Take cranberry juice diluted in water.
  • Mash fresh berries with a wooden spoon, get juice. Squeeze the boil, drain, let cool. Mix the juice and broth, add honey. Take cranberry mors to reduce the temperature.

Raspberry . Brew 20g of raspberry leaves or berries, 2 p.s. tea 500ml boiling water, insist 15 minutes. Pour into a cup, add 2 tsp. of vodka. To drink tea, it is good to wrap up and sweat.Repeat up to three times a day.

Rosehip . Mix 3 parts of wild rose hips and 1 part apple cider vinegar. Moisten the napkins and place them on the calves, take cover. As you dry, moisten the napkins. After 2 hours, wipe the body.

Raisins . Soak 25 raisins in half a cup of water. Rastoloch berry in the water, drain, discard. Add 0.5 hl. lemon juice. Take as an antipyretic twice daily.

Cucumber . To bring down the heat, drink a glass of cucumber juice. You can wipe the body with juice and immediately go to bed.

Chicory . Grind chicory, add 1ch.l. in a glass of apricot juice, 1 ч.л. honey. A simple way to lower the temperature, get rid of harmful substances.

Ginger . Brew ginger root, add cinnamon. A useful drink weakens the symptoms of colds, has a diaphoretic effect, chills the body.

Dandelion . The juice of the plant has a diaphoretic, temperature-lowering action for colds.

Burdock . Cover the body with fresh leaves at high temperature.

Red currant . The juice has a diaphoretic, anti-inflammatory, antipyretic action. It helps to restore strength faster. Contraindicated with low blood clotting, with peptic ulcer of stomach and duodenum, acute gastritis and hepatitis.

Copper . To bring down the temperature, fix the copper coins with a stick plaster on the forehead for 2-3 hours.

There are 2, 3 and 5-penny coins issued before 1962. Coins should be calcined, allowed to cool, sanded with sandpaper. Or put it for one hour in a glass with a solution of table salt (25g per 250 ml), dry it.

Copper reduces headache, soothes, stops bleeding, increases immunity, relieves swelling, has anti-inflammatory and analgesic effect, normalizes sleep.

“Dead water” . It is noticed that a glass of “dead” (acidic) water allows quickly (in 10 minutes) to bring down the temperature in an adult and a child. Household activators of living and dead water are produced.

Icy water .

  • A full immersion (with the head) in an ice bath for 5 seconds brings down the temperature after 10-15 minutes. After the procedure you need to dry yourself and immediately go to bed.
  • Hold for 5 minutes in the basin with ice water. Do not wipe the feet, wear knitted woolen socks made of natural wool, continuously walk around the apartment for 20 minutes, immediately go to bed.

<< How to bring down the temperature

Modern medicine often relieve symptoms – reduce temperature, reduce headaches, but do not eliminate the causes of the disease.

It is known that with simultaneous administration of two drugs, the risk of unpredictable exposure is 10%, three – up to 50%, more than five – 90%. Therefore, treatment should be different in quality, not in the amount of drugs used.

Preparations Paracetamol ( Panadol , Children’s Panadol , Efferlangan ) and Ibuprofen ( Nurofen , Ibufen ) are the safest, have analgesic and anti-inflammatory effect.

Acetylsalicylic acid preparations (Aspirin , Bufferin , Novandol , Novasan , Novandol , Terapin ) can not be given to children under 12 due to the risk of Ray syndrome.

The temperature should be brought down only if it becomes unbearable. High indicators are important for the successful struggle of immunity with the disease, cleansing the body.

Sweating begins within an hour after taking the pill – the body cools. Then he can start to shiver again.After consulting with a doctor, it is necessary to adhere to the scheme and take antipyretics every 4 hours.

The doctor should be called if the temperature is 39.5C and above. Indications 41C, affect the function of the brain, there are convulsions. At 42C-42.2C irreversible brain changes occur.

In healthy adults, the temperature rarely rises above 41 ° C in case of a heart attack, stroke, or inflammation of the brain. In the case of influenza and other common diseases, this usually does not occur.

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