How to choose a stew

How to choose a stew


  • How to start choosing stew
  • How to choose quality stew
  • Manufacturers of best stew
  • Benefits and harm of stew

It’s no secret that it becomes difficult to buy real canned meat, so that inside it turned out to be natural meat, and not soy. And it is meat with broth, and not vice versa – a liquid soup with incomprehensible ingredients. How to choose a quality stew, pleasing with taste?

Where to start choosing stew?

All the present costs money, so the most important selection criterion is price . During cooking, excess moisture evaporates from the meat, making it smaller. The volume reduction is significant, up to forty percent. So if it is written on the bank that a little more than three hundred grams of boiled meat inside, the fresh one has taken at least half a kilo.

How much is a kilogram of meat? It is easy to calculate that if you choose really high-quality products, it will not be cheap. Otherwise, there will be soy and veins inside.

Another important criterion of choice is title . GOST has fixed the following names of canned meat: “Beef stew” and “Pork stew”. The rest – for example, “Stewed beef” – developed by manufacturers who produce the product according to their own recipes. Of course, already in accordance with the specifications.

The recipe GOST implies the use of exclusively meat, onions, salt, spices. According to the specifications, other ingredients are allowed. For example, vegetable protein or starch. GOST number for “Stewed Beef” – 5284-84. If the label does not even have a TU, then selecting such a stew, you can get almost any meat stew.

However, some manufacturers have learned to produce products by placing on the bank GOST 5284-84, but putting something else inside. Often the taste of the contents of even a glass jar does not correspond to its appearance.

Some manufacturers <style style mark the product with paint on tin, there is no paper label. Obviously, this method of printing requires the appropriate equipment, which speaks about the conscientiousness of the manufacturer and in favor of the quality of canned meat.

The entire paper area must be glued to the paper label. If glue is seized by a joint or a label is attached with an adhesive tape, it is not necessary to choose and even more so to buy such a stew.

How to choose a quality stew

How to choose a stew

An additional criterion for choosing this product is the place of production. It is better to buy canned products made in known cattle-breeding regions: the Orenburg region, Buryatia, Altai, Bashkiria. Local meat at a price successfully competes with imported meat, so manufacturers do not make sense to resort to tricky combinations.

Of course, the most important criterion for choosing stew is expert opinion. And it is not necessary to interview friends and relatives to get acquainted with an expert. It is enough to know which canned meat is purchased for Rosrezerv. Really natural meat and excellent taste among the products of Orsk and Ulan-Ude meat processing plants.

When the end of shelf life approaches, such canned food appears on sale. You can learn via the Internet about the upcoming implementation of the party. Quality stew from the State Reserve, as a rule, is sold in bulk.

Manufacturers of the best stew

How to choose a stew

Unfortunately, according to reviews on stew, the quality of modern canned meat leaves much to be desired. The market is filled with all sorts of brands, although few meat-packing plants reach the level of Soviet production.

In addition, regularly buying stewed repeatedly convinced that the initially high quality of the selected producer’s products over time is reduced.

So far, good reviews about stewed produce of the Republic of Belarus.The products of “Snov” combine, “Berezovsky meat-packing factory” OJSC, and also the brand “Grodfood” (JV “Kvinfud”, Grodno) are popular. Belarusian canned meat is exported to Russia, Poland and other countries.

Choosing beef or pork stewed from Belarus, you can count on the fibrous structure of meat, the fibers are easily wrinkled with a spoon or fork. The bank is 97% filled with meat without foreign inclusions. Of course, buying a fake disappoint.

Canned meat with stewed beef, pork stored up to four years, do not lose taste.

Benefits and harm of stew

How to choose a stew

Cooking canned meat and pasta, potatoes, vegetables can quickly cook dinner. Tushenku is chosen when traveling outside the city, it is indispensable in hiking or expeditions. At a relatively low weight, the product gives enough calories to recover.

Stew is a particular danger in high cholesterol. Excess intake of animal fats causes the formation of atherosclerotic plaques on the walls of the vessels, increases the risk of cholelithiasis, myocardial infarction.

When choosing stew, it is worth remembering that the daily intake is up to 300 mg of cholesterol. To reduce the indicators it is necessary to limit or eliminate the consumption of products that cause its overproduction.

First of all, pork, lamb, canned stew, smoked and boiled sausages, sausages. Before consumption, it is necessary to remove the hardened pieces of fat from the surface of the prepared soup.

Fatty meat dishes can be replaced with soy, lentils, peas, they contain a lot of vegetable protein. Fatty varieties of fish – mackerel, sardines, salmon – contain unsaturated fatty acids that promote the dissolution of atherosclerotic plaques.

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