How to choose the color of lipstick – and not to be mistaken?

How to choose the color of lipstick - and not to be mistaken? Using a lipstick, girls try to stand out, create a unique image or simply decorate their appearance. To choose a shade of lipstick is very important. He will help to focus on the lips, give them sensuality, expressiveness. And an unsuccessful color can add extra years, age and even change the shade of the face.

Open the secrets of choosing a shade of lipstick.

content of the article:

  1. The main colors of lipstick to the parameters of the person
  2. Choose lipstick for the occasion
  3. Choice of lipstick colors for makeup
  4. color lipstick – the color of the eyes, hair and skin tones
  5. Test to select the lipstick

The main colors of lipstick and parameters of the person to whom they are matched

There are several types of lipstick, which differ in form, structure. When choosing cosmetics, pay attention to the species.

Determine which lipstick you want to buy:

  1. Cylindrical, classical. This is the most comfortable and topical lipstick, shaped like a cylinder, packed in a case. It is easy to use thanks to the retractable rod.
  2. Liquid. Such a tool is usually applied with a brush and packaged in a special tube or vial. Such lipstick can perfectly moisturize the lips, but the texture is clear that they will quickly erase and the lips can lose shape. With this lipstick, the pencil is most often used.
  3. Dry. This lipstick is not suitable for everyone, since it can overdry the soft and delicate skin of the lips. In addition, in such cosmetics there are many coloring substances that can lead to an allergic reaction. But, the biggest plus from such lipstick – it is very resistant and lasts longer than its predecessors.
  4. Pencil. This is a kind of classic lipstick. To use it is simple and convenient. It can last for a long time on the lips, without drying them.
  5. Creamy. This lipstick can be applied to the lips with a brush or a finger. As a rule, the composition does not add dyes. The lack of such a lipstick is a quick erasure and minimal stamina.

Do not forget that in the texture of lipstick are several more types. Choose which one suits you – matte, glossy or pearl . Texture greatly affects the appearance of the lips.

Another lipstick can be divided into groups, depending on their shade.

There are four main color types:

  1. Warm. Peach, coral, orange shades can be referred to them.
  2. Cold. These are all pink tones or their varieties.

How to choose the color of lipstick - and not to be mistaken?

  1. Sodas . These shades are close to the color of the skin.

How to choose the color of lipstick - and not to be mistaken?

  1. Neutral. There may be a wide variety of colors. For example, brown, green, purple, etc.

Each color type mentioned above can be strongly pronounced – dark , or slight – light .

Compare lipstick coloring with some of your parameters – then you will be able to choose the right shade:

  • Shade of the skin of the face.
  • The color of your eyes.
  • Tone of hair.
  • Shade of tooth enamel.
  • Your age.
  • The shape of the lips.
  • Illumination, time of day.

Lipstick should be combined, harmonized with any of this indicator. Below we will consider in more detail each choice.

Remember , only with a properly selected shade of lipstick, you can create an impeccable and effective make-up.

Choose a lipstick for the occasion (as intended)

Choose a shade of lipstick followed by other indicators, depending on the case.

Consider what circumstances affect the choice of shade:

  • Daytime, everyday option. It can be expressed in lipstick of light tones, restrained. Some use a transparent glossy day.
  • Evening. Of course, for the evening a bright or dark lipstick is suitable.
  • Lighting the room where you will spend the evening. For warm lighting, neutral lipstick of a cold shade is suitable, and in cold light, on the contrary – warm colors of lipsticks.
  • Clothing and its color. It is not necessary to choose a shade that will express itself expressively and will not at all be in harmony with the color palette of things. Usually for warm shades choose the same shade of lipstick.
  • Time of year is winter. If you leave on the street in winter, it is necessary to choose a nutritious, protective lipstick. The hue should be chosen not bright, because it is in winter, against the background of white snow, all the colors will be already allocated.
  • Summer. Give preference to this time of year moisturizing lipsticks. The shades can be very different.
  • Autumn. At this time of the year, lipsticks of dark shades, suitable for the color of clothes, autumn nature and surroundings are selected.
  • Spring. The awakening time of nature allows the girls to refresh their make-up, using both cold and warm shades of lipsticks.

The main rule is not to overdo it with makeup! If you are going to an evening event, then even then it is not worthwhile to do too provocative makeup.

Cosmetics should be in moderation on the face, lipstick should emphasize the lips.

Choose a lipstick color to make-up

Open the secrets of choosing a shade of lipstick to make-up.

Choosing a shade of lipstick to blush

First of all, it is worth knowing that the color should be combined with the color of blush . Then your face will be young and expressive.

You can buy lipstick and blush in one color, but if it does not work, pay attention to the palette. To warm shades of blush, choose a warm shade of lipstick, to cold colors – respectively cold.

To choose a lip cosmetics for blush, follow these tips:

  • Pink lipstick with a light blue pod combined with light, light blush. This option makes the face more feminine and “fresh”.
  • Standard, matte pink tones of blush and lipstick will give your image a vintage.
  • The red, scarlet color of the lipstick harmonizes with the bright blush. The image is romantic, evening, slightly outrageous.
  • When choosing a wine shade of lipstick blush should be a little lighter, but their shade should also be dark.
  • To create a calm, feminine, gentle image, you can choose a nude shade of lipstick with peach blushes. It will look great in summer or daylight.
  • To give “freshness” to the face, you can use lipstick from a red-violet palette or a plum blossom. Color from this range will be combined with blushes of the same tone.

How to choose and what to wear red lipstick in makeup?

Selection of lipstick color to shade shade

Choose these two cosmetics should be based on the principle of unity of the color palette . To cold shades of lipsticks approach or suit cold colors of shadows, to warm – warm.

Here are some recommendations from makeup artists about the combination of shades of lipsticks and shadows:

  • Pink lipstick tone is combined perfectly with shadows of pastel, cold tones. With a pink tint, the arrows also perfectly match, but without shadows.
  • The red tint should be combined with the natural colors of shades – peach, beige.
  • Wine tone of lipstick or plum comes to the nuanced shades cosmetics for the eyes.
  • Coral color harmoniously looks with warm shades , for example – cream, beige, brown.
  • A natural shade of lipsticks is better to use in contrast to the bright shadows , focus only on the look.

Do not forget one more important point – the accent should be made either on the eyes or on the lips . Therefore, choose a lipstick color with this nuance in mind.

Choose the color of lipstick to the color of the eyes, hair and skin tone

There are some more nuances that you should pay attention to when choosing a shade of lipstick.

  1. Skin color

How to choose the color of lipstick - and not to be mistaken?

Remember that it’s better to choose lipstick the way make-up artists advise. Under a warm skin of the skin, choose a warm shade of lipstick, with a cold-cold.

Of course, you can experiment, but not everyone can combine lipstick with a touch of skin.

  1. Shade of your eyes

Follow these tips:

  • Brown-eyed girls can safely use bright red, brown tones, or pale pink hues.
  • Girls with blue eyes usually pick up a cherry-colored lipstick or scarlet.
  • Green eyes emphasize the lips with terracotta, pink.
  • Gray-eyed women apply nuanced shades or plum.

How to choose the color of lipstick - and not to be mistaken?

  1. Shade and shape of teeth

Pay attention to several color types:

  • Snow white. You can choose any color of lipstick.
  • With yellowness. Eliminate purple, brown or bright red, red hues. Give preference to pink, light orange, light red tones.

If you have uneven teeth, then do not give a smile. Choose light pomades of any shade. They do not attract glances.

  1. Size and shape of the lips

Remember that:

  • Light shade will emphasize the shape of the lips.
  • Dark tone will reduce them, make them less voluminous.
  • Mother-of-pearl colors emphasize flaws, increases lips.
  • Matte shade will remove swelling.
  • Gloss suitable for evening make-up, gives shine.

Lipstick can achieve a volumetric effect – it is enough to apply a dark shade on the contour, and add light or even transparent in the middle.

How to choose the color of lipstick - and not to be mistaken?

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  1. Age features

Young girls are recommended to use light shades. And older women – bright, dark colors, but not too expressive.

Note that wrinkles emphasize pastel tones.

Features and all secrets of age make-up – beauty at any age!

Test for choosing lipstick

We suggest you take a test and as a result determine which lipstick you should choose.

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How does your skin react to the sun?
I sunbathe swiftly, tan looks attractive. A couple of days under the sun – and my skin gets a golden-carrot shade.
In general, I do not experience difficulties with sunburn. The color of the skin as a result becomes olive.
I do not often sunbathe, but rather burn, in connection with which, I do not go under the sun’s rays without a means with a high protective factor. Active sun leads to a serious redness of the skin.
The tan lies disgustingly on my skin. Often after a rest, they ask me: “Where’s your tan?”.
Do you have freckles?
Yes, golden color.
There are, however, very few of them, and they are practically invisible.
Bright spots are initially my highlight.
What color are your eyes?
Turquoise, bright green, blue
Calm color: gray-green, gray, gray-blue
Eyes with golden blotches
Intensive shade – dark brown, emerald, blue
In which blouse do you like yourself most?
Cream white
On which of the fairy-tale characters you look like?
Pippi Long stocking
Snow White
Results. Calculate which answers you have the most
You need to choose coral-red, terracotta, beige lipstick color. Try to avoid cold tones. An alternative is a simple transparent shine.
To look great, you should choose a crimson, gently purple, cherry lipstick, and also the color of fuchsia. Avoid a bright red hue, as he will make the makeup caller.
You should choose orange, salmon-salmon, copper, warm red tone of lipstick. Quite light shades will not work, because they will make the face dull.
You can choose aggressive cold colors – dark purple, burgundy, purple-pink. Avoid only light pearly tones.