How to clean the belly and sides

How to clean the belly and sides


  • Should I clean my belly and sides?
  • Why fat deposits form on the side or on the stomach
  • What are the most popular ways to get rid of a bulging belly and lose weight in the waist
  • Why it is difficult to lose weight by reducing the size of portions
  • How to clean the stomach
  • Simple diets for slimming belly and slenderness at the waist
  • How to choose and eat certain foods
  • Unsaturated fatty acids for weight loss
  • Why to clean the stomach and sides, vitamins and trace elements are required
  • Exercises to clean the belly and fat from the sides in a household condition iah

It’s no secret that in the human body everything is interconnected. Therefore, the problem of losing weight is more correctly solved in a complex way. On the other hand, rarely anyone wants to lead a “healthy lifestyle”, to observe the regime of the day and nutrition. It’s such a tediousness! The popular motto of the overwhelming majority is “We live once!”. But since many people want to remove the stomach and sides, and it is to achieve the result, and not to self-torture oneself with diets, miracle supplements, wearing fat-burning clothes, fitness, it is necessary to solve this task or go to the end, or not to take another violent action over his own body, which is not so easy.

Do I need to clean my belly and sides?

Many men, typing a certain amount of clearly extra pounds, do not get very upset. Moreover, some are convinced that a certain age should form a corresponding abdomen “for solidity.” They recollect when “solidity” accumulates so much that it becomes embarrassing to sunbathe on the beach. Appearance clumsiness further reduces the attractiveness and even causes laughter of the opposite sex.

Women are more emotional than men and to the formation of fat on the abdomen and waist are more anxious and anxious, starting to look for all possible ways of getting rid of. Especially due to their physiological characteristics they are more inclined to fullness and, in comparison with men, give a lot of attention to attractive appearance.

Fatty deposits around the waist are the extra weight that you have to move every day. That is, it is more to load the spine and joints of the legs, to wear out the heart, causing it to pump more blood.

Hanging from the front and sides of the abdomen is a self-limiting physical and intellectual ability, from which you need to get rid of both the ballast attached to the balloon basket. After all, without excess fat will get less tired, it will be possible to take the seemingly inaccessible intellectual peaks.

To think about how to get rid of fat on the stomach is also because it accumulates not only from the outside, but also inside the body. And when it becomes too much, the optimal blood supply to the digestive system is broken, which is fraught with various diseases.

All kinds of stagnant phenomena are gaining momentum. Inside the abdominal cavity and in other parts of the body, edema is formed. Accumulated water further increases body weight. Difficult blood flow and compression of the organs cause the growth of internal tissues, the formation of tumors of various nature.

Clumsiness of movements, limited movement to significant distances, unattractiveness in the eyes of the opposite sex is nothing but signs of decrepitude and aging of the body. The danger is that these signs and the inner conviction that this is indeed the case, launch the appropriate programs in the body. It turns out that overweight makes you feel and look older.

Why fat deposits form on the side or on the abdomen

How to clean the belly and sides

As you know, understanding the problem means half solving it. Even if you learn how to eat properly the modern urban dweller, and also give up the habit of overeating, this is not enough to understand how to get rid of the formed tummy and fat folds on the sides.

Nervous Overstress and Stress

The need to eat more than necessary for life is often not due to physiology, but to the nervous, mental or intellectual stresses that one has to experience during the day.

Women love the sweet. First of all, because sugar relaxes. And more than any other food. Sweet helps to cope with all sorts of experiences, which, due to heightened emotionality, suffice in the life of any woman. On the other hand, sweet – it’s easily digestible carbohydrates, which have to be removed from the stomach and sides.

Men prefer to relax after stress alcoholic beverages – beer, vodka, containing a lot of calories. Binge causes a need to have a snack. And since alcohol stimulates the appetite, it turns out to eat much more.

In addition, alcohol dulls sensations, including taste. And if stress is removed not at home, where, at an appropriate level of life, some manage to eat enough quality products, relaxation is complicated by the absorption of a large amount of conditionally edible rubbish from the nearest store that has to be snacked.

The need to get rid of fat on the stomach at home is caused not only by overeating or poor quality of foods. But also by the release of the hormone cortisol , involved in the development of stressful reactions and at the same time preserving the energy resources of the body. In other words, an anti-burning fatty tissue.

Therefore, if the nervous tension at work or at home, in general, necessary for a sense of completeness of life, does not bring positive emotions and pleasant experiences, the belly and sides can not be removed because of the action of the coriola.

Low-quality food

If you want, everyone will find a lot of information about what a modern Russian citizen should eat. Many products imported from abroad are banned for sale in “developed” countries. First of all, due to a lack of compliance with environmental requirements, a high content of substances that destroy the gene and immune systems of the body.

In the production of imported meat, often animals are injected with hormonal preparations for rapid weight gain, as well as antibiotics from various diseases. Getting into the human body, the growth hormones contained in the meat products continue to act, forcing more to eat and gaining weight, which causes sooner or later to remove the formed fat from the stomach and sides. Antibiotics destroy the immune system.

From abroad, the so-called transgenic products are imported into which the genes of plants and animals are artificially introduced. Frozen-resistant tomatoes containing the gene of ocean flounder are derived. They are not eaten even by pests, they do not take diseases. By means of genetic changes, a potato has been obtained capable of destroying the Colorado potato beetle. In order to increase yield several times, the gene apparatus of flax , cotton , zucchini , rice , corn has been changed. According to some reports, about half of foreign food products are obtained by changing genes.

Why does the belly form?

To remove the stomach and sides, it is important not to overeat. It is generally known that it is necessary to get up from the table with a feeling of easy hunger, even when the brain and eyes require continuation.

If you regularly ignore this rule, excess food not only goes to fat, but also stretches the walls of the stomach. What often happens when everyday employment and work bustle allow you to eat only 2-3 times a day. The habit is rare, but completely filling the stomach makes the brain think that a full stomach and a sense of satiety are one and the same.

To “eat”, but in fact to overeat, the stretched stomach with each time has to fill even more. As a result, its volume increases. When fat inside the abdominal cavity becomes too much, the stomach there simply does not remain a place and it begins to bulge outward.The abdomen and fat folds are formed on the sides, which have to be removed in one way or another.

Parasites and intestinal cleansing

It’s no secret that many parasites live in the intestine. They penetrate with food and food, through poorly washed hands, after a long summer stay at the country cottage, where it is more difficult to ensure proper hygienic conditions.

It would seem that when parasites enter the intestines, they begin to absorb all that is tasty and useful, even when they are taken in excessive quantities. As a result, the body weight should decrease. This effect is based on some popular methods of losing weight.

In fact, very rarely someone starts the body to a state where intestinal parasites become so much that the body weight decreases. On the contrary, by absorbing incoming nutrients, parasites force the host to eat more often. After receiving food, microorganisms secrete their own waste in the intestine, increasing contamination.

The body does not always get to completely get rid of harmful substances coming from food. Part can be removed into fat on the stomach and sides. The other part, together with the waste generated by the parasites, accumulates on the walls of the intestine in the form of an abominable plaque. Absorbed, rotting and fermentation products poison the body, create an additional load the immune system , liver , kidney , heart .

To quickly remove fat from the sides and front of the abdomen, it is necessary at home to periodically get rid of parasites, take measures to cleanse the walls of the intestine. As a result, forces are released that can effectively cope with the fat mass. Also, I feel better, my complexion.

To get rid of intestinal parasites, use the Ivanchenko triplet, prepared at home. It includes tansy, wormwood, carnation .

For natural cleansing of the intestinal walls instead of one or another kind of enema therapy , which violates the natural microflora, it is useful to consume salads from fresh vegetables and fruits rich in dietary fiber.

Fibers help digestion and effective evacuation of waste generated, normalization of metabolic processes. Binding cholesterol in the intestines, the dietary fiber ultimately reduces its level in the blood, setting up the digestive system. Swelling several times, they fill the stomach and thereby create the illusion of satiety.

Many dietary fiber in white cabbage , eggplant , pumpkin , legumes , apples , pears , currant , raspberries , gooseberry , wheat , oatmeal , buckwheat , dried apricots , prunes , , beets .

Than popular methods to get rid of a bulging belly and lose weight at the waist

How to clean the belly and sides

It’s no secret that in the era of market relations, the first place is getting the maximum profit. It is not necessarily that the proposed means for weight loss is a fake, which is harmful to health. Which, however, sometimes happens. Most of the products really bring a certain benefit and it is worth the money spent, helping to some extent clean up the stomach and sides.

But, as a rule, competition forces the producer not only to set the price that gives the maximum profit. But also to please the consumer, prompting him in one way or another to buy a means to lose weight. And it’s not just advertising.

Any changes in the existing way of life always cause discomfort. Therefore, manufacturers do not offer to change anything. Produced funds to burn the fat accumulated in the stomach, it is enough to add to the usual diet. As a rule, the effectiveness of such weight loss is not high.

Those who hold an active life position and who like to overcome obstacles, it is proposed to eliminate the fat hanging around the body by scrupulous calculation of consumed and spent calories, various diets, attending fitness, performing certain procedures in beauty salons and other recreational activities that require not only money , but also time.

Popular methods of losing weight at best give a short-term result, allowing you to quickly remove the stomach and sides. But very soon the body weight is restored.

As a result, most of the proposed means to lose weight turn out to be self-deception. On the one hand, certain attempts are being made to build up, so there is nothing to blame for, like. On the other hand, there is no progress or it is so insignificant that it is clearly not worth the effort or time.

Why it is difficult to lose weight by reducing the size of portions

How to clean the belly and sides

It would seem that you need to eat less to lose weight, remove stomach and sides.

As already noted, a change in the habitual way of life causes negative stress. The hormone cortisol begins to stand out, preventing weight loss.

Feeling of satiety in an incompletely filled but excessively stretched stomach does not occur, although its volume gradually returns to normal. This is also discomfort and negative emotions.

The organism is rebuilt into an economical mode of operation, because portions have become smaller. As a result, you can not get rid of the abdomen and sides. Strength is less, and irritability is greater.

The habitual portion of juice for digestion of food continues to be allocated, which often grinds in the stomach. What is not useful, because the excess amount of hydrochloric acid, which is part of its composition, destroys the walls.

How to clean the belly

How to clean the belly and sides

The main drawback of various ways and diets for losing weight is the elimination of some one cause of excess weight. In fact, remove the fat deposits are necessary in the complex. Watching that the applied methods of eliminating the chosen cause did not block the burning of fat, formed for other reasons.

The key points of the program to eliminate the abdomen and sides:

  1. find a mood, constantly support the desire to lose weight;
  2. learn to overcome the streak of failure;
  3. stop stress relieving alcohol;
  4. completely eliminate from the diet salt and sugar;
  5. perform regular cleansing of the intestines from parasites and harmful substances;
  6. normalize the appetite, eliminating the stretching of the stomach;
  7. learn to drink liquid not after, but before eating;
  8. give up dinner;
  9. increase the share of fresh fruits and vegetables in the diet;
  10. include vegetable fats, unsaturated fatty acids in the diet;
  11. receive the necessary amount of vitamins and trace elements;
  12. controlling the indices of pressure and heart rate, perform static exercises to clean the stomach.

Specific recommendations and useful information on the implementation of this slimming program at home are given below.

How to motivate yourself and constantly support the desire to lose weight

The wisdom of a contemporary reads: “A person can do anything until he does nothing.” The transition from theory to practice requires, above all, the acquisition of the necessary “fixation” on the final result. The desire to get rid of the stomach and sides should cease to be realized as an annoying flaw. On the contrary, it should become one of the main components of life in the coming months.

A constant psychological attitude is required for the expected result. “Sweetie” or “gingerbread” can be different, everyone without difficulty will name their own reasons to remove the folds on the abdomen and on the sides.Here are some incentives for inspiration:

  • to build up to attract the attention of the person who likes;
  • become as mobile and muscular as an idol;
  • finally cease to stand out from the crowd with a huge body weight;
  • show will and determination to prove something to others;
  • because I so want.

The most difficult thing is to maintain a proper level of emotional excitement every day, “fixation” on the goal. For some, the slide of dreams helps to keep the proper mood – an edited photo with the desired proportions of the body, when the disposal of fat on the waist and abdomen is completed.

Where to take the forces to overcome the set of failures

It is necessary to reconsider the perception of defeats and failures, unfair treatment of others, underestimation of personal merit, learn to overcome bouts of longing and hopelessness. After all, negative experiences cause the release of cortisol, which prevents the removal of fat from the abdomen and sides.

To overcome the black lanes of life, an appropriate level of energy is required. It, as a rule, is not enough with the strengthened work of the heart muscle, the sooner the onset of fatigue due to the movement of excess body weight, the inadequacy of blood circulation of fat-compressed internal organs. How to be?

A certain amount of scarce energy can be found by reducing the consumption of information coming from outside. Modern Internet, television with a huge number of TV channels, watching movies require certain energy costs.

Moreover, one often has to perceive and assimilate information rather negative than positive. Bewitching involvement in the informational Matrix causes negative experiences (remember cortisol?), Lack of optimism, emotional protest or resentment, wasting precious energy.

It is enough to arrange visits to sites, limit correspondence, more strictly and carefully select television and movies for viewing, and after some time it will be surprising to say that the forces and time have significantly increased.

How to disaccustom stress-relieving alcohol

It is required to reconsider and resolutely refuse to relieve nervous tension and stress by drinking alcohol. Remove the stomach and sides in this way will not succeed, because, as already noted, in the binge a lot of calories, it stimulates the appetite.

The calories received are not compensated by positive experiences as a result of artificially induced euphoria. This is a kind of emotional loan, which the next day will have to return with “interest” headache and terrible health.

Overcome the desire to drink helps a simple trick: do not show each time “will” a heroic refusal, and persuade yourself to postpone the drink for a “sweat”. This is not a refusal, but not a fulfillment of desire.

How to respond to the remarks of others

Removing the fat formed on the abdomen and on the sides of the body will require readiness for an unexpected, but in fact predictable reaction of the most benevolent people. Inevitably ridicule, sometimes mockery, aggravated resentment in case of refusal to “sit” after work. At home suddenly there is a desire to surprise with this or that culinary masterpiece.

To neutralize the negative reaction caused by failures, it is necessary to cautiously cunning, complaining about the state of health and prohibitions of the doctor. But so that it does not give the surrounding argument to induce you to stop cleaning your belly and sides – “look, to what has driven itself, there are skin and bones!”.

The reasons for this attitude are clear. Becoming slimmer, healthier and more attractive, it is necessary to throw a certain challenge to the habitual way of life of others. Ultimately, clearly showing that you can live much better. And also demonstrate their ability to do something that not everyone can. Therefore, many will seek to lose weight continued to live “like everyone else.”

Simple diets for slimming belly and slenderness at the waist

How to clean the belly and sides

Translated from the Greek diet means “lifestyle” or “diet”. In other words, these are different rules of eating.

Before you apply these or other ways to reduce body weight, it is worth a medical examination. And if something goes wrong with the stomach or intestines, carefully listen to the doctor’s recommendations. Because it is doctors who will have to eliminate the possible negative consequences of improper disposal of fat deposits at home.

Salt and sugar

To remove fat and flanks, you will have to spend time purchasing healthy culinary preferences.

First of all, it is necessary to completely abandon the habit of adding salt to food. Organism is quite sufficient amount contained in various products.

Excess of salt increases puffiness, delays fluid, which increases body weight. By changing salt taste of food from the supermarket, it is possible to deceive the body and make it with less disgust to eat the most substandard and harmful foods.

Salt can be replaced with all sorts of spices: dill , parsley , ginger . They irritate the taste buds, but do not harm the body.

Sugar helps not only to relax, but also brings additional energy into the body. If you do not immediately spend it, very soon she finds herself in adipose tissue.


Many people who lose weight regularly and with no experience could be convinced from their own experience: fasting rarely causes a significant decrease in body weight. The reasons are simple: as soon as the body decides that food has become less or is completely absent, it goes into austerity.

Exchange processes slow down, causing lethargy and rapid fatigue. But the weight for a long time remains practically at the same level.

Moreover, as soon as the food is normalized, there is often an increase in fat mass. The body is made to make reserves in the event of another famine.

Prolonged fasting is dangerous because in the absence of food, the accumulation of bile occurs. And if bile is not naturally “discarded”, the probability of gallstones is significantly increased, especially if the patient refuses to eat for a long time.

In order to stimulate the emptying of the gallbladder, it is recommended to take 1 tsp once a day during fasting. vegetable oil.

How to normalize your appetite

To burn fat on your stomach, it is necessary that eating less food causes a feeling of satiety. In the case of an extended stomach, this is difficult to achieve, since the brain is accustomed to consider synonyms satiety and fullness of the stomach.

Therefore, to get rid of the abdomen and sides, it is necessary in some way to reduce the volume of the stretched stomach.

After some time, the original volume returns by itself, if you stop completely filling the stomach. On the other hand, when the stomach is half empty, a feeling of satiety does not come. Will want to eat, which will inevitably cause discomfort, negative experiences and the development of the stress hormone.

Proponents of the radical approach resolve this contradiction by completely giving up food for three days. A more comfortable way to eliminate stretching involves periodically arranging a so-called “unloading day”, although the restoration of the natural volume in this case is slower.

During fasting, you should drink clean warm water. Do not “liquid” like a tea or coffee, namely water. It is necessary for internal self-purification of the body. After all, no one comes to mind to wash dirty dishes with tea or coffee. In general, every day it is recommended to drink up to 1-1.5 liters of clean water.

Dieticians offer a compromise option – to start eating a little, but often. True, in this case, the progress of restoring the initial volume of the stomach slows down even more.And, although the stomach is almost always busy, the feeling of satiety does not come, because its volume is much higher than the amount of incoming food.

To drink tea before or after eating?

After a hearty meal you want to drink. The desire is explained simply: the production of gastric juice, a solution of hydrochloric acid, moisturizing and absorbing chewed food, required a liquid. Consequently, in the blood and other organs it became less and therefore the amount consumed must be replenished.

The habit of washing down food dilutes the gastric juice, making it less concentrated. As a result, the splitting of food stops. After a while badly digested and sour pieces are in the intestines.

Therefore, it is worth taking care of the intake of enough fluids before the upcoming digestion of food. In other words, learn to drink tea or coffee (of course, without sugar) for 20-30 minutes before eating.

By this time, the washed gastric juice will again develop. And in the body there will be some excess fluid, from which the necessary amount of hydrochloric acid solution will be prepared.

Do not increase the time interval before meals, because unclaimed moisture will soon be removed by the kidneys.

Should I eat at night?

To remove the belly and fat from the sides, it is necessary to stop eating in the evening and especially at night. In other words, for quick slimming you need to follow the famous proverb, eating breakfast yourself, halving portion for lunch and completely refusing dinner.

It is believed that inulin отвечает is responsible for the accumulation of fats, which after six evenings is produced especially intensively. That is, food, used in the evening, quickly turns into fat on the stomach and on the sides.

How to choose and eat certain foods

How to clean the belly and sides

Meat . Many are convinced that without meat it is impossible, especially for men. On the other hand, even completely rejecting the use of low-quality products, the result of genetic engineering, it is necessary to know that ecologically pure meat contains uric acid, which causes gout .

There are reports that meat products increase cholesterol levels. Especially it is a lot in offal, of which sausages are made, sausages flavored to give flavor and aroma with various additives.

Therefore, to remove belly and fat from the sides, it is better to cook meat at home rarely, once or twice a week. The rest of the days it’s more useful to eat chicken. Or fish, better sturgeon varieties, because they almost do not meet parasites.

Eggs . The product contains the necessary protein, vitamins, microelements. In the egg yolk, almost a daily dose of cholesterol. On the other hand, far from all, when you eat eggs, the cholesterol values ​​increase.

To avoid an increase in the numbers, you should not eat more than three egg yolks per week. Egg whites can be eaten more.

<style is quite caloric, because it contains milk fat, which prevents getting rid of the stomach. Simultaneously, the product is a source of protein. So cheese varieties with a fat content of up to 30% are useful for fairly rare uses.

It is most useful to include in the diet herbal products . It is believed that a healthy diet should consist of three-fifths of vegetables and fruits. One fifth falls on protein, remaining one-fifth for fats.

Important note: it is better to cook vegetables separately from meat, as they absorb fat well.

Unsaturated fatty acids for weight loss

How to clean the belly and sides

Animal fats are better to replace with vegetable. Containing unsaturated acids in them contribute to getting rid of fat on the stomach and sides.In addition:

  • increase the rate of metabolic reactions, one of the reasons for the formation of fat deposits;
  • reduce cholesterol deposits, prevent atherosclerosis ;
  • normalize blood pressure indicators;
  • improve the elasticity and strength of blood vessels, reduce their permeability;
  • normalize the work of the endocrine glands;
  • eliminate the foci of inflammation;
  • normalize the cholesterol metabolism.

Omega-3 and Omega-6 are found in the following varieties:

  • ALA, found in green soybeans , walnuts , flax seeds , vegetable oils ;
  • EPA and DHA, there are a lot of them in fatty fish: tuna , salmon , anchovies .

In an incomplete tablespoon flaxseed contains the daily norm of Omega-3. In L-oil, the concentration is even higher.

Deficiency of Omega is also eliminated by the ingestion of fish oil capsules.

Caution should be taken vegetable fats in the presence of stones in the kidneys, urinary tract, gall bladder.

Why vitamins and trace elements are required to clean the stomach and sides

How to clean the belly and sides

The body constantly consumes or loses vitamins, mineral substances with sweat, through the organs of excretory system. Alcohol, habits of malnutrition, poor-quality food exacerbate the deficit.

When vitamins дефици are deficient , the optimal course of metabolic processes is disturbed. Food soon turns into fat deposits, causing the need to clean the stomach and sides. In advanced cases due to impaired metabolism in the intestines, the processes of rotting and fermentation are becoming more frequent.

To get rid of excess fat, vitamins and minerals should regularly come with food. Well, if the diet contains all that is needed, and the origin of the products is beyond doubt. But if the deficit is significant and there is no other way to eliminate it, it is worth buying an artificial vitamin and mineral complex in the pharmacy. It’s still better than nothing.

The following are trace elements , especially useful for getting rid of fat on the abdomen and around the waist.


The microelement not only improves brain activity and serves the prevention of childhood dementia. It is also necessary for the production of hormones, including growth, which accelerate metabolic processes. As a result, stored fat is burned and converted into energy used to renew the body.

Useful microelement is contained in kelp , sea varieties fish , feijoa , persimmon , Bulgarian pepper .


The element is part of the cell membranes. In case of deficiency, wounds heal much more slowly. It is necessary to maintain the optimal level of insulin.

Many zinc in wheat germ , strawberry , beef , pumpkin seeds , blueberry , lentils , nuts .


A sufficient supply of a microelement is necessary for the heart rhythm, the normalization of pressure, the functioning of the organs of the endocrine system. Potassium increases efficiency, improves thinking, stimulates metabolic processes. In the case of a deficiency in the gastric mucosa, ulcers are more likely to form.

Potassium is contained in dried apricots , pumpkin seeds , dairy products , potatoes , tomatoes , prunes , celery .

Exercises to remove belly and fat from the sides at home

How to clean the belly and sides

A common advice for those who are overweight is to move more and perform physical exercises. But if the belly is large and large in front and sides, and gymnastics and exercise are long gone, training will be of little use.

Fat people often suffer from shortness of breath, high blood pressure, and other diseases. Their heart and so is forced every day to pump significant amounts of blood, which is why it becomes very tired and wears out more quickly.

The awkwardness, the natural restraint of jogging also does not contribute to raising the vitality.

On the other hand, burning fat and wasting calories is necessary.

A certain way out of the situation are the so-called static exercises , which do not require precise coordination of movements, special adaptations. They are performed at home.

Their main difficulty is to learn how to patiently withstand a given time interval, which, with increasing training, needs to be increased. When performing exercises, it is necessary to breathe evenly, smoothly apply and remove effort.

Home training of hands, neck and shoulders

  1. Close the brush on the back of the head, slightly pressing. At the same time, resist the muscles of the neck. The exercise trains the muscles of the back, shoulders, neck.
  2. Stand with your back against the wall, take a light object in each hand, spread them apart. After a few minutes, finish the execution.

Training the abdominal press

  1. Sitting to raise a straightened or bent leg above the floor, hold it for a set time. Then change your leg. A simple exercise removes fat from the hips, abdomen, trains the heart muscle.
  2. Complicated option: tear off the legs crossed at the ankles, pushing the upper to the lower one. Strengthens the muscles of the abdominal press and legs.

Exercises on the floor at home

A simple exercise trains the muscles of the shoulder girdle, chest, back, tightens the muscles of the abdominal press.

  1. Take the position of lying down, bend your arms, straighten your torso, the abdominal press is strained. Perform up to two minutes.
  2. Lie on your side, lean your elbow on the floor, lift your body, your back is straight. Hold in this position for up to two minutes, then perform for the other side.

Leg training

  1. Raise on tiptoe, stand for 2 to 5 minutes. To increase the load, you can pick up an item. If it is difficult to maintain balance, you can perform the exercise, leaning back against the wall.
  2. Half-sitting, stretching out straightened arms forward. Lock position for a minute.
  3. Sit on the edge of the chair, as if you need to get up. Maintain a state of stress for a given time interval.
  4. Sit and cross the ankles. Front press on the back, trying to push it under the chair. The other foot is to prevent it. Change your legs.
  5. In the sitting position, constantly press your feet on the floor. A simple exercise trains the thighs and buttocks.
  6. Sit, feet on the floor. Push your hands to your knees from the sides, trying to close them. The legs resist. Train your hands, legs, get rid of fat belly and sides.
  7. Reverse exercise. Brushes of hands, placed between the knees, try to push them apart, giving resistance to their feet. Exercise trains the muscles of the arms, legs, stomach, sides. A significant amount of involved muscle spends calories, burns fat and causes weight loss.

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