How to cure a cough

How to cure a cough


  • Causes of coughing
  • Getting rid of dry cough
  • Treatment of a wet cough
  • How to cure a cough in a child
  • Folk remedies cure

With cough the body clears the respiratory tract from mucus, viruses, bacteria, sputum. This reaction is caused by the inflammatory process in the lungs or mucous membrane of the larynx, throat, bronchi. Coughing occurs when you get into the respiratory tract of dust, corrosive gases. Sometimes the cause is allergies, severe excitement, emotional overstrain. Cough is dry, wet, barking, hoarse, long, short and other varieties.

Causes of coughing

How to cure a cough

пы Dust, dust, bacteria and viruses, particles of soot fall into the lungs. A healthy organism gets rid of them with the help of cilia of ciliated epithelium of the trachea and bronchi. Slime due to bactericidal properties destroys the infection. This natural process, which maintains the purity of the trachea and bronchi, is called mucociliary clearance .

If the physical or chemical properties of mucus change due to various reasons – for example, mucus becomes thicker – mucociliary clearance is disrupted and to maintain proper cleanliness in the trachea and bronchi, one has to cough.

Causes of cough are the following irritants:

  • chemical : contaminated air, exhaust fumes, tobacco smoke;
  • mechanical : dust, soot;
  • thermal : dry hot or frosty air.

To quickly cure a cough that accompanies the other symptom, you need to see a doctor, he will diagnose. As a rule, with a dry nauseous cough, the doctor prescribes medicines that suppress the cough center, and with wet cough suppressants.

Getting rid of dry cough

How to cure a cough

A strong and painful dry cough happens when pleuritis, chronic inflammation of the serous lung membrane. The disease is accompanied by acute pain in the chest, high fever, difficult to breathe, often beating heart.

This reaction of the body is observed in acute bronchitis. In the chest, pershot and burn, shortness of breath, weakness, fever.

In the case of pertussis who causes an airborne bacterial infection, some initially try to cure the cough on their own with various anti-cold measures – mustard plasters, inhalations, but they do not work. On the contrary, coughing occurs with attacks, most often at night for a month or longer.

At acute respiratory disease (ARI) of the mucous membrane of the airways (runny nose, pharyngitis, laryngitis), dry barking cough should be disposed of, which, after proper treatment, occurs after a few days. In case of complications, pneumonia, inflammation of the middle ear, kidneys can develop.

Different forms of pharyngitis are characterized by dryness in the throat, painful swallowing, burning, sensation of foreign body, it is necessary to treat dry cough.

Pneumonia is an infectious disease in which the respiratory tract becomes inflamed. It provokes hypothermia, nervous overload, intoxication. We have to cure dry cough, shortness of breath.

In addition, the need to cure a dry cough occurs with mouth breathing, the cause of which is polyps in the nose. At night, coughing is necessary more often, since the inhaled air is not moistened and cleansed, irritates the mucosa of the trachea.

Treatment of dry cough reduces to helping the body produce enough mucus, make it “wet” to effectively remove microorganisms and their products, to prevent their toxins and poisons from entering their bloodstream.

You need to use as much liquid, various teas and decoctions as possible so that the body can produce enough mucus.

  • In inflammatory process in the trachea or in the upper respiratory tract it is useful 2-3 times a day to treat cough inhalation with decoction of chamomile , thyme , mother-and-stepmother , sage , baking soda , 1-2 drops of eucalyptus oil .
  • To soften and moisturize dry cough, it is useful to drink tea from decoction of leaves green mustache and buckwheat flowers (20 g per 0.5 liter of boiling water).
  • Boil 100g raisins over low heat in a sealed container, let cool, squeeze out the raisins. Take half a glass 3-4 times a day.

Remedy for dry cough from garlic . Grind 2-3 cloves garlic , add 1 tsp. honey , 2 p.s. vodka , mix well. Store in a cool place. Take 1 hour. morning and evening two days, on the third day to take a break. If the recovery does not come, repeat the treatment. A remedy for ginger, if dry cough . Peel ginger from the peel, rub, get juice. Stir 1hr.p. ginger and 1 tea. lemon juice , 1 / 2hl. honey. Wait 20 minutes, brew 1/2 cup of boiling water, close the lid for 15 minutes. Take 1 hour. every half hour, delaying the composition in the mouth.

Almond . Soak for the night in cold water, seven almond kernels without skin, crumble in the morning, add butter and sugar. Take two times a day.

Turmeric . Dried root chop. Take powder 3g in the morning and in the evening.

Compresses for getting rid of dry cough:

  • Rub into the chest a mixture of 2 parts sunflower oil and 1 part ammonia .
  • Moisten gauze in vodka , place on chest, cover with parchment, warm cloth or cotton wool, on top of shawl or quilt for 25 minutes. Treat bronchitis every other day for 1-2 weeks.
  • <<<<< . But if the mucus is too thick, it does not cough badly. Therefore, it must be diluted by the ingestion of mucolytic agents (mucolytics).

    • Brew leaves mother-and-stepmother , to get a rich and pleasant decoction. Drink instead of tea. The infusions of the leaves of the plantain , oregano are also effective.
    • Moisten cough, relieve spasms and inflammation is helped by a mixture of 2 tsp. licorice , 2 p.s. vinegar , 2 p.s. honey . Take 1 hour. 5 times a day.
    • In a glass of warm milk add 1/3 tsp. powder ginger , 1/2 tsp. honey , at the tip of the knife turmeric . Drink in small sips.
    • A wonderful way to thin the sputum is cabbage juice , as well as a decoction of berries, flowers viburnum or raspberry .

    How to cure a cough in a child

    How to cure a cough

      за To sputter a sputum 1 hour. chamomile in a glass of boiling water, allow to cool. Drink a child on a dessert spoon 3 times a day.
    1. At night near the crib put a plate with chopped onion . This tool also helps with influenza epidemics.
    2. Cut bulb , add water, add 3-4 p.s. honey , cook in a closed bowl for half an hour. Strain, allow to cool. Keep refrigerated. Give the child 1 hour. after every attack of a cough.
    3. To improve expectoration, give the baby 1/2 tsp. fresh cabbage juice with sugar .
    4. Brew 1sp. leaves mother-and-stepmother a glass of boiling water, insist an hour, drain. Take 1 hour. several times a day.
    5. Brew 1sp. leaves black currant a glass of boiling water, insist an hour, drain. Take instead of tea.
    6. Warm sour cream mix with 5 cloves of grated garlic . Give the child 4-5 times a day with whooping cough or a violent cough.
    7. To get rid of a child’s cough, a large iodine reticulum is helped in the lung area in front and on the back, but not touching the heart area. Setochka also applied to calves, heels. Iodine is smeared with toes.
    8. Cure cough helps the night honey compress on the cervical-collar zone.
    9. Boil potatoes in a uniform, get a mash, add 1 tsp. vegetable oil , 2-3 drops iodine , mix. Put the mashed potatoes on the cloth and put on the baby’s chest until the throat, wrap. When the compress will cool down, remove it, cover the child with a warm blanket.

    Folk remedies cure cough

    How to cure a cough

    1. Grind and get the juice of the stem aloe , add as much slightly warmed honey . Take 1 tsp. three times a day.
    2. Pumpkin from a cough recommended taking more Avicenna.
    3. Mix the juice radish or carrot with the same amount milk . Take 1 tsp. 5-6 times a day.
    4. Finely chop radish , pour with sugar . The resulting juice to take 1 hour. every hour, if there are no diseases of the heart and liver. It also helps cure a coughing smoker.
    5. Cut 10 bulbs , one head garlic , boil in a liter milk to become soft, add a little honey . Take the medication by 1 second. once a hour.
    6. Take 1/2 cup grape juice with honey as an expectorant. This folk remedy cures a cold 1-2 days.
    7. Crush berries ashberry , add to sour cream , put on for 10 minutes on a weak fire, allow to cool. Take 1 tsp. 3-4 times a day.
    8. Brew a glass of boiling water 1с.л. honey , juice one lemon , two raw chicken eggs , mix, let cool. Take the throat once an hour.

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