How to do inhalation

How to do inhalation


  • What are inhalations
  • Contraindications inhalation
  • How to do inhalation at home
  • Than to do home inhalation. Medicinal substance
  • Preventive inhalation

What is inhalation – I think everyone knows. This is a common way to treat colds. During the home health procedure, regardless of how to do inhalation, water vapor or drug substance is inhaled. As a result, the therapeutic effect is directly on the mucosa of the respiratory tract. The body receives the maximum health-improving effect, as local treatment takes place. The medicine in this case is immediately absorbed into the blood, and does not enter through the stomach. In addition, the drug sprayed in this way has a much larger contact surface. Therefore, it acts much more efficiently. In addition, the action of wet steam promotes the removal of mucus and sputum from the respiratory tract, providing a purifying effect.

What are inhalations

Treatment procedures are:

  • wet, when the treatment solution is not heated constantly during the procedure and its temperature is about 30 ° C;
  • thermo-moist when the temperature of the solution is maintained at 30-40C;
  • steam.

To breathe the steam over the pot with boiled potatoes is an example of steam inhalation. During the home treatment, various medications can be inhaled. In this case, you can use mineral and even sea water.

Home treatment in this way is indicated in the common cold, tonsillitis, inflammation of the palatine tonsils, bronchi, pharyngeal mucosa – pharyngitis, for the removal of bouts of bronchial asthma.

Contraindications of inhalations

How to do inhalation

If the body temperature has risen above 37.5C, home inhalation is contraindicated, like a bath or hot shower. They should not be done with a tendency to nosebleeds, in case of cardiac or respiratory failure, in case of pneumonia or swelling of the larynx. It is best if a doctor appoints a home treatment.

For children, steam procedures are contraindicated because of the danger of a burn of the upper respiratory tract. Children under one year are allowed to do only damp (up to 30C) procedures. The remaining children – teplovazhnye, up to 40C.

It is convenient to make home inhalations with a kettle. It poured water of the right temperature, a drug substance is added. On the tip of the kettle is put on a cardboard funnel, through which warm steam is inhaled. As the water cools, boiling water is added, but the temperature of the solution must be carefully controlled.

Children are advised not to be treated for more than 3 minutes twice a day.

How to do inhalation at home

How to do inhalation

Do not perform home treatment immediately after eating. At the end it is not necessary to talk, smoke or eat for an hour. If you have allergies, you need to carefully select the drug.

In case of a cold, water vapor or drug is inhaled by the nose. To treat diseases of the throat, bronchi or pharynx – through the mouth.

What is a nebulizer?

What if the pan or the kettle does not suit for different reasons? Today special devices called nebulizers are manufactured. These are compressor or ultrasonic inhalers, they are sold in a pharmacy. These electrical appliances transform the treatment solution into a tiny slurry and are easy to use.

When using a nebulizer, the lower respiratory tract is treated especially effectively, as the therapeutic substance easily penetrates into the smallest bronchi. Some models additionally negatively charge the particles, which makes the efficiency of the procedure even higher.

In the pharmacy, you can inquire about inhalers that can be used for home treatment of the youngest.Such models are supplied with a special mask, which makes it possible to breathe not only when sitting, but also when lying down.

Than doing homemade inhalation. Medicinal substance

How to do inhalation

The simplest solution is drinking soda and water. In more complex medical solutions, medicines, herbs, essential oils are used. Ready-made mixes are produced for nebulizers.

Home inhalation, if there was a cough

In this case everything is simple – a solution of baking soda is good. A glass of water is put on the table. drinking soda. If the tonsils are inflamed, you can breathe an aqueous solution of garlic juice. To do this, crush several cloves of garlic, squeeze the juice, then add it to hot water and inhale steam.

Inhalation in case of a cold

To get better from a cold, it is helpful to prepare a mixture of eucalyptus rosewood (a tablespoon), a quarter of a briquette of pine extract, 15 drops of menthol alcohol, a teaspoon of menthol oil or two tablets validol, a teaspoon of freshly prepared onion gruel or garlic. The mixture is poured with boiling water and covered with a towel, folded in several layers. Her couples need to breathe.

Preventive inhalation

In case of viral epidemics and for the prevention of colds in the room, it is useful to keep vials of essential oil of eucalyptus and basil open. It is even better to mix both kinds of oils. It is also useful to breathe a mixture of essential oils of basil or coriander.

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