How to establish relations with neighbors – 9 ways to go to the “world” in a neighborly way

Relations with neighbors are different. For example, friendly (mutual help and “run for tea”), neutral (when you say hello and quickly disappear) and hostile. The latter case is the heaviest and hardest to treat.

But all the same, the world with its neighbors is real!

The main reasons for bad relationships with neighbors

  • Rules of coexistence with neighbors
  • 9 ways to improve relations with neighbors
  • The main causes of bad relations with neighbors – find out the essence of the problem

    Each family, when entering a new dwelling, dreams – now everything will be different! No alcoholics, grandmothers, spies, young “degraders”, etc. And they seem to be all very nice and friendly.

    A week passes – and the family comes to understand that there are simply no ideal neighbors. And you have to choose – the battle of the “Titans” or the thin world.

    Unfortunately, the first option is more “popular”.

    What are the causes of the negative arising between neighbors?

    • Dealing with parking spaces. The stronger the crisis in the country, the less (surprisingly, but true) parking spaces. Cars have long been not a “luxury”, and today many families have just 2-3 cars. Of course, in the small yard there is not enough room for everyone.
    • Envy. That neighbor has a European-quality repair, the second one has a car for a million, the third one buys eggs every day in the store, and the fourth one has to save every ruble. And there’s a loggia on the top and two balconies, and the fourth has only 3 windows, and those are corrupted by pigeons. Stomp of small legs. When your cute kids run around the apartment for seals – it’s great and cute. When others are running around – I want to go up a floor and remember all the bad words.
    • Noise at night. From neighbors who adore night gatherings with music and friends, unfortunately, not a single apartment building is insured.
    • Rubbish and cockroaches. Some people are dragging “useful things” from the garbage dump into the apartment. Others are just sluts. The third – each creature in pairs. Consequence: the whole house suffers from the invasion of these parasites.
    • Dogs. They loudly bark, howl, splash on other flower beds, carefully grown by an old woman from the 1st floor, and leave unappealing piles under each bush. Koshatniki never understand dogs, and vice versa – the eternal war of animal lovers.
    • Cats. Because of them, conflicts are rare. Exception – when cats fall at night on your balcony, yell serenades to each other, mark a ladder and carry fleas on the porch.
    • Repair. Too – one of the unchanging nightmares for neighbors. Waking up to the music of the puncher at 7 am on Saturday is an indescribable pleasure. On the other hand – after all, you also once, after settling in new housing, did repairs?
    • Flood. He can be guilty of rusty pipes, old coverings, and amnesia of neighbors who left the tap open. But the reasons usually do not bother anyone, because here he, repair, was – and now no. As well as the money invested in it.
    • Smoking on the stairs (and on the balconies, by the way, too). For a non-smoker every day to go through the smoke screen to his home – this is a real test. And if it’s children, or a future mother?

    In addition to the above, there are other causes of conflict. But there are not enough reasons to quarrel with neighbors if you really want to.

    If neighbors are very bothersome, then they can get revenge – but only by legal and non-dangerous means.

    Rules of coexistence with neighbors – how not to spoil relations?

    To make life in a new home truly peaceful and peaceful, one must remember the most important:

    • All people are different! Some like dogs, others like cats. Some dream of flowerbeds, others – of a large parking lot. Some work by day, others by night. And so on.Be ready to compromise if you want to be treated like a human being.
    • Always greet neighbors. Even if it’s the same reptile that you did not get enough sleep last night.
    • Encourage the children of a culture of communication and behavior in public places : stomping and loudly listening to music after 8 pm – you can not (everyone wants to rest and sleep), burn tires under a neighbor’s balcony – you can not, tear flowers from the flowerbed – you can not You can not play the saxophone at 3 am, and so on.
    • Walk the dogs not under the windows of the house, but a little further – so as not to anger the neighbors . And, of course, do not take them to the playground (otherwise the enemies in the person of young mothers are provided to you). And also wear muzzles, if the dogs are large, and keep on short leashes, going down the stairs (kids can get scared). If your dog likes to “scream” at every rustle on the street in the evenings, and barking from steps on the stairs, teach her to express her emotions in a different way (this is really realistic). And take care of high-quality super-soundproofing.
    • Keep cleanliness in the entrance – do not leave garbage near the apartment, do not smoke on the stairs, clean up for pets, if they do not accidentally run up to the street, do not take your old furniture to the staircase (you will be surprised, but she does not Need, take out immediately to the trash!), do not drink alcohol at the entrance (you can walk to the apartment and do it at home).
    • Communicate more often with neighbors. Not in order to make friends, but to just understand – with whom you can communicate more tightly, and from whom it is better to stay away. This will help simple questions – “and where is your post?”, “Do not tell me the phone of a local emergency vehicle?”, “But do you have cockroaches in the apartment?”, Etc.
    • When making repairs, be as polite as possible . Do not make noise on weekends, in the early morning and after 7 pm, when everyone after work stops to rest at TV. If the neighbors have kids, ask how much they have a day’s sleep, so at this time to take a break with beating off the old tiles or slabbing the walls. If there are only young mummies around you, and the schedule of sleep for all the karapuzes is different, then you can not please everyone. But you can buy kids for a small toy, and mothers – for a box of chocolates, and apologize after the repair. This gesture neighbors will appreciate, forgive you and stop cursing mentally at every meeting. Naturally – no construction debris! Immediately remove it or leave it within your apartment.

    9 ways to improve relationships or make peace with neighbors around the house or cottage

    The most important tip: always put yourself in the place of neighbors! So it will be easier for you to understand them and draw conclusions.

    And also …

    • Do not give in to provocation. Let them behave as they want (these are THEIR problems, not yours), but you are learning to express your feelings in other ways.
    • Do not take to heart the aggression , which sometimes splashes on you from neighbors. If you are to blame – correct and apologize, if not guilty – just ignore (the dog barks, as the saying goes, and the caravan goes).
    • Do not rush to “beat the muzzle” , throw threats and pour neighboring doors with construction foam. If you want to convey something to your neighbors – do it with humor, for example, through a hilarious ad with a subtle hint that you are quite serious.
    • Beginning the repair, warn your neighbors. You can go to all personally, and you can write an ad with an apology and approximate deadlines. But to warn – it is necessary. At least in order to demonstrate – you do not give a damn about them.

    How to get acquainted and set everyone up for a positive?

    1. There are two options: either you to them, or they to you. In the first case, you go to neighbors with “cakes” and a box of tea (alcohol is strictly not recommended), in the second – they go to you at a housewarming at the invitation, scattered in mailboxes.
    2. How to unite the neighbors? Surely in your yard or at home there are problems (pits on the roads, lack of amenities on the playground, “hangouts” homeless people and crazy youth in the sandbox, terrible walls in the entrance, etc.). It is possible to become the initiator of solving one of the problems by common forces – so you and yourself in the right light “submit” and the neighbors will immediately see in all its glory. After solving the problem (they themselves closed the pit, which prevented the cars, made benches or lids with locks on the sandbox, arranged a subbotnik, painted the walls in the entrance, etc.), you can also arrange a picnic in the courtyard.
    3. Be prepared to help neighbors if they ask for help or do not ask, but clearly need it: push the car, give a stepladder or puncher for a day, bring the chair to the apartment, lend salt, etc.
    4. If the light bulb in the entrance is burned out – do not wait for it to be replaced by the Housing and Communal Services. Change yourself (it’s not difficult and not expensive). And you can throw off neighbors and buy energy-saving light bulbs for all the staircases.
    5. Participate in “house affairs”. In meetings, discussing issues, surrendering money for certain common needs, etc. Living apart is great, but if you are a “sociopath”, do not wait for a good neighbor attitude.
    6. If you are forced to leave a large thing on the stairs (for example, bought furniture, and the old promised to take a father-in-law on Saturday to the dacha, and both “kits” do not fit in the apartment), then hang a note with apologies for temporary inconveniences . And do not forget to keep your promise “on Saturday will be taken away.”
    7. Never discuss with some neighbors – others. Bone washing does not benefit the general atmosphere of the entrance (home). If you have a complaint – express them specifically to whom they are addressed, and not to all neighbors in secret through the gnashing of teeth.
    8. Never open immediately before all unbuttoned. Some will find this great stupidity, others will laugh, others use it against you. And only 1 out of 4 will love you for it to the depth of your soul. All the low-key about yourself leave at home.
    9. Try to stay with neighbors if not to be friends, then at least stay in a normal relationship . You never know when you might need a neighbor’s help (do not enter the entrance or apartment, look after the housing or animals, urgently leave the child in force majeure, call for help in robbery, ask for a duplicate key when it is lost, etc.) ).

    Alcoholics, brawlers with unbalanced psyche, “bulls”, etc. Do not enter into any talk with these people at all . If there are problems, communicate through the precinct.

    Friendship with neighbors – it does exist. Of course, no one forces you to bake pies and call for everyone, including that alcoholic from the 5th apartment, but in our turbulent times it’s better to be attentive to each other.

    If the neighbors really do not like you at all, even show respect to them .

    And be polite! Politeness – she takes the city.

    Have you had similar situations in your life? And how did you get out of them? Share your stories in the comments below!

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