How to fight and get rid of apathy

How to fight and get rid of apathy


  • What is apathy
  • What to do if apathy happens
  • How to start fighting with apathy
  • Pamper yourself
  • How to get rid of apathy
  • Prevention indifferent mood

If there has come apathy , you need to get rid of it as soon as possible. Strong personalities often do not need to fight, because they are not so depressed. But people who are sensitive or nervous can panic. If pessimism and unwillingness to do anything excessively prolonged, they can have a nervous breakdown on the most insignificant occasion.

What is apathy?

Doctors believe that apathy is the reflex protection of the body from “burnout”, when the nervous system, brain and emotional sphere are overloaded and stop coping with a huge number of incoming external signals , for each of which it is necessary to react, to perform a particular action.

The body temporarily goes “into itself,” into a kind of protective shell, allowing the overloaded organs to get rid of stress and restore resources.

Capricious mood is characterized by complete indifference, decline of strength and indifference to almost everything. I do not want anything, especially thinking about what to do to get rid of apathy.

I do not want to dream, plan tomorrow. I do not want to think about plans for a vacation or for the summer. Habitual pleasures do not please, and hobbies do not entrain. Leave your favorite films or music indifferent, learning or work becomes indifferent. Attempts of close people to force to struggle with apathy meet a sharp, aggressive rebuff.

Pathology or disease apathetic state becomes if it is too prolonged. In this situation, it is just necessary to begin to fight it.

What to do if apathy has happened

How to fight and get rid of apathy

How to begin to deal with the amorphous state if it is difficult to concentrate on anything? Sometimes it seems that energy is not enough for any particular action.

  • first, it is important not to start the situation and not allow it to develop on its own: the earlier take control, the more severe consequences can be avoided in the future;
  • Secondly, you have to start the fight against apathy yourself, applying the most effective measures for you and not expecting this or that external shock;
  • third, realize that if you allow yourself to get used to the “sour” mentality, it will for a long time lead you out of the habitual balance with the surrounding world.

Where to start the fight with apathy?

As you know, the wedge is kicked out with a wedge. Begin to fight the indifference to everything with an even greater aggravation of this mindset. It is required to bring the situation to the point of absurdity, pity yourself:

Oh, how poor and unhappy I am!

How do I fuck-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh!

How I feel sorry for myself-oh-oh-oh!

With genuine sincere feeling, give yourself to the thrilling feeling of pity for yourself, poor thing. You can even cry.

And how is it different? Versatile optimism? Of course, you can get rid of apathy in this way, but in this case it is less effective.

The undoubted benefit of the pitiful “warm-up” is obvious. The accumulated feeling comes out much sooner than if you get rid of it by drop during the days or weeks. And the place of pity soon takes the desire to take in this direction something else, to continue the fight against a bad mood.

Even if it is necessary to cause sincere self-pity, it is not always possible to get rid of the apathetic mood. Therefore, we should consider this step as preparation, a kind of “warm-up” before the “real” struggle.

Pamper yourself

The next step is to indulge, in one way or another, to reward yourself, your beloved:

  • buy a new thing that you used to spare money for;
  • go with a friend in a cafe, order something tasty.

In the end, once we live! Why at least occasionally not to pamper yourself, no matter how much it costs?

Moreover, these actions ultimately help get rid of the apathetic mood. Consider them as part of therapy – after all, you are fighting this way with indifference to the world around you.

How to get rid of apathy

Begin to do everything that was not performed because of the sudden indifference. Especially the timing is sure to be tightened, so I’ll have to try.

It is worth to become like a few days elektroveniku and get rid of the accumulated cases, performing a running turnover Stakhanov tempi. At the same time, without forgetting that an important matter does not happen urgently.

Performing a fast-paced routine, the brain does not have to do anything else, just think about the tasks that are being performed, without being distracted by anything. Without knowing it, the body begins to fight apathy effectively.

Prevention of indifferent mood

How to fight and get rid of apathy

In order to prevent the routine from sucking into the marsh, from which it’s easy to give up apathy, it’s worth to diversify the habitual way of life. It is useful to acquire a new hobby. For example, start burning on wood, learn everything about hydrofoil ships. Start, at last, to do exercises in the morning!

By the way, performing physical exercises is a wonderful tool in the fight against bad mood. The fact is that the brain can not equally well perform two things at the same time. They are either sad and lazy, or focused on the correct exercise.

In addition, during physical education, endorphins are produced in the body, which improve mood and positively affect the emotional state.

Do not shut yourself up in case of failure. It is necessary immediately to switch to the positive that it was possible to take out from the once negative experience. Then apathy will not come by surprise. And how to fight it, you now know.

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