How to get rid of black dots

How to get rid of black dots


  • The reasons for the appearance of black dots on the nose and face
  • Prevention comedo
  • Is it possible to squeeze black dots?
  • How to get rid of black points by squeezing
  • How to get rid of black points by cosmetic procedure
  • How to get rid of black dots at home
  • How to get rid of black dots by folk remedies

Small black spots can appear in a variety of places: on nose, cheeks, chin and even on the lips. To not have to look for a way to get rid of black spots, it is much easier to take the necessary measures and prevent their occurrence. This cosmetic defect is not as noticeable as acne or acne. Nevertheless, he has to fight with him, because he spoils the exterior.

Causes of appearance of black dots on the nose and face

How to get rid of black dots

Black spots appearing on the nose or on the face have a medical name comedones . A common cause of dark spots is the clogging of the sebaceous glands. In the pores of the skin begins to form a cluster of excess fat, mixed with small particles and street dust. Toxins coming from blood and lymph also interact with sebum. The result is a sticky mass. Completion of the formation of comedones occurs when the cutaneous pore is opened and under the influence of oxygen the skin pigment melanin тем darkens. As a result, the pores become black.

Because the sebaceous glands are the most in the area of ​​the so-called T-zone (forehead, nose, chin), various cosmetic defects appear in these places.

  • It’s no secret that the cause of the formation of dark points can be a malfunction in the intestine. Therefore, it is worth comparing the fact of their appearance and diet, which had to adhere to recently. Sweet in excess quantities, an abundance of fatty smoked food, a lot of coffee, alcohol – all this contributes to the disruption of the intestine, resulting in it is necessary to seek this or that remedy for combating comedones.
  • To get rid of dark points, you need not only cosmetic tricks, but also a change in the diet. That is, you need to eat more sour-milk products, fish of fatty varieties, vegetables and fruits. Such food contributes to the natural cleansing of the skin, the intake of sufficient vitamins into the body.
  • The reasons for the appearance of points can be looked for in the application of poor-quality cosmetics or the use of means that do not correspond to the type of skin.
  • In some cases, the cause of black spots can be changes in the hormonal background in the body. For example, it is known that high production of testosterone contributes to the formation of acne and comedo.
  • The allergic reaction of the body can also cause the need to look for one way or another to get rid of dark points. The cause of the allergy is the oil base of the used cosmetics.
  • The emergence of comedones can contribute to the psychological factor – stress. As a rule, in this state, thoughts are occupied by others and therefore becomes simply not proper care of themselves.
  • Unfavorable environmental conditions – high humidity, dustiness, conditions of profuse sweating can also provoke the appearance of tiny black spots.

Prevention comedo

How to get rid of black dots

The simplest thing you can do – do not be lazy regularly cleanse the skin. At a minimum, you need to do this twice a day, completely washing off the makeup. It is necessary at least once a week to make the appropriate home mask, its composition should be selected in accordance with the type of skin.

Of course, in case of increased sebum secretion, it is necessary to identify and eliminate the cause of its formation in such quantities. And in parallel to carry out hygiene procedures. For example, for the prevention of comedones, you can periodically perform the pairing of black dots, completing the procedure with cool water.As a result, the likelihood of a cosmetic defect is significantly reduced, because the pores are regularly cleaned.

To prevent and get rid of dark spots, you can use salt:

  • In the case of oily skin, you can apply a soapy cream mixed with fine salt. After 3 minutes the composition is washed off with warm water. The procedure ends with a bath of cool water.
  • In case of dry skin, you can apply a greasy cream, which is sprinkled with salt. After a minute the composition is washed off with warm water.

Cleansing can be performed not only with a mixture of salt with a cream. And also mixing the salt with sour cream, cottage cheese, oatmeal. For the whitening effect in the composition, you can add 2-3 drops of lemon juice, which squeezed out of the lemon slice.

Can I extrude black dots?

How to get rid of black dots

Sometimes it is very desirable to remove dark dots, so many people follow the shortest path. Namely, they try to get rid of the cosmetic defect mechanically, simply squeezing out “blackies”. Is it worth doing this?

Why not put pressure on comedones

Despite the apparent simplicity and effectiveness of this method, experts are convinced that nothing on the face can not be squeezed out. Since if the infection is in the blood, it will instantly enter the brain that is nearby. Even if you pick with a sterile needle, there is a risk of getting into the facial nerve and after walking with a skewed face.

In addition, regular extrusion of points can lead to the fact that after a while the resource of regeneration is exhausted and on the face small scars and scars are formed, it is much more difficult to disguise or get rid of.

It is better to try them discolored using hydrogen peroxide or lemon juice.

How to get rid of black points by squeezing

If you can not, but really want, you can squeeze out comedones. Extrusion at home requires compliance with hygiene rules. Wash hands thoroughly and cleanse the face. Then steam it over the herbal infusion, which should not be too hot. It is better to steal the skin gradually, because at the beginning, until it is properly moistened, the steam temperature is less acute.

After the pores are opened, you can begin to squeeze out dark dots. Efforts do not need to be done – if steaming is done correctly, comedones easily come out of the pores. Especially difficult points are best left to try and get rid of them the next day by repeating the procedure.

At the end, you need to thoroughly wipe the face with a disinfectant lotion. Then wash with cool boiled water. It is useful to apply a tightening mask that will soothe the skin. It can be made from egg white, where to add a few drops of lemon juice. After applying a nourishing moisturizer. For two days, you do not need to use cosmetics and alcohol-containing products, especially if there is redness left.

How to get rid of black spots with a cosmetic procedure

How to get rid of black dots

In cosmetic salons, various ways of getting rid of dark points are used:

  • When mechanical cleaning from comedones are manually disposed of. The specialist pre-wraps his fingers with a sterile napkin, special spoons are used to perform the procedure.
  • The so-called passive peeling involves applying a mask from plant gels – for example, based on aloe. It is applied without preliminary steaming, at normal temperature. Cosmetic effect is achieved by swelling of epidermal cells, as a result of which the pores are opened and getting rid of the points becomes simple.
  • A wonderful remedy for surface cleaning – ultrasound . With the help of a special device get rid of shallowly located points.
  • Vacuum cleaning also requires appropriate equipment. Disposal from dark points occurs on the principle of a vacuum cleaner, while all the contaminants are drawn from the skin.
  • ABR peeling is based on the use of various fruit acids – lactic, glycolic, citric and others. The skin quickly acquires a healthy appearance, while also getting rid of acne.
  • Surface comedones are eliminated by microdermabrasion , by grinding fine-sand sand.
  • Shallow points are burned during the laser peeling procedure .

How to get rid of black dots at home

Home mask from dark dots based on soda and salt

How to get rid of black dots

This folk remedy can only be used if there are no inflammations and pimples. Small table salt is mixed with soda in equal parts. The face needs to be moistened with hot water and slightly powdered with a moistened cotton swab, applying the prepared mixture to the places of formation of comedones to get rid of them, you do not need to rub at the same time. After a while, rinse, apply a nourishing cream. The remedy should not be used often – once a week is enough.

Rice face mask

How to get rid of black dots

Since you can get rid of black spots with rice, you can prepare and apply the following composition. Rinse a quarter of a glass of round-rice rice, place it in a container and pour boiling water so that the water completely covers the rice. Close the lid and leave to swell at night. In the morning, the rice is kneaded and used as a mask. The remaining rice water is useful, it can be drunk, but provided that there is no propensity to constipation.

Mask from black dots with gelatin at home

How to get rid of black dots

One tablespoon of gelatin is mixed with a tablespoon of milk. The mixture is heated to make it thick and glue-like. Once the mixture has cooled slightly, use a soft brush to apply it to problem areas. Then wait 10 minutes and glue the gelatin film to the adhesive strip. When tearing strips gelatin firmly adheres and comedones, allowing, thus, get rid of them. After the procedure, apply a nourishing cream.

How to get rid of black dots with folk remedies

How to get rid of black dots

  • Kefir, thanks to the acid content in it, is a wonderful folk remedy for getting rid of comedones. Masks based on kefir are especially useful in oily and combination skin. Kefir is applied to problem areas for 20 minutes, after it is washed off.
  • Another recipe is to prepare a hazelnut mask using kefir. To do this, a tablespoon of oatmeal is mixed in a coffee grinder with kefir and is brought to a thick slurry. You can add a pinch of fine table salt and 2 drops of boric acid. It is applied for 20 minutes, after it is washed off.
  • Honey is removed from the cosmetic defect in combination with the calendula tincture. To make the composition, take a teaspoon of honey, a teaspoon of marigold, which are stirred in a glass of warm boiled water. The received product is useful 2-3 times a day to wipe the face.
  • Finely chop the parsley, pass through the juicer. The resulting juice should be wiped 2-3 times a day for 14 days.
  • Inside it is useful to take tea from pansies three times a day for two months. You can clean the blood with infusion of nettle and dandelion juice.

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