How to get rid of body hair

How to get rid of body hair


  • Reasons for increased hairiness
  • Precautions for unwanted hair
  • How to remove hair peroxide at home
  • Getting rid of body hair mechanically
  • Chemical disposal from hair
  • How to get rid of hairy electric current

Every woman seeks smoothness and velvety skin. The appearance of undesirable vegetation forces us to apply various ways how to get rid of hair on the body. Some of them allow you to remove hair at home, others require a call to a specialist.

Causes of increased hairiness

How to get rid of body hair

Disease in which vegetation becomes excessively excessive, appears in uncharacteristic places, does not correspond to sex or age, is called hypertrichosis (“excessive hairiness”) . Mostly women suffer from this disease.

At some point, there is a need to get rid of hair on the legs, hands, chest, face, above the upper lip. In some cases, unwanted vegetation is a consequence of cerebral vascular disorders, head contusion, endocrine or nervous system diseases. Hypertrichosis can be caused by innate and psychic factors.

Suffering hypertrichosis should not be irritated by mechanical or chemical means, treated with paraffin masks, and massage procedures are contraindicated.

Sometimes in women instead of soft and inconspicuous hair hairs on the chin, in the sternum, at the top of the abdomen and back grow dark, stiff and long hairs peculiar to men. This growth of “male” hair is called hirsutism .

The need for hair removal of this variety can be caused by the disease of the ovaries (cyst, tumor), a violation of the function of the adrenal glands.

In a number of cases, turbulent vegetation appears on the ground burns, combs after insect bites, as a result of venous insufficiency.

With increased hairiness in a teenage girl, it is worth consulting with an endocrinologist, to undergo an internal examination.

Precautions for unwanted hair

How to get rid of body hair

  1. Do not sunbathe, including under a quartz lamp.
  2. It is necessary to abandon the procedures using UHF.
  3. Places of increased hairiness should not be smeared with nourishing cream, and also by means stimulating the inflow to the skin of the blood.
  4. Some whitening creams enhance hair growth, so they should also be discarded.
  5. Hormones should only be used after consultation with a doctor.
  6. Do not make masks with paraffin or hardness .

How to remove hair peroxide at home

How to get rid of body hair

Some to get rid of unwanted hair, they are taken to pull or pluck. So do not do it – if only because this way increases their growth.

One of the simple and simultaneously effective methods of removing hair on the face and hands is frequent lubrication of problem areas <? The home procedure is painless, soon the hairs become thin, inconspicuous, prone to brittleness.

Before using this method, you should experiment with the concentration of hydrogen peroxide solution (3-10%), choose the optimal duration of exposure, make sure that there is no skin irritation.

Other ways:

  • To remove hair on hands and feet to 50ml 3% hydrogen peroxide add half teaspoon ammonia . Blend the mixture with foam for shaving , apply to areas with undesirable vegetation, allow to dry. Afterwards, rinse with warm water. After several procedures, the hairs will run out, lose color, become almost invisible.
  • To achieve the effect of hair loss, dilute one part of 3% hydrogen peroxide ten parts water , add 2-3 drops ammonia , a little flour . Kashitsu put on an hour every day until the vegetation does not lose color.

Getting rid of body hair mechanically

How to get rid of body hair

Some, to remove hair, rub the skin with pumice stone . It turns out that this tool not only damages the skin, but also stimulates the growth of hard hairs.

So-called so-called shugaring – getting rid of unwanted hair with sugar syrup is quite effective.

  • Dissolve 10 slices sugar in a small amount of water, add lemon juice , obtained from a quarter of a lemon. Cook over low heat until the mass becomes brown and stops sticking to the fingers.

The home remedy for the hair is applied to the problem area and wait until it hardens. Then remove it with unwanted vegetation. Unlike pumice, this method does not enhance hair growth.

Recipe for home facial hair removal:

  • Melt the water bath 30g wax , add 30g of resin incense .

Apply the product hot, allow to cool, then pull and remove together with the vegetation. Repeat the procedure after growing hairs up to 20 times.

Chemical disposal of hair

How to get rid of body hair

применя To remove hairs on the legs and hands, apply depilatories – special ointments or creams . A thin layer of them are applied to the skin. After the onset of the reaction (itching, burning), scrape off the blunt solid object with the hairs, rinse with warm, acidified water. This method allows you to get rid of hair just above the surface of the skin, so the procedure resembles shaving.

To avoid an allergic reaction to the constituent components, a small amount should be applied to the elbow bend before the first use. If the skin reddened, there was an itch, to apply this tool to get rid of hair is not worth it.

discolors hair ointment it is easy to cook at home:

  • Stir 20g Vaseline, 10g of anhydrous lanolin , 0.5g antifibrina , 6mg perhydrolyl (30% aqueous solution of hydrogen peroxide).

As a result of long-term use of this remedy, the hairs become brittle and disappear.

For Hair deliverance Body prepare special liquid:

  • Mix five parts turpentine , alcohol , castor oil , add 30 parts 5% tincture of iodine .

Lubricate the affected area with hair from the hair 2-3 times a day. After a while, the vegetation begins to fall out. Traces of iodine are removed with a weak solution of ammonia.

How to cook fluid for hair removal :

  • Mix three parts of boric and camphor alcohol , add one part distilled water .

People’s way of getting rid of body hair :

  • Brew liter of boiling water 150g grass dope ordinary , simmer over low heat until a strong broth, strain .

Apply the product to the hairline with a cotton or gauze swab.

Living or often being in the south to get rid of body hair helps juice of a green walnut . Lubricate with this folk remedy problem areas every other day for 1-2 weeks.

How to get rid of hairy electric current

How to get rid of body hair

In a cosmetic clinic, one or another kind of electrolysis is used to get rid of facial and body hair.The action of an electric current destroys the follicles, causing the hairs to grow slower, becoming brittle and invisible.

In many ways, the result depends on the experience and skill of the operator. Sessions are held after 2-3 days.

The courses have to be repeated periodically, because in almost half the cases the hairs begin to grow again.

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