How to get rid of corns

How to get rid of corns


  • Why do I have to remove corns
  • Prevention of skin keratinization in the heel and forefoot
  • How to remove corns
  • softening corns at home
  • Home ways to treat corns
  • Removing of corns in the home

Corns, fungi, puffiness, which are formed on the heels or feet, are not dangerous, but spoil the appearance and painful when walking. You can get rid of burrs, but it is better not to allow the formation of growths, to take preventive measures to prevent a cosmetic defect.

Why do I have to remove corns

How to get rid of corns

corns – is thickened hard skin on the soles or heels, clear and firm that hurts and burns when walking, especially in shoes with thin soles or barefoot. This skin defect is often confused with corn, although this is not true.

This defect in the skin of the feet and heels is often associated with age-related changes, when the hormonal background in the body becomes different, the skin becomes more dry, its recovery and metabolism slows down, its vitamins and minerals are scarce, and chronic diseases are more pronounced.

Another common cause of corns is associated with the choice of too tight, narrow, stiff shoes, especially on high heels. The situation is exacerbated by overweight, which further increases the burden on the feet.

Get rid of burrs when non-compliance with the rules of daily foot hygiene, abundance in the diet of meat fatty foods.

In the case of an explicit or hidden flat foot, when one leg is slightly shorter than the other, and so on. with orthopedists help to cope orthopedist.

Prophylaxis of keratinization of the skin on heels and feet

How to get rid of corns

  • In 1L hot water add 2 tsp. 3% hydrogen peroxide , place stops for half an hour. When the skin becomes steamed, treat it with a pumice stone. Lubricate with a fat cream or oil, allow to soak and, if necessary, steam up the legs in the bath.

After the procedure, polish feet with a special scrub that helps to peel off small scales, then wash off the scrub with soap-free water, wipe the skin dry and apply a moisturizing cream, from which the skin becomes tender and supple.

To bring your feet and heels in order, you need to apply these procedures 5-6 times. Then, for the prevention of puffiness and formation of growths, it is sufficient to apply them once or twice a week, and also to take care of the skin of the legs with a special cream.

In addition, unskilful actions can injure healthy skin, which will also increase the area of ​​cosmetic defect.

To remove the burr, contact your dermatologist , dermatologist-cosmetologist , if necessary – to orthopedist .

  • ? Treatment of corns in this way requires a long time.
  • To soften the formations on the skin, remove painful sensations twice a week for night rubbing the feet castor oil , put on cotton socks.
  • To soften the skin for a day, rub the rubbed potatoes with honey or raisins , ground into a gruel, then steam off and carefully remove with scissors, which have been previously disinfected with alcohol, the upper white layer of skin. In case of a cut, lubricate with iodine or zelenka.
  • To completely get rid of the burr, you need to repeat this procedure every day for a week, sequentially removing the layers to the “bottom”. Otherwise, the defect will appear again.

    Then, every day, lubricate the “foundation” with fresh celandine juice three times at intervals of 5 minutes, pre-lubricating the healthy skin around the petroleum jelly.

    Treatment ends when the skin is completely clean and healthy.

    Homemade ways to treat corns

    How to get rid of corns

    1. Grind grass celandine , fix the pulp on the affected spot, cover with foil and secure it with a bandage.
    2. Rub onion , add a little lemon juice , fix with a bandage overnight. In the morning, wash your feet, lubricate your skin with Vaseline. Repeat treatment daily.
    3. Three-year-old leaf aloe wash, place in the freezer for 4-5 hours. Defrost, remove thorns, pass through a meat grinder. Put the gruel on the burr, close with a film and bandage, leave for the night. Repeat for 14 days.
    4. To 100g potato peelings add 2 tsp. flaxseed , brew 400ml of boiling water, simmer for 30 minutes. Allow to cool to a temperature so that you can tolerate, stir the gruel and put in it for 20 minutes of foot and heel to get rid of the burrs.
    5. Brew in the basin 2 liters of boiling water 2 tsp. leaves psyllium , 2 p.s. calendula flowers , filter after half an hour. Take hot baths, after the removal of the skin from the papilla pumice stone .
    6. Steam the legs in warm water for 10-15 minutes. Fix gauze, impregnated with a three-month infusion of tea mushroom , on the defect, cover with a bandage and put on cotton socks. Repeat until you get rid of the burr.
    7. Pour a glass of apple cider vinegar 3 crushed garlic cloves , insist in a dark place for 14 days. Apply a compress every day.

    Removing corns home

    How to get rid of corns

    • for general cleansing the body, and also to get rid of salts in the joints, removing corns and calluses, it is useful to take a bath with the addition of pre-welded in a pot of leaves birch , black currant , nettle , St. John’s wort , mint , thyme , strawberry – in any combination. You can also add a little celandine, wormwood, cornflower.

    It is more useful than baths for the whole body. But to remove natoptyshey on the feet and heels, you can make foot bathtubs only. In any case, the body will receive the necessary vitamins and minerals. The water should not be too hot, the basin is enameled or plastic.

    • In the morning before breakfast, after washing and thoroughly wiping feet and heels, apply on saliva saliva and carefully rub. Then, for half an hour, put on cotton socks, lubricate the feet with a cream with an antiseptic effect.
    • In the summer, to get rid of the burrs, apply the plantain moistened with saliva to the heels and feet , in winter instead of plantain use cabbage leaf . In some cases, the defect can be disposed of in two weeks.
    • Dissolve in 1.5 liters of warm water 2 tsp. soda , place stops for 15 minutes. After finishing, treat with pumice , wipe your feet and apply a nourishing cream.
    • Another remedy against the burrs: in 2L. hot water dissolve 1 second. crushed laundry soap , 1 ч.л. soda , take the bath every day for half an hour.

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