How to get rid of fear

How to get rid of fear


  • What fears are
  • Why fear should be overcome
  • Ways of getting rid of fear
  • How to cope with the care of the indefinite
  • Three receptions to overcome fear
  • How will get rid of the fear of aromatherapy

In the course of evolutionary development, a sense of fear is necessary for survival. To animals, it helps to escape in order to protect themselves from situations threatening health or life. The modern citizen has to get rid of anxiety and fear when he seems to have an unclear danger. This state prevents the live of the present, strength and attention are abstracted by negative memories, searching for signs that justify imaginary anxieties.

. The mechanism of its work is not fully understood, but it is known that it retains important current information, is responsible for spatial memory, it is necessary to focus attention in determining the direction of behavior.

Therefore, the idea published in a number of popular science magazines – removing the hippocampus in order to get rid of fear – is just a joke.

Some doctors use the following classification of what the majority fear:

  1. fear of dying, worry about one’s health;
  2. the opportunity to get involved in conflicts, unpleasant situations with other people;
  3. not be on top in the field of sexual relations.

To defeat fear, it is important to be able to distinguish it from anxiety:

  • Natural fear is always associated with an actual unfavorable situation or circumstances.
  • Anxiety, or neurotic fear , worries in case of an assumption of a possible adverse outcome.

Why fear should be overcome

How to get rid of fear

Some people instead of getting rid of anxiety prefer to find a mental refuge inside which is safe and secure. For example, instead of getting rid of fear, they choose pity for themselves, the beloved.

Experience on this topic allows you to turn around the imagination, which creates pictures that multiply this exciting feeling.

The sufferer begins to feel that nothing is happening around him, and most importantly, there is no need to analyze the situation, no need to look for ways to overcome anxiety.

Ways of getting rid of fear

How to get rid of fear

Simple steps from which you should start to overcome the feeling of anxiety:

  • physical exercises, autogenic training, yoga, etc. eliminate excessive muscle tension, normalize the function of breathing;
  • accustom yourself to concentrate on objective information entering the brain, and not on fictional horrible pictures of your future;
  • learn to control the train of thought, correctly understand and evaluate the essence of what is happening around.

To get rid of fear, calm down, psychologists advise you to do the following:

Step 1 . To realize and admit to oneself that there is fear, he has settled in the subconscious and interferes with daily life. Try to imagine it in the form of a picture or an image. It is necessary to understand which thoughts are most frightening, why they cause tension in the muscles and tightness of the breath.

Step 2 . Understand the negative image, which causes so much anxiety and excitement. Try to find out what exactly frightens, what exactly forces you to be afraid.

Step 3 . Understand that fear for some reason remained in the subconscious, that he was teaching something, pointing at something. Perhaps, something will be sorted out in order to stop going to the goal through the problems that you generated.

At this step, you need to enter into a dialogue with fear, talk to him, give him a name, thank him for his appearance, because he thus warns about something.

Another way to eliminate anxiety is to present it with painted watercolor on the glass. Then wipe the pattern with a damp cloth, making the glass clear and transparent.

The third way to defeat fear is to delete the created picture or image, make it small so that it becomes a point.

After following these steps, the feeling of anxiety recedes.

How to cope with the care of the indefinite

How to get rid of fear

It is necessary to get rid of fear when negative energy caused by the death of a loved one, stress due to violent actions, etc. did not come out through emotions, tears, but remained in the subconscious.

You need to understand that fears allow you to avoid the repetition of a similar situation, save from various dangers – for example, so as not to get sick with an incurable disease, like an ancestral relative. But at the same time, they take some of the energy for their own recharge.

Moreover, they are interested in increasing its quantity. The anxiety in the subconscious mind requires that a person at least periodically shake, he wants terribly to walk about.

Александр To get rid of fear caused by concern for something vague (“the world is uneasy”, “something bad can happen”) Alexander Sviyash advises applying love and gratitude techniques :

  1. Calling up a state of anxiety and anxiety, as much as possible in detail to present fear in the form of a patch of dirty fog, a dark spot, to understand exactly where it lives, in which part of the body (1 minute).
  2. To send a stream of love and gratitude to the created image for showing concern for us, to thank him for all that he does for you. He will resist, defend himself. For maximum effect, it is better to direct positive energy on exhalation (3 minutes).
  3. As a result of filling with energy, the image should change, become different, light – a scrap of dirty fog turn into a fluffy cloud, a dark spot into a sunny bunny. The changed image should radiate confidence and calmness, as well as a feeling that everything is going well.

If fear has appeared, you need to apply this technique again to make it light and kind again. After 10-15 multiple repetition, the subconscious learns of the choice of mind and the fear associated with taking care of something vague will go away forever.

Three receptions to overcome fear

How to get rid of fear

Alexander Sviyash also recommends the following techniques to cope with anxiety:

Cinema “ . This method helps to get rid of negative experiences about a particular event. For example, when someone insulted you. To eliminate anxiety, it must be erased from the subconscious and recorded in its place another, comic situation.

You have to imagine yourself in a magical movie theater where you show an episode where you are insulted. It is important to watch and experience the scene from the side, detached.

Then take the top left corner of the movie screen and flip it in the direction to the right lower corner – the movie theater is magical!

The film continues, on the screen the same scene of insult, but already with changes. For example, the insulting man made a funny remark. Re-flip the screen again.

The scene is the same, but here insulting at the culmination moment spoiled the air. Again flip the screen and continue in the same spirit.

This technique is based on the simple fact that fear lives in the subconscious while it is taken seriously. As soon as he starts to cause laughter, the subconscious understands that everything is in order and “overwrites” in his place a comical situation.

Receive 2 – “Blow off the energy ball” . Imagine that in the subconscious is a ball, inside of which is a charge of fear, anxiety, anxiety. This energy ball prevents living, affects behavior.

It is necessary to tune in to a particular anxiety, to feel it as emotionally as possible, so that the subconscious understands what the speech is about.

It is worthwhile to help the subconscious mind with the words:

  1. This is my experience, I am its author, I created it.
  2. I decided to take all the energy from this experience right now.
  3. I take all the energy from the experience and leave the energy ball empty, erase the experience.

If everything is done correctly, after a while the ball with a specific alarm appears blown away, only its wrinkled shell remains. The shell must be mentally attributed to a special place of the subconscious – “a warehouse of empty memories.”

The result of this method is getting rid of fear, eliminating a negative attitude, for example, to the offender.

Reception 3 – Mocking the experience . To defeat fear, it is necessary to stop taking it seriously. While the subconscious considers it a worthy opponent, it is forced to expend energy for confrontation. But if the subconscious mind notices that consciousness laughs at fear, it ceases to take it seriously, to see it as a threat.

How to get rid of the fear of aromatherapy

How to get rid of fear

Aromatic oils Melissa , Basil , Geranium , Chamomile , ylang-ylang , patchouli , sandalwood . They can be used as part of a bath, with oil for massage, in an aromatic lamp.

To cope with nightmares will help the fragrance of lavender , sandalwood , neroli , petigrain .

To reduce nervousness and anxiety before examinations, 2-3 drops of lavender , peppermint , neroli , basil , angelica will help to put on a handkerchief on a handkerchief.

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