How to Get Rid of Hair on Your Legs

How to Get Rid of Hair on Your Legs


  • Why the hair grows on the legs
  • Simple ways to get rid of the hairs on the legs at home
  • How to get rid of hair with hydrogen peroxide
  • Hair removal by shugaring
  • Removal of electro-epilation
  • How to remove hair on legs with folk remedy

Perhaps, over time, the canons of beauty will change and the hair on the legs will go into fashion. Women will take care of the foot of the hair, hair will begin to carefully transplant, tint, give them shape and volume. While the standard is considered bald female legs. Therefore, to look beautiful and modern, you have to use different ways how to get rid of hair on your legs.

Why the hair on the legs grow

How to Get Rid of Hair on Your Legs

Disease, when the hair appeared in places where there should be no vegetation or it should be less violent, is called hypertrichosis . Increased hairiness is more often congenital than acquired. Mostly women suffer from this disease. Excessive vegetation appears on the chin, above the upper lip, on the chest, arms and legs.

In adolescence, excessive hairiness can be associated with diseases of the endocrine organs, so a child should be shown to a specialist.

In order not to have to get rid of thick hair on the legs, it is worth noting the use of bleaching creams on these sites, as well as the means that increase the blood flow to the skin containing various biostimulators.

In hypertrichosis, it is necessary to streamline the use of hormonal creams, use them only for the doctor’s prescription. Do not sunbathe in the sun or under a quartz lamp, you need to give up UHF therapy.

To get rid of hair on the legs with hypertrichosis do not need to pull out the hairline, this procedure will only increase its growth. It is worth to give up masks with the use of body-water, paraffin.

Simple ways to get rid of leg hair at home

How to Get Rid of Hair on Your Legs

The easiest way to remove overgrown hairs on your legs is to use a manicure scissors. After a while tender hair will again grow, and painstaking home procedure will have to be repeated.

Faster and better shave legs. On sale there are various devices for cutting hair on the female body, as well as auxiliary products – creams, gels.

The drawbacks of regular shaving of the hair on the feet include an increase in the stiffness of the head of hear. Volosiki become more noticeable and the home procedure will have to be repeated quite often, once every two to three days.

Some hair regrowth is restored very quickly, the bristles grow literally in the evening. Frequent shaving injures sensitive skin, irritation persists for several days.

An ancient way of mechanically removing hair on the legs – using pumice stone . It is necessary vigorously to triturate the skin, so that the hairs become thinner and break off.

In ancient times, for epilation, we used a plaster based on this or that sticky substance: melted wax, paraffin, rosin. When the warmed mixture hardens and grabs the hairs, the plaster is ripped off with a sharp movement against the growth of the head of hear.

After two or three weeks hairs will grow, but become thinner and therefore less noticeable.

To get rid of the hair on the legs, you can use special creams-depilatories . In their composition, chemicals that destroy hair, why it breaks. The cream is applied to the surface of the skin, after 10 minutes it is scraped off with a hard object.

Before applying this method of hair removal, it is necessary to apply the cream on a small area on the arm fold, opposite the elbow, to rule out an allergic reaction. If the skin turns red, itches and burns, this method of depilation should be discarded.

How to get rid of hair with hydrogen peroxide

How to Get Rid of Hair on Your Legs

Thin, but dark and therefore noticeable hairs can not be removed, it is enough to discolor them.

Recipe 1 . Dilute 3% hydrogen peroxide with water in the ratio 1:10, add a couple drops liquid ammonia and a little flour to get a gruel.

Apply compresses for an hour until the hair becomes light.

Recipe 2 . Add 50 g of 3% hydrogen peroxide with 1/2 tsp. liquid ammonia , dilute with a mixture of soap powder , get a foam. Apply foam to the scalp, allow to dry, rinse with warm water.

After a few procedures the hairs will become thinner, discolored.

Hair removal by shugaring

How to Get Rid of Hair on Your Legs

Shugaring (Persian hair removal), or hair removal with the help of a thick sugar syrup, is known for many centuries. Warm syrup is applied to the skin, allowed to freeze, then removed together with adherent hairs.

To make a syrup, dissolve 10 pieces sugar in a small amount of water, add a quarter juice lemon . Cook over low heat until the mass becomes brown and stops sticking to the fingers.

Finish the prepared mass on the hairy area. When it cools down and hardens, remove.

This method of epilation does not lead to increased hair growth.

Electroepilation removal

How to Get Rid of Hair on Your Legs

A modern effective and radical way to remove hair on the legs and other parts of the body is electrolysis . This procedure requires special equipment, it is performed in cosmetic hospitals.

A weak electric current destroys the hair follicles, causing the hair to stop growing, become weak and brittle.

In some cases, the use of certain types of cosmetic procedures ( photoepilation , laser hair removal , bioepilation ) does not completely remove hair. In addition, contacting a cosmetic clinic requires a certain amount.

How to remove hair on legs with folk remedy

How to Get Rid of Hair on Your Legs

To get rid of excessively visible hair on your legs, you need fresh green walnut . Nut need to cut and grease the hair with juice.

To obtain the result, it is sufficient to perform a simple procedure three times a week, so that the hairs on the legs stop growing.

To fix the result, repeat the procedure one week later.

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