How to get rid of pimples on the face

How to get rid of pimples on the face


  • Types of acne
  • Causes of acne
  • How to avoid the appearance of acne
  • Rapid squeezing out acne at home
  • Home face masks for acne
  • Remedies for acne on the face for ingestion
  • Treatment of acne with proper nutrition
  • Vitamins and minerals for acne elimination
  • Rapid elimination of acne

Mass of disorders causes the pimple jumped on the nose, forehead, chin, temples, cheeks. Because of this trouble, one can not feel confident and naturally during a business meeting or a date. How quickly to get rid of acne on the face, and to cure the skin at home, and also to exclude repetition of a cosmetic defect?

Types of acne

How to get rid of pimples on the face

Before tackling acne with this or that remedy, it is necessary to determine the type of eruption on the face:

  • Comedones or black dots – not that Other, like sebaceous plugs, clogged the pores of oily skin.
  • Ordinary (vulgar) acne , usually appears in adolescence, looks like a red pimple with a small abscess.
  • Inflamed acne , as well as furuncles and carbuncles , are formed upon infection. They are large enough and painful, at dissection, they give out thick pus, sometimes with an admixture of blood, leaving scars, pits, scars on the skin. Eliminating this type of pimples in one way or another, often after a while you have to state that next to or in the same place of the person appeared new.
  • Whiteheads ( of Millions ) look like dark nodules with a poppy seed, often formed on dry skin with fine pores as a result of the accumulation of sweat and sebum.

Causes of acne

How to get rid of pimples on the face

Hormones . Eliminate acne due to the unstable ratio of male and female sex hormones in the body. This is how it happens in adolescence and adolescence, when in the body of girls and boys there is an excess of male hormones.

Endocrine, metabolic disorders . As a rule, hormonal reorganization in the transition years only provokes an aggravation of these disorders in the body, causes the appearance of acne on the face, as well as neuroses, autonomic dysfunction of the heart and cardiovascular system, and other symptoms. With the completion of the restructuring of the body, violations go away, if they are not serious, otherwise they continue to appear periodically.

Wrong skin care . Excessive use of alcohol-containing lotions overdry the skin, causing the sebaceous glands to produce even more sebum, provoking clogging of the pores. Staphylococci and Streptococcus . Even on healthy skin, these bacteria are able to cause inflammation, especially with contamination, cuts, insect bites, excessive sweating, microtrauma when shaving, etc. Dysfunction of the liver, gallbladder, pancreas, kidneys.

. In the case of improper operation of internal organs, harmful substances go through the skin, which makes it necessary to get rid of acne, spots, pustules on the face and other parts of the body. Shortage of insulin . Insulin lack. According to Bolotov BV, the need to treat acne on the face is caused by insufficient pancreas production of insulin, which is necessary for the complete breakdown of fatty substances into simple sugars. The development of insulin stimulates the flow of bitterness: mustard, wormwood, elecampane, bark of aspen, yarrow.

Thin world . To treat acne on the face is necessary in case of unwillingness to reconcile with the violation of the plans.As a rule, a cosmetic defect on the cheeks, nose, forehead, chin signals about the fear of not being on top in this or that situation, the fear of hitting the dirt in the face. It is necessary to reduce the level of self-discipline, to learn to understand the changes in the situation, to see in them the source of necessary experience, a more optimal way of solving the problem in comparison with the planned one.

How to avoid the appearance of acne

How to get rid of pimples on the face

1. To effectively purify the pores, use steam bath (bowl of hot water). Hot moist air softens the cornea of ​​the skin, stimulates blood circulation, and sweating, removing dirt from the pores.

Clear skin in this way is not often, once every two months.

Dry skin soar for 5-10 minutes, bold – up to 15 minutes. In the hot water, you can add a tablespoon chamomile .

At the beginning of the procedure, be sure to wash your hands with soap, clean your face with cream or oil, cover your hair with a handkerchief.

After the procedure, rinse face with cool water, preferably with the addition of lemon juice .

In the case of flaccid porous skin, on which the dilated vessels are easily formed, the procedure is contraindicated.

2. In case of oily skin after morning rinses, it is useful to wipe the skin with a 3% solution of hydrogen peroxide , then rinse with cool water.

Rapid extrusion of acne at home

How to get rid of pimples on the face

Treat acne, especially on the face, only after consulting a dermatologist or beautician .

The slightest negligence in self-medication, especially in the area of ​​the nasolabial triangle, can lead to a dangerous situation – up to the infection of blood.

Some people use the following home remedy for getting rid of acne:

  1. Hold the face over the steam, rinse and soak the skin, apply 3% hydrogen peroxide to the pimple.
  2. Preliminarily boiled in the gauze with a thin needle to pierce the cosmetic defect.
  3. акку Through a sterile napkin or bandage gently squeeze out the mature pimple.

  4. Coat with diluted water with alcohol tincture calendula, psyllium , etc., bleed with 3% hydrogen peroxide solution.

Do not use this method to treat festering pimples, because the high temperature of the vapor causes the spread of the infection.

Home facial masks from acne

How to get rid of pimples on the face

<saddle mask . Prepare a thick slurry from 1ch.L. soda , apply it to the affected areas, lightly massage. After 5 minutes, rinse with cool water. The mask softens and dries the skin.

Skimmer . Apply gauze to the pimples, soaked yogurt . After half an hour, remove the mask, rinse your face. To be healed within a week.

Cabbage Mask . Leave cabbage leaves through a meat grinder (or use sauerkraut ), mix with whipped protein . Apply to eliminate acne, applying for 15 minutes once a week. Rinse off with warm water.

Blue iodine (iodine) . Regular lubrication with this simple remedy helps in a short time to get rid of acne on the face. Some during treatment also take iodinol inside to normalize metabolism – 1hl each. in one day.

Mask with aloe . Dilute 1 tbsp. juice aloe vera 5hl. water, insist 2 hours, bring to a boil, boil for 5 minutes. Apply to affected places. It is especially recommended to treat this method of acne on the face in case of oily porous skin.

Calendula . Dilute 1 tbsp. alcohol tincture of calendula in 0.5 cups of boiled water, rub the place of irritation. Purulent pimples, small pimples, you can try to cure undiluted tincture of claws, or dilute it in less water.

Baths with sea salt . Dissolve in 3-5 liters of warm water 1 hour. sea salt . Wash your face with soap and put it in water, slowly letting out the air through your mouth. When the air is over, repeat the procedure. Take a bath 3-5 minutes. After drying, wipe the remaining moisture, apply a cream in case of dryness.

Viburnum berries . For quick disposal of acne wipe your face 2-3 times a day with fresh juice of berries of viburnum .

Vegetable juice . Prepare in equal parts a mixture of cucumber , carrot , lemon juices . The drug treats festering pimples, narrows the pores of the skin on the face.

Garlic . Grind the clove garlic , put the gruel on 2-3 layers of gauze. Lubricate the pimples with Vaseline , apply a garlic mask to them for 10 minutes. In case of severe burning, the procedure should be stopped. To be healed in a day until the acne is completely eliminated.

Kalanchoe . Fresh leaves of the plant to withstand several days in the refrigerator to increase the therapeutic effect, pass through a meat grinder and squeeze out the gauze juice. Dilute with water and treat acne on the face.

Cleanness . Eliminate pimples on the face helps diluted with water celandine juice .

Some apply a mask: mix egg yolk , 1 ч.л. olive oil , 10 drops celandine juice . After 15 minutes rinse with warm water. Apply daily for five days. Often after the first session, getting rid of acne is not observed – on the contrary, their number increases. But then the face quickly becomes clean.

Lavender . In the form of oil treats acne on the face and body, relieves inflammation, prevents the penetration of bacteria, prevents the formation of traces on the skin – scars and scars.

Means for acne on the face for ingestion

How to get rid of pimples on the face

Along with masks for the treatment of acne it is useful to take in various infusions.

Infusion of birch buds . Boil 1ch.L. birch buds in a glass of boiling water 30 minutes, strain. Take 2-3 tablespoons. a day 3-4 times a day. The composition can be used externally for lotions.

St. John’s wort . Brew 1ch.L. Herbs of St. John’s wort a glass of boiling water, boil in enameled pots 10-15 minutes, strain. Take 1/4 cup 10 minutes before eating two weeks, then break five days, then again a course of two weeks. The drug normalizes the metabolism, helps to get rid of pimples on the face.

Decoctions and infusions purify the blood, help with various cosmetic defects.

It is useful to prepare and take the decoction of parsley , as well as the brewer’s yeast , which must be dissolved in warm milk.

Treatment of acne with proper nutrition

How to get rid of pimples on the face

Correct nutrition helps to prevent acne and prevent their appearance. It is necessary to reduce the consumption of starchy foods with a lot of sugar and fats, sharp, pickled and smoked dishes, cakes, alcoholic drinks, which causes stains and other cosmetic defects on the face.

  • It should be included in the diet more fresh fruits and vegetables , which normalize metabolic processes, restore kidney and liver function, act on the skin better ointments and acne lotions.
  • Removing the cosmetic defect is facilitated by the inclusion in the diet of fish oil .
  • It is necessary to include the root of ginger in food it cleans the blood.

Vitamins and minerals to eliminate acne

How to get rid of pimples on the face

<Calcium . <Span style = "text-decoration: underline;" The formation of itchy pimples signals a calcium deficiency.The lack of a mineral is often due to a sedentary lifestyle. Calcium is poorly absorbed in dysbiosis, impaired renal function, pancreatitis, thyroid hyperfunction.

Dairy products, hazelnuts, almonds, dried apricots, sunflower seeds, walnuts, peanuts, pumpkin seeds, raisins should be included in the ration.

Zinc . Lack of appetite, allergy, visual and memory impairment, apathy, depression, stomatitis, skin peeling, exfoliation of the nail plates, acne, dermatitis – signs of zinc deficiency.

To its lack leads too salty or sweet food, kidney disease, helminthic invasion, impaired absorption in the intestine.

Useful oysters, brewer’s yeast, blueberries, mushrooms, oat flakes, beef, sunflower, green peas, lentils, pumpkin seeds, pine nuts.

Vitamin A . To get rid of acne on the face it is sometimes enough to eliminate the lack of vitamin A intake, which is manifested by “night blindness”, dryness and pallor of the skin, hair loss, loss of strength, impairment of attention. The reason for the lack of vitamin A can be the abuse of canned food.

To eliminate the deficit, it is worth using more apricots, carrots, sea buckthorn, peaches.

Vitamin E . To eliminate and prevent the formation of scarring (scars) at the site of acne, sufficient intake of vitamin E, which contains peas, buckwheat, apricots, peaches, corn and sunflower oil, is necessary.

Quick removal of acne

How to get rid of pimples on the face

Single acne on the face is treated with creams (Aven , Azelik , Klerasil , Klindovit , Metrogil , Vichy , Hovhannes , Baziron ) or ointments ( zinc , salicylic , streptocide , sintomycin , sulfur ).

Clean the skin with a large accumulation of black dots in outpatient conditions, but this procedure is contraindicated in eczema, herpes, hypertension, other diseases.

Festering large pimples (acne) are treated promptly in cosmetic hospitals.

Scars from youthful acne are also eliminated as a result of an operation called dermoabrasion .

White pimples (millions) are eliminated on an outpatient basis, slightly cutting the skin of the face with a scalpel to squeeze out the contents of grains.

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