How to get rid of snoring

How to get rid of snoring


  • The reasons for snoring in sleep
  • How to get rid of snoring with laser surgery
  • Why is it necessary to treat complicated snoring
  • Treatment with rinses and drops in the nose to stop snoring
  • How to get rid of snoring with special devices
  • Getting rid of snoring at home. Simple ways
  • Domestic training of the tongue and palate muscles to get rid of snoring
  • What helps to get rid of snoring
  • Stop snoring is hampered by smoking and drinking alcohol

Every person’s nervous system is different. As a rule, people who are harassed during a busy day of work want peace and quiet, the slightest noise takes them out of balance. Often, its cause is not a yard hooligan or a neighbor who has switched on a wall at full power the music center, and some household members. They fall asleep, as soon as their head touches the pillow. And they start to take out such ruladas that car alarms are triggered in the courtyard. To fall asleep and fully rest at night, you have to look for a way to get rid of the snoring of such a member of the family.

Causes of snoring in sleep

The process of sound and vibration during nighttime breathing is called ronhapathy. After 30 years, almost two-thirds of men and half of women suffer from it, this is an important topic of medical research. Hypopun-men are more, because they have softer palate muscles.

Characteristic sounds are produced by the movement of soft tissues, when they move under the action of air jets.

Often snoring suffer from various metabolic disorders caused by malfunctioning of the endocrine system. They are more likely to suffer from obesity, heart disease, increased blood pressure.

A common cause of snoring is a sedentary lifestyle. Through the vascular system, which does not receive proper daily training, the blood is distilled less intensively, which causes flabbiness of the palate tissues.

In some cases, the reason for snoring is:

  • individual structure of the oral cavity;
  • nasal septal defects caused by allergy or inflammation of the tonsils;
  • curvature of the nasal fissure;
  • congenital narrowness of nasal passages;
  • polyps in the nose;
  • anatomically enlarged palatine ligament;
  • incorrect bite;
  • thyroid health disorders.

In general, it is difficult to give an exact and unambiguous answer, why people snore. As a rule, in the process of getting rid of an unpleasant phenomenon, one must consistently eliminate the most probable causes.

Often it is necessary to consult an ENT doctor, especially with complicated snoring , when sleep is disturbed and in the daytime one always wants to sleep, blood pressure rises.

If the habit of snoring develops, much less air enters the lungs, as part of the energy of the breath is expended on the publication of the whistle. As a result, the brain experiences an oxygen hunger at night. He is often forced to wake up, give a command to the muscles of the pharynx to “pull himself up.” As soon as the amount of oxygen is normal, the brain falls asleep. Then the muscles of the palate relax again and everything repeats again.

As a result of this dream, the body does not get enough rest, which causes chronic lack of sleep, dull attention during the day.

How to get rid of snoring with laser surgery

How to get rid of snoring

In simple cases the sagging of the soft palate is eliminated by the laser. On the palate, under local anesthesia, incisions are performed, so that when the cladding is overgrown, the scars are pulled up.

The operation takes 10-15 minutes, but getting rid of snoring has to wait up to six months. This is how much time is required to complete the treatment – the formation of scar tissue.

If the palate is too tight, you will have to learn how to swallow food again. And continue to snore, still frightening home typical night sounds from the nose and throat.

If the snoring has not stopped in six months, it will be necessary to continue treatment, making one more “lifting” the palate, and this is another half a year of recovery. If to get rid of snoring again it was not possible, the third stage is possible.

Why is it necessary to treat complicated snoring

How to get rid of snoring

The fact is that over time, a serious disease called OSA, a symptom of obstructive sleep apnea can develop.

This disease reduces efficiency, reduces the number of physical and intellectual forces. First of all, the heart suffers, develops arterial hypertension , atherosclerosis , violated heart rhythm , which in some cases can lead to death.

An effective way to get rid of snoring, treatment of medium and severe forms of OSA is the so-called CPAP ( sipap) therapy . The abbreviation CPAP stands for “Continuous Positive Airway Pressure”, “creating a constant positive air pressure in the airways”.

During sleep, a special compressor feeds air to the nasal mask at low pressure. Of course, sleeping with a face mask is not very comfortable, but in the case of OSAS disease, when at night the brain repeatedly wakes up to give the command to resume breathing, this method allows you to get enough rest.

As a result, it is possible to cope with daytime sleepiness, and it is not necessary to use the device every night, just a few times a week. There are practically no side effects, even if you cancel therapy. But in this case, after a while the symptoms of OSAS become more pronounced.

Treatment with rinses and drops in the nose to stop snoring

It is important to maintain the ENT organs in perfect purity. Before going to bed, you must thoroughly rinse the nasopharynx, so as not to interfere with the intake of sufficient air.

The hygienic procedure is carried out with a solution of sea salt , sold at the pharmacy. It is also useful to gargle, which will make the palate tissues more elastic.

You can ask the pharmacy for a ready-made formulation, for example, Marimer . The drug in the aerosol form effectively penetrates and cleans the nasal mucosa, dilutes the mucus, helping its early release and while protecting the body from the penetration of viruses and bacteria.

To get rid of snoring it is useful to drip 2-3 drops of sea buckthorn in the nose before going to bed.

How to get rid of snoring with special devices

How to get rid of snoring

Capa from snoring . To ensure that during a dream, relaxed tongue and soft palate do not interfere with breathing, they must be maintained. A special device is fixed on the lower jaw and retains the tongue. Some models cause protrusion of the lower jaw, which is especially important with an incorrect bite.

Stripes from snoring . A special spring plaster is fixed perpendicular to the nose, grasping the wings and lifting them to keep the nostrils in the open state. As a result, breathing normalizes, which helps to get rid of snoring.

The nipple from snoring fixes the tongue during sleep so that it does not clog the airways. The device is fixed in the mouth and provides some rarefaction, as a result of which the tongue occupies the right position even when the muscles relax during sleep.

Getting rid of snoring at home. Simple ways

How to get rid of snoring

Quite an effective home remedy requires outside help. Hrapun should be asked by someone close to wake himself, as soon as he starts to emit a characteristic sound. Then turn over to the position where there is almost no snoring.

As a rule, sounds are louder if you sleep on your back or left side. The head should be on a low cushion, but do not cause neck discomfort.

To snoring in the sleeper, the back of the pajamas between the shoulder blades is sewn a small solid ball.

Another effective way to get rid of snoring is to tie your chin at night with a handkerchief, which forces you to breathe through your nose. In addition, if you can fix the jaw in a slightly forwarded position, the amount of air coming in for breathing will improve.

Domestic training of the tongue and palate muscles to get rid of snoring

  1. Close your mouth and breathe through your nose. Pull the tight tongue to his throat. Repeat the exercise 10-15 times. This will strengthen the muscles of the palate, snoring less.
  2. To push the tongue as much as possible 30-50 times to give a load to the palate, tongue and throat. As a rule, after two to three weeks of treatment with this exercise, muscles are tightened, snoring decreases or disappears.
  3. Pull the lower jaw forward 20-30 times.

What else helps to get rid of snoring

To treat an unpleasant phenomenon, it is useful to reduce body weight in one way or another, as it aggravates the situation. First of all, do not overeat for the night.

In addition, with age complete, and not getting rid of the habit of snoring, feel worse and worse. They are more often disturbed:

  • headaches in the morning;
  • daytime sleepiness;
  • causeless irritability.

Smoking and alcohol use interfere with snoring

How to get rid of snoring

A decrease in the intensity of snoring occurs if you quit smoking. Although in some cases it is necessary to exercise some caution. When a full person abruptly refuses tobacco products, he can begin to recover. Therefore, in the beginning it is worth to lose weight, and only then to refuse a regular dose of nicotine. In the beginning it is enough to stop smoking before going to bed.

Alcohol relaxes the tissues of the soft palate, so it is also not worth eating at night.

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