How to get rid of toothache

How to get rid of toothache


  • What to do if the tooth began to ache
  • Medication to calm the pain of the teeth
  • Rinse home remedies
  • Folk remedies for toothache
  • How to soothe your teeth with the help of onions and garlic
  • Essential oils for the removal of tooth pain
  • If the teeth hurt, massage will help

Almost everyone knows how much the teeth can hurt. It has long been noted that when a person complains that his teeth hurt, but does not want to go to the doctor, then it hurts not so much. Only if you really get sick, important things recede into the background. Knowing how to get rid of toothache at home, it is possible to fall asleep at night, enduring until morning. Having eliminated intolerable painful sensations in the oral cavity for some time, it is possible without groans and grimaces to get to the doctor’s office, having duly overcome road jams.

What to do if the tooth began to ache

If the attack happened while eating, to get rid of discomfort you need to rinse your mouth , clean your teeth at home so that the rests do not irritate and had a painful impact on the problem area.

It is not necessary to eliminate discomfort in the oral cavity by exposure to cold. Although it is noted that if you apply a piece of ice to the sore spot , it can give temporary relief. But the subsequent “thawing”, most likely, will turn out to be painful. You can chill the dental nerve and thereby aggravate the situation.

Also, do not eliminate the pain in the mouth with ice water. You can achieve a short-term effect, but after a couple of days, periostitis ( flux) , inflammation of the periosteum is easily formed. Swollen gums, cheeks inflate, often requires surgical intervention.

Medications to calm the pain of teeth

How to get rid of toothache

  • To get rid of mild pain in the mouth, you can take Analgin. During the day, no more than 4 tablets are allowed. It is better to start with a half of the pill, and if there is almost no relief, after half an hour take the remaining half. The drug can not be swallowed, but put on a problem place.
    This medication is contraindicated in cases of liver, kidney, vascular disease, during pregnancy and breastfeeding, it should not be combined with alcohol.
  • Tablets Nurofen are shown if the head, teeth, back hurts. The daily dose should not exceed six tablets. The drug should not be used for exacerbations of peptic ulcer and duodenal ulcer, heart failure, color vision disorders, serious kidney liver disorders, and hearing loss.
  • To get rid of a strong toothache, you can take a pill Ketanov . This is a powerful analgesic and anti-inflammatory. It is advisable to first use the drug under medical supervision to timely diagnose a possible allergic reaction. Contraindications are age to 16 years, pregnancy, lactation, liver or kidney failure,

Also relieve pain in the mouth with pills Tempalgin , Nyz , Baralgin .

Relief and disposal brings Valocordin . It is necessary to soak the medicine with cotton wool and attach it to the affected area in the mouth.

Rinse with home remedies

How to get rid of toothache

The following home remedies for toothache are popular and effective enough:

  • A solution of baking soda, for its preparation it is necessary to dissolve 1 tsp. soda in a glass of warm water. Rinse several times a day in the mouth. In the water, you can add a couple drops of iodine.
  • For disinfection and pain relief, you can dial into your mouth and hold a little of vodka near the sore spot.

Various herbs can be found in the home medicine cabinet. Frequent rinse with herbal infusions soothe, relieve discomfort. To get rid of toothache apply oregano , sage , calendula , valerian .

To make infusion oregano is boiled in a ratio of 1 to 10, insisted for some time. Ready-made infusion is filtered and used for rinsing in a warm form.

It is useful several times an hour to rinse your mouth with a warm sage broth. In a glass of boiling water is put 1 tbsp. grass, languishing 5-10 minutes, infused and filtered. During rinses it is useful to keep the broth near the problem place longer.

Folk remedies for toothache

How to get rid of toothache

If the tooth is aching or sore, the product of apiculture is propolis. A small piece is applied to the sore spot in the mouth. Active substances will help to remove discomfort. As a rule, it soon becomes easier.

If there is a ready-made alcoholic tincture of propolis, it is useful for her to rinse the mouth, adding a half-spoonful into a glass of water.

To get rid of toothache, it is useful to apply cinnamon . The rod is carefully crushed, mixed with a small amount of honey and applied to a source of discomfort.

To stop being sick, you can use plantain. To the sore spot in the mouth is applied a purified root, stem or leaves.

A carefully washed rootlet of the plantain can be inserted into the ear canal on the side where the pain is felt. Often half an hour later comes relief.

How to calm your teeth with onions and garlic

How to get rid of toothache

Some manage to cope with painful sensations by applying a mixture of salt with onions or garlic. Vegetable ingredients are properly crushed, wrapped in a layer of gauze folded in several layers and placed near the tooth.

With external application of a slice of garlic, you can rub the place on your wrist, where the pulse is usually measured. If garlic is not very vigorous, it can be attached to the wrist with an adhesive plaster or a bandage through folded gauze. And if it hurts on the right side, it is necessary to work on the left wrist, and vice versa.

Essential oils for relieving dental pain

Curing with aching sensations in the mouth helps essential oils carnations , coriander , lavender , peppermint , fir , effective anesthetic is considered the oil of St. John’s wort.

It is necessary to slightly moisten the gauze tampon with oil and attach it to the aching tooth, closing the jaws. Keep until discomfort is eliminated.

If the teeth hurt, massage will help

It turns out that such a popular type of physical effect on the body as a massage helps to remove discomfort.

If, with a moderate effort, massage the piece of ice with the intersection of the continuation of the thumb and forefinger, soon enough the discomfort in the mouth recedes. The therapeutic effect should be on the side opposite the sore spot. Relief comes about in about ten minutes.

The thumb and forefinger are useful for massaging the ear, especially the lobe. In this case, the massage procedure lasts ten minutes on the side where it hurts.

Of course, even the successful elimination of painful sensations does not cancel the visit to the dentist. Especially to be shown to the expert it is recommended time in half a year. In this case, it is possible in time to heal and prevent serious medical intervention in the future.

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