How to get rid of warts

How to get rid of warts


  • Why you need to get rid of warts
  • How to get rid of warts with medications
  • How to get rid of warts with a cosmetic procedure
  • How to get rid of warts at home

The appearance of warts is caused by human papillomavirus (HPV). To date, there are about a hundred varieties of it. It is necessary to know different ways how to get rid of warts, because HPV is harmless. It is able to integrate and change the DNA of cells. As a result, the speed of their division increases, the cells begin to grow rapidly. The virus is transmitted by various contacts – handshakes, accidental contact, kissing, from the mother to the child, as well as through sexual intercourse. As a rule, education data on the skin do not bother, and therefore many are slow to get rid of a cosmetic defect.

Why it is necessary to get rid of warts

How to get rid of warts

The cause of the appearance of a cosmetic defect on the hands and other parts of the body is their “infectiousness”. Having penetrated the body in one way or another, the papilloma virus does not manifest itself immediately. It takes quite some time, from one to several months. The virus carrier can not have any manifestations. As a rule, HPV spreads in the surface layers of the skin.

The most common types of warts caused by the papilloma virus:

  • Simple . Dense rounded nodules with a rough surface. They are painless and can appear on the hands, face, rarely on the scalp. The need for treatment of this variety is associated, first of all, with the elimination of a cosmetic defect.
  • Plantar appear in places of close contact of the foot with shoes, at the point of greatest pressure. They look like corn, hurt when walking. They require long-term treatment.
  • Flat or youthful variety is painless, measuring up to a centimeter. As a rule, does not differ from the color of the skin, but there is a bluish and yellowish-brown hue. Slightly protrude above the surface. Often spontaneously disappear, but, it happens, they remain for life, especially if one does not try to get rid of warts in one way or another.
  • Pointed condylomas appear in the mouth, in intimate places, around the edge of the intestine. Externally similar to the cock’s comb. Unavoidable mechanical damage causes pain. If you get an infection, condylomas become inflamed, their size increases even more. A common partner is the sexual partner. To treat venereal warts should specialist – gynecologist , venereologist , urologist .

HPV is transmitted from the mother to the unborn child, as well as through damage to the skin. They can get infected in a public bath, when visiting the pool. Penetration is caused by excessive dryness or moisture of the skin, insufficiency of capillary blood supply. It turns out that the habit of biting nails is one of the reasons for the appearance of warts on the hands.

The need to get rid of warts on the face is often caused by mechanical damages obtained during shaving , with hair removal , pilling , when more opportunities are created to penetrate the virus.

If the defenses of the body are weakened and no periodic measures are taken to strengthen immunity, the likelihood of this cosmetic defect also increases.

Despite the good quality of the cutaneous neoplasm, in particularly neglected cases, the body cell in which the papilloma virus changed DNA can become a source of a malignant tumor. The virus gene is often found in the cells of tumors.

As a rule, a diagnosis is enough to make a diagnosis. In the case of internal lesions – for example, the cervix – the DNA of the damaged cells is examined.

The mechanism of transmission of the virus has not been studied well enough.But it is noted that the probability of infection increases:

  • when taking birth control pills that reduce immunity;
  • during pregnancy, when immunity is also reduced;
  • for violations in the body of the hormonal background;
  • many women give birth.

How to get rid of warts medication therapy

How to get rid of warts

By appointment doctor papilloma virus treated cauterization using special preparations for warts Solkoderm, Ferezol, Kondilin :

  • solution “Solkoderm “causes mummification of damaged tissue, as it dries up it darkens and disappears without leaving scars. The drug helps to get rid of the usual warts, including if they appeared on their feet, as well as with genital warts. It is forbidden to use to get rid of freckles.
  • Fluid “Ferezol” has cauterizing and bactericidal action, it is not recommended for use in childhood. Disposal of warts is carried out by continuous exposure to the drug for 10-60 minutes. Repeated treatment is performed in a week. There is a danger of getting a chemical burn, so the remedy is used only in the conditions of a medical institution.
  • Cream or solution “Condilin” helps to get rid of genital warts. Contraindicated in childhood, during pregnancy, during lactation.

How to get rid of warts with the help of cosmetic procedures

How to get rid of warts

If you use other ways to get rid on the wart is a particular devastating effect:

  • cryotherapy , or cold therapy. To get rid of the condensation on the skin, it is frozen with liquid nitrogen. To do this, for 10-30 seconds, a wooden stick is applied to the formation, and a cotton swab is wound on the end of it. A few minutes after the end of the procedure, the place turns pale, becomes denser. Around it forms a water bubble. A few days later the bladder breaks, and the skin is restored. The method does not cause strong painful sensations, especially if the size of education is small. If you freeze more than you need, you can have a hem.
  • with electrocoagulation the wart is removed by high-frequency current. The method allows you to get rid of the formation of the skin under local anesthesia, while scarring or scarring remains practically unchanged. The cut tissue is subjected to a histological examination. The resulting crust disappears after about a week.
  • During the removal of by laser , local anesthesia is also required. After laser removal, a small depression forms in the tissues, which is aligned after a couple of weeks.
  • Usually, surgical removal allows you to get rid of genital warts.

The doctor should appoint a specific method. The effectiveness of medical procedures ranges from 50% to 95%, all depending on the state of immunity and the quality of the general treatment prescribed by the doctor, directed against the occurrence of relapses.

How to get rid of warts at home

How to get rid of warts

Since getting rid of warts at home perform much better than in the hospital, many people prefer to use a variety of folk remedies. Despite the fact that these methods often give a positive result, they should be used cautiously, because what helped one patient can harm the other. Especially by careless use of corrosive agents – for example, vinegar – often happens burn, after which the scar remains.

Not all types of warts are worth treating at home. Sufficiently reliable and safe folk remedies can only be got rid of simple and flat varieties.

  • One effective way to remove a wart at home is to act on it with one or another aggressive substance. Many help the simplest means.For example, in case of young formations, they are rid of dandelion juice, sour apple, daily lubricated with acetic essence or celandine juice, it is better to take it near the root of the plant.
    The skin around it is treated with petroleum jelly, so as not to cause a burn. After several procedures, the tissues begin to blacken and die, they are regularly sheared with manicure scissors. After the procedure is completed, the scissors need to be held in the flame for a short time.
  • Effective, but rather long-lasting disposal of warts by folk remedies is performed with onion or garlic juice. After applying the juice, you need to wait a little, so that it is completely absorbed. To ensure the disposal of a defect, several weeks must be treated.
    At night, you can make compresses from a thin plate of fresh garlic so that garlic does not touch the healthy skin.
  • Freshly cut potato peel is suitable, its juice is applied externally several times a day. You can finely grate fresh fresh potatoes with the skin and make a compress from the cake for the night. It is possible to get rid of warts by this method within a month.
    If the potatoes begin to germinate, collect half a mug of sprouts, pour water to the top and put on a slow fire. When half the water is boiled, remove the mug from the fire. Lubricating once a day the affected areas with a folk remedy, in some cases the wart can be disposed of in a few days.
  • At home, HPV is treated with table salt. From a large bulb you need to remove the middle and fill it with salt. After a while, juice will be allocated, every day the affected area is treated.
    The salt can also be mixed with finely grated horseradish . Isolated juice is used in a similar way.
  • Remove the wart at home can not flower the calendula, it attaches to the night. The procedure is repeated until the defect completely fails.
  • To get rid of the formation on the skin, it needs to be properly roasted and attached to a piece of propolis. Do not take 3-4 days.
  • Folk remedies for warts are done with a crushed Kalanchoe sheet. Compresses are placed overnight. In some cases, 4-5 sessions are sufficient.
  • Effective means of sage wormwood. Brew 3 tablespoons dry wormwood with a glass of boiling water, insist. Put the compresses until completely removed.

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