How to grow long hair

How to grow long hair


  • What determines the speed of hair growth
  • Proper nutrition to grow long hair
  • What prevents grow thick long curls
  • Factors contributing to the rapid growth of long strands
  • How to grow long hair with regular head massage
  • Masks that help to grow long hair
  • Rubbing linseed oil and burdock oil
  • Using pepper tincture

It’s no secret that long thick hair attracts attention, beautiful shiny hair counts health care provider, remarkable heredity. Since growing long hair at home in a fairly short time is quite possible for every woman, this is worth doing. The correct approach consists not only in the use of all kinds of shampoos or masks based on natural remedies, but in the gradual elimination of various negative factors, balanced nutrition and proper care of the hair. It will take patience, even if in childhood the hair was thick and beautiful. With age, the growth rate for various reasons slows down, and if you start acting at random, you can not achieve the desired length of curls, even after a year or two of continuous effort.

What determines the speed of hair growth

In the skin is follicle , a bag with a hair bulb. Depending on its shape, the hair, consisting of protein, grows straight or grows curly.

The outer coating forms the so-called cortical layer containing the pigment melanin , depending on the hormonal background, it determines the color of the hair.

On the surface of the cortical layer are scales forming the cuticle , the outer layer. If the flakes loosely adhere to each other, the hair becomes tangled, ceases to shine, becomes brittle.

When health is in order, a beautiful shiny curls look like 3-4 days after washing, for which enough sebum is needed. If it is not enough, fragility develops, if a lot, the hair is quickly made oily.

How much does the hair grow? As a rule, on the head they grow from 4 to 10 years. For a month grow to different lengths. In the evening, as well as in spring and summer, the growth rate increases. On average, they increase by 9-15 mm per month. The composition of the head of hear is constantly updated, the loss every day to 100 units is considered within the norm.

Using modern medicines to stimulate the hair follicle, it is possible to achieve a maximum of 1.5-2 cm in a month. In a week it will be about half a centimeter or a little more.

Proper nutrition to grow long hair

How to grow long hair

сбаланси A balanced diet is required to quickly grow the hair of the desired length.

First of all, you should give up the habit of snacking fast food , exclude or minimize the intake of spicy, fatty and fried foods, carbonated drinks.

It is useful to eat more vegetable or fruit salads, but do not mix vegetables and fruits at one time. It is useful to consume more greens, especially during the season. To supply the hair follicle, sufficient intake of products rich in calcium, potassium, zinc, magnesium, iodine, chromium, beta carotene is necessary.

Brewer’s yeast containing protein, weight of trace elements, vitamins, especially groups B and B7 (biotin), irreplaceable amino acids are an irreplaceable source of nutrients. During the year, it is useful to take one or two courses of brewer’s yeast in order to prevent loss, prevention and elimination of brittle hair.

The state of the intestines and other digestive organs has a huge influence on the healthy condition of the skin, nails and hair, and the prevention of the appearance of dandruff. Therefore, at least twice a year at home, it is necessary to undergo a purifying antiparasitic course, getting rid of pathogenic microflora, accumulated harmful substances.

To get enough vitamins, necessary for hair growth of sufficient length, it is worth picking up the vitamin complex, taking it as the recommended manufacturer courses. It does not have to be expensive, it’s more important than its effectiveness and the lack of individual intolerance.

What prevents grow thick long curls

How to grow long hair

If the goal is to become an owner of an attractive thick mop, first of all it is necessary to eliminate possible causes of ill health. To cope with dandruff, if it is, as well as with the formation of split ends, excessive dryness or fragility, excessive hair loss.

If this is not done, growing long hair will not add beauty. On the contrary, they will look very unattractive.

  • To get rid of split ends, so-called “hot scissors” are used. The cut location is immediately sealed and therefore the ends stop cutting.
  • You should not use a hairdryer, curling iron, ironing. They can be used as a last resort, necessarily protecting the hairline with a quality product from thermal exposure. It is better to dry your head in a natural way, although it’s longer.
  • It is necessary to abandon the means of chemical coloring, they prefer to prefer natural henna. If you have to periodically tint, it is worth choosing a product that does not contain hydrogen peroxide. As it is possible to use varnishes, mousses, penki, gels less often. They can only be used in especially solemn cases.
  • It is not necessary to apply chemical coloring, complex laying.
  • The hairline needs protection from the scorching sun. In addition, the follicles are undesirable to supercool.
  • You should not comb the growing hair while it’s wet. Instead of a brush it is better to use a comb, it acts more carefully.
  • Various hair clips, elastic bands, invisible should not damage the strands, but simultaneously fix the hair.
  • Increase the speed of hair growth, improve their appearance compliance with the regime of the day, a sufficient amount of sleep and rest. Since long hair is helped by a positive attitude and a good mood prevails, one must try to exclude nervous exhaustion from life, caused by stress at home or at work.

<<< The process of growth of the head of hair is not fast, and on how seriously the desire depends, it will be possible or not to achieve the result.

If you really need to become an owner of attractive curls, you need patience, especially growing long strands soon begin to interfere, which is sometimes very annoying. Sometimes it seems that everything is useless, the curls remain the same length, so you want to throw a silly venture and go to the hairdresser. It is required to show restraint, to be ready to overcome such minute weaknesses.

The growth of hair is prevented by damage to the tips. They need to be disposed of in a timely manner, by making a haircut for a healthy length. Otherwise, lifeless areas can significantly slow down the growth rate.

To do this, during the growing you will have to periodically visit the hairdresser, necessarily explaining to the master that at this stage the task is not so much a haircut as how to get rid of damage to the tips so that the master by mistake does not leave too short a length and thus did not bring to nothing all the efforts made .

Before washing your head at home, it is useful to comb it, making an easy massage to increase the blood supply to the follicles.

Wash the sprouting hair with warm water using a suitable shampoo.

After washing off the shampoo, apply the conditioner to the tips to eliminate any damage. If you mistakenly apply air conditioning near the roots, the grease will quickly appear, the volume will be lost.

After rinsing lightly wring out excess moisture by gently swabbing it with a towel.Then rinse the head with chamomile , nettle , burdock root , lemon balm , aloe juice , dandelion . After the end, without washing off the broth, briefly turn a towel, and then give the head a natural way to dry.

Especially useful is the use of nettle , it reduces the loss of curls, helps them become longer and stronger. The hairline becomes soft and shiny.

How to grow long hair with regular head massage

How to grow long hair

It’s no secret that in the process of growing a long hair, the load on the roots increases, because they have to maintain a constantly increasing weight. To avoid falling out, it is useful to massage the scalp with the pads of the fingers, you can rub burdock or castor oils .

The massage procedure starts from the forehead and temples. It is necessary to perform circular movements with your fingers and smoothly shift to the occiput. Useful non-strong tapping with brushes, easy stretching and tearing of the skin, stroking, as happens during Indian head massage (video of massage movements at the end of the post).

In the simplest case is suitable brashing for styling or a soft massage comb, which is useful for combing at night.

Mechanical action is very pleasant. In addition, it excellently stimulates the circulation of the follicles, which helps to grow hair of the required length.

Masks that help to grow long hair

How to grow long hair

At home from natural products, it is easy to prepare all sorts of nourishing masks that help to quickly grow long hair.

Onion mask

is considered to be an effective way to speed up the growth of hair to the desired length. Onions are rich in flavonoids , essential ingredients of food, capable of altering the activity of enzymes in the metabolism. And also phytoncides , which destroy or suppress bacteria, microscopic fungi, protozoa.

Onion juice is rubbed into the roots, the head is wrapped in plastic wrap and towel for at least an hour. At the end, rinse the juice with warm water, wash the hair.

The mask can be made with the addition of honey , lemon juice . Suitable juice of green onion , besides its aroma is much softer.

Onion mask helps to get rid of dandruff, gives shine. The disadvantage of this method of hair growing is a persistent smell, it can last up to two weeks. To make it faster, apply rinsing with lukewarm water with the addition of vinegar .

Beer and bread masks for hair growth

To prevent loss, brittleness, cope with the fatness or dryness of the curls, the following mask is applied. Pour pieces of rye bread with dark unfiltered beer. After an hour and a half to mash the mass, adding a pinch of mustard.

Wipe in the scalp, wrapping it with plastic wrap and towel. After half an hour or hour, rinse with warm water, wash your hair.

Mask based on yeast

For rapid growth of long hair, it is useful not only to take the yeast inside, but also make a yeast mask rich in vitamins E, C, and also group B.

For preparation, take 1 tsp. dry yeast, water is added, 1 tsp. honey and 2 tea. mustard. After applying a mask, after an hour, wash your hair well.

Beer mask with protein

Beat 2 squirrels with a glass of unfiltered beer, apply evenly over the entire length of the growing hair, then wrapping the head with polyethylene and a towel. After an hour, wash it off.

Mustard mask

полезно To stimulate hair growth it is useful to beat in a glass of kefir 1 tsp. mustard and 2 yolks. Rub the resulting composition into the skin. After an hour wash off with shampoo.

contains vitamins A, E, F, polyunsaturated fatty acids Omega, which improves the condition of the skin and grows long hair .The oil is applied over the entire length, after an hour or two it is washed off using a shampoo. Shevelura will become lush, will get a pleasant aroma.

Similarly, burdock oil is used, it stimulates hair growth, making them thicker, helps to cope with dryness of the scalp, itching and dandruff. It should not be used in case of fatty hair.

To improve health and improve health, it is useful to take 1 tsp. flax oil every morning on an empty stomach.

Using pepper tincture

For instantly growing hair of the required length, pharmacy pepper tincture is used, necessarily mixed with the base kefir or linseed oil , ordinary water is good. First you need to try to apply the mixture on a small area, otherwise there may be a burn of the skin.

The composition is rubbed into the roots, first it can be burned. After 5-10 minutes there is pleasant warmth. After half an hour wash your head, hands, carefully watching that the composition does not hit the mucous or near the eyes.

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