How to improve vision

How to improve vision


  • Causes of nearsightedness and hyperopia
  • How to improve eyesight with proper eye use habits
  • How to improve vision at home
  • How to improve eyesight with folk remedies

Many are convinced that the eyes are nothing but a protruding brain. And this statement is partly true: human vision allows you to get up to 90% of information about the world around you. Knowing how to improve vision, you can use them not only to treat myopia or hyperopia, but to further increase the visual acuity.

For example, using exercises performed at home, you can develop the so-called telescopic vision – the ability to clearly see distant objects from a distance at which ordinary people no longer see them. This ability is trained by Indians from childhood. As a result, in a barely visible point on the horizon, they easily recognize the tribesman. She also has sailors, pilots, hunters.

The so-called microscopic vision allows you to write long texts on a cut of a rice grain. Or shoe a flea, what Left-hander Leskov managed to do.

Causes of nearsightedness and farsightedness

What is myopia

How to improve vision

As is known, with myopia ( myopia ) light rays are focused in front of the retina:

  • One of the reasons for this kind of deterioration vision – the elongation of the eyeball forward and to the brain, because of what is clearly visible only when looking at nearby objects. This phenomenon is called axial myopia .
  • Another reason for myopia is the excessive refraction of light rays by the cornea, under which the lens is located. This form is called refractive myopia .

In the case of the axial form, the retina is stretched. The higher the degree of myopia, the higher the probability that the retina exfoliate. In this case, it is required to restore the shape of the eyeball, and also to eliminate the cause of myopia by regular exercises for the eyes.

Causes of myopia

Ophthalmologists call a number of causes of poor vision in the distance:

  • Heredity. Inherited are the physical parameters of the eyeball and the refractive properties of its lens.
  • The initial weakness of a child’s ability to clearly see objects located at different distances. As a result, the eye is stretched and several years later one has to look for one way or another to improve vision.
  • Different kinds of eye strain, arising from non-observance of optimal working and rest conditions. For example, caused by overwork.
  • Children up to a year of farsighted and therefore do not see clearly the objects located near the meter. Bright rattles hanging in front of the crib are a common cause of poor vision. Toys close the child part of the visible space, interfere, so he constantly tries to remove them. And parents think that he “plays”.

What is hyperopia

How to improve vision

The need for treatment of hyperopia ( hypermetropia ) occurs when a loss of ability to clearly see objects located near. The first “goggles” were farsighted. It was for them that the first glasses were made, in which they could read books comfortably. Short-sighted received glasses much later.

With farsightedness, light rays gather behind the retina behind the focal point. This can be the result of a shortened eyeball or weakness of the optical system, which can not collect light rays on the surface of the retina.

Causes of hyperopia

As noted, children under one year have farsighted vision, they have about +3 diopters. With the increase in the size of the eyeball, this anomaly disappears.

For the diagnosis of hyperopia, you must perform a thorough diagnostic examination, including medical dilatation of the pupil.

Long-sighted, especially at high degrees of hypermetropia, poorly see not only close, but also remote objects.The constant tension of the psyche causes rapid fatigue, headache, dizziness. The child’s performance may deteriorate, as it becomes difficult for him to concentrate on the school subject, capriciousness and problems with sleep appear. Hyperopia can also cause strabismus.

Because of the danger of strabismus development, it is forbidden to approach the small children from behind, from the side of the head. The child can look up sharply and become frightened by surprise, resulting in muscle spasm.

How to improve eyesight with proper eye use habits

How to improve vision

In order not to have to look for this or that method of vision restoration, it is necessary to timely prevent its deterioration:

  • One of the most obvious and known measures to improve the ability to clearly see – during work should be sufficient local lighting. Lack of light quickly causes visual fatigue, resulting in poor vision.
  • The lack of light and its excess are equally harmful. The light from the table lamp should not be on the lens. Also, do not read the book in the sunlight – bright white paper will cause eye strain.
  • The eye area of ​​the brain, located in the occipital lobe, should be provided with sufficient blood. Blood supply deteriorates if the head hangs over the surface of the table for a long time. To prevent visual impairment in children during the lessons, it is better to choose a home-desk, the surface of which is slightly inclined, and not parallel to the floor.
  • Wonderful prevention – sitting at the table, arrange the plane of the book page strictly perpendicular to the person. For this, it is convenient to read a book or textbook from a special stand. The head and back are on the same line, which also helps to improve the optimal blood supply to the brain.

How to improve vision at home

The basis for poor vision of objects from different distances is a certain visual tension. The additional load prevents to improve the strength of the eyes. Therefore, the restoration of vision at home should start with the elimination of the existing voltage. This measure will help bring the psyche into a relaxed state of readiness to act.

How to perform a palming

How to improve vision

The most simple and effective exercise, designed to relieve the eye strain, was invented by the American ophthalmologist Dr. Bates. It is called palming, it is not difficult to do it at home or at work, thereby improving the ability to clearly see:

  • It is necessary to sit down, placing your elbows on the table. For convenience, under the elbows, you can put a small pillow or a wool blanket folded in several layers. The back of the neck, neck and spine should be in a straight line so that the optimal blood supply to the brain is maintained.
  • Start a home vision recovery with a better shaking of the hands. It’s no secret that when the mind is tense, the fingers are compressed into a fist, and the wrists are tense. Shaking brushes achieved the opposite effect: the psyche receives a signal that once the hands are relaxed, it can also be relaxed.
  • It is useful to rub the palms of each other so that they become warm. It is desirable to imagine how they are poured with strength and energy.
  • Warm palms of hands should be shaped into a handful and placed on closed eyes opposite the recesses in the palms of your hands, and the bases of the little fingers to close on the bridge of your nose like an arch of glasses. The bases of the palms will be on the cheekbones. Strongly, you do not need to press your hands, you should remain free to blink. At the same time, light should not pass through the places of contact of the palms with the face. Hands should stay relaxed.
  • You need to close your eyes and start thinking about something pleasant. Memories can be very different. The main requirement – they should give pleasure.The improvement of vision at home is due to relaxation of the psyche.
  • To check whether the exercise for vision is correct or not, during memories it is useful to periodically fix attention to the color. If the psyche is completely relaxed, the color will turn black. Otherwise, you need to continue to remember the pleasant.

Palming can be done at the first sign of fatigue or fatigue, and for as long as you yourself want it. It is used by almost any method of improving vision, since a clear clear view is the result not only of the coordinated activity of various eye muscles, but a process of psychic, not controlled by strong-willed efforts.

Thus, to improve vision at home, it is necessary to learn through the psyche to influence the work of the eyes. If their muscles are tense, it is difficult to achieve relaxation. Palming helps to overcome this obstacle.

In addition, the proper performance of palming is an effective way to quickly restore your eyesight. Achieve results with small degrees of myopia can be even a week, doing this kind of relaxation at home or at work.

It’s no secret that the glasses strongly immobilize the eyes. In order to get the most accurate image through the eyeglass lens, one has to look strictly through its optical center. To view objects on the left or on the right with the same comfortable level of sharpness, you have to turn your head instead of using the oculomotor muscles. Over time, they weaken.

How to improve vision at home with exercises for eye muscles

How to improve vision

To restore the strength of weakly trained eye muscles and improve the ability to clearly see, you need to perform simple exercises every day:

  • Smooth views with maximum amplitude left and right.
  • Smooth up and down views with maximum amplitude.
  • Look around, describe as much as possible a circle. Rotate rotation clockwise and counterclockwise.
  • Close your eyes a few times, then open your eyes wide.
  • Diagonal displacement. Start looking in the upper left corner and finish in the lower right. Return to the starting position. Blink. Look in the upper right corner, look in the lower left corner. Blink. Return to the starting position.
  • Try to look at the bridge of the nose several times, looking at each other. If there are signs of dizziness, you should reduce the intensity of the exercise or skip the exercise.
  • Blink for a minute. In this case, the eyelids must perform the easiest natural movements, no effort.
  • To paste a circle of dark paper on the window glass at the face level, obtaining it with a punch. Go to the window, look at the circle first. Then to some remote object outside the window, located 6-8 meters further. Then back to the circle. Repeat several times.
  • Make a ten-minute palming.

You can restore your eyesight with eye exercises with a little myopia even in a week. The main rule is the regularity and correctness of their implementation.

How to improve vision if the eyes are often overworked

It is necessary to perform simple exercises at work and at home, improving the conditions for using the eyes. They also help to prevent visual fatigue, making the vision more distinct:

  • Take a deep breath, squeeze your eyes tightly. Then strain your neck and face. Hold your breath for 3-5 seconds. Exhale, wide-open eyes. Repeat 5-7 times.
  • Cover the eyelids and massage lightly, using the pads of your fingers along the brow ridges from nose to temples. And also under the lower eyelids, in the same direction.
  • Having closed the eyelids, perform several circular rotations first clockwise, then counterclockwise.
  • Make a ten-minute palming.

How to improve eyesight with folk remedies

How to improve vision

To restore and improve vision folk remedies, it is necessary to provide adequate blood supply to the retina. Of course, the use of blueberries to fully improve the ability to clearly see impossible. Although a positive result will be. It is useful every day to have defrosted blueberries or cranberries, in the season – fresh berries. Vitamins A, B, C also help. They are required for both children and adults.

Lots of vitamin A and beta-carotene in carrots. To help eyesight turned out to be effective, foods and various folk remedies containing vitamin A should be eaten with fat, since this vitamin is fat-soluble. For example, in salads from carrots it is useful to add olive or pumpkin oil.

The retina contains a large amount of zinc. Therefore, you can improve the vigilance with products containing this trace element. Zinc reserves in the body restore sweet Bulgarian pepper, pumpkin seeds, juice from fresh beets. Before drinking juice, it is better to stand for two hours. Drink better half-diluted water.

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