How to increase pectoral muscles at home

How to increase pectoral muscles at home


  • Where to start breast muscle increase
  • The simplest exercise to increase pectoral muscles
  • How to complicate push-ups
  • Other home exercises to increase the chest muscles

To look like beautiful, tightened and pumped, it is necessary to train accordingly. At least, you need to do this regularly. It turns out that in some cases you can not go to the gym. For example, it is possible to increase pectoral muscles at home using simple exercises. Setting the goal to build up the chest muscles in the home, during the classes, it is necessary to follow the simple rule: to perform exercises in a high-quality and carefully, following the recommended number of repetitions and approaches, in no case forcing the events.

Where to Start Breast Muscle Growth

Pectoral muscles of considerable size are located on both sides of the upper anterior part of the trunk and attached to the bones of the shoulder girdle, which makes it relatively easy to make them more relief.

This musculature does not “like” when it is forced to carry out the maximum load. In this case, it slowly increases in volume, although, of course, it becomes stronger.

Beginners should not get involved in dumbbells, especially to increase the load. It is better to deal with burdens less often. Otherwise, there will be more harm than good. When dealing with dumbbells, to achieve an impressive result, it is better to start with a small number of kilograms. Only when the body after a while “drawn”, you can increase the load.

In any case, before starting workout, the muscles need to be warmed up. This can be achieved by performing swings with hands in various planes, conducting an easy “fight with the shadow.”

The simplest exercise to increase pectoral muscles

How to increase pectoral muscles at home

It turns out that the increase in the muscles of the breast at home can be performed with push-ups. This exercise does not require special simulators. When push-ups are involved, not only the pectoral muscles, but also the back, abdominal press, hands.

To increase the sporting load, it is worth trying to wring out not in a “classical” way, when the arms are divorced to the width of the shoulders. It is useful to perform other varieties of push-ups, bending the elbows deep to touch the body of the floor:

  • spread your arms as wide as possible. With this position of the hands, the load on the muscles of the chest increases, the middle and lower sections are trained. Putting a stool under the feet, you can properly load the upper section;
  • reduce the palm of your hand as close as possible. In this case, a significant load will be on hand, it is also useful for strengthening them.

You need to press 3 times in 30 sets. If it turns out to wring more than 30 times, you need to load something with your shoulders. The load must be such that 30 is the maximum.


You should place your feet on a bed or sofa, place your hands on the chair or stool placed on the left and on the right so that your hands are placed wider than your shoulders. Pressing, lowering the lower body below the plane of the seats of the chairs.

Push-ups sitting

Another one effective exercise to increase pectoral muscles also uses two stools, but the trunk is positioned in a vertical plane. It is necessary to sit on the floor and place your hands on the seats of the chairs that are on the left and on the right. The legs may be in front of you or they can be pulled back, leaning on the toes of the foot.

You need to bend your elbows, trying to lower your torso as low as possible. Then the arms straighten, returning the trunk to its original position. It is necessary to perform a maximum of push-ups, 4 or 5 approaches per workout. Between the approaches it is necessary to give sufficient rest.This exercise effectively increases chest muscles at home.

Other home exercises to increase the chest muscles

How to increase pectoral muscles at home

Pull-ups on the crossbar

If the crossbar is installed in the apartment, , not in a dash. A good result is 15-20 pull-ups in 2-3 approaches during one workout.

This exercise requires little or no sports equipment. Sports load is received not only by the chest, but also by the arms and shoulders. Pulling can be done twice a day. They not only give training, but also support muscles in the necessary tone.

Dumbbell exercises

уз A narrow board like ironing is required. In each brush a dumbbell is taken. Lying on his back, plant and reduce his hands. For safety, flex your arm slightly at the elbow joint.

It is not necessary to spread the arms too much, it is quite enough the level of the plane of the back. Weight dumbbells should be such that in one approach, you can do 20 repetitions. During the training you need to complete 2-3 approaches.

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