How to increase self-esteem

How to increase self-esteem


  • Self-evaluation depends on the brain function
  • To improve self-esteem, it is important to get rid of fears
  • How to love yourself and increase a woman’s self-esteem
  • Exercise for developing self-esteem

Optimal self-assessment allows you to critically treat yourself, your shortcomings, helps to set realistic goals and achieve their implementation. If it is lowered, there is no self-confidence. He often visits a sense of guilt, helplessness, insolvency and unnecessary surrounding, the energy level is lowered. Since it is possible to improve self-esteem and self-confidence of women and men by eliminating appropriate physiological or psychological reasons, it remains to choose the most appropriate method.

Self-evaluation depends on brain function

How to increase self-esteem

The set of different structures in the depth of the brain, the so-called limbic system , is responsible for emotions, motivation, behavior, participates in sleep mechanisms. With a positive mood, attitude towards others with optimism, the limbic system is moderately active.

Her increased activity reduces motivation and self-esteem, increases feelings of helplessness and guilt. Attitude to life acquires a negative connotation.

Therefore, in order to increase self-esteem, it is necessary to create conditions for the brain to work in the optimal mode. In a number of cases it is sufficient to adhere to simple rules:

  • Correct nutrition. The brain needs a sufficient supply of carbohydrates, proteins, fats. Mass useful contains fresh fruits and vegetables. They have a lot of vitamins, microelements. Useful vegetable oils, fish oil.
  • Physical exercise . Physical activity increases blood circulation in the brain, helps to cope with stress.
  • Night rest . For optimum brain function, it is necessary to get enough sleep. A well rested woman the next morning looks refreshed, which gives her additional confidence. Exhausted because of lack of sleep, the sight interferes with increasing self-esteem.
  • Physical proximity . Intimate relationships with a loved one reduce the level of stress, strengthen immunity, prolong life.
  • Feeling of gratitude . Every day, thank fate for what it gives you that you love so much. Very soon, self-esteem and mood will become positive, the work of the brain will improve.

To improve self-esteem, it is important to get rid of fears

How to increase self-esteem

Feeling of fear as a manifestation of the instinct of self-preservation helps to avoid some real danger. Fictitious, unreasonable fear arises from disbelief in oneself, in one’s capabilities, inability to cope with a particular problem of modern life. To overcome it, you need to increase self-esteem.

Often the basis of imaginary fears is the strong impact that the children’s brain experienced when actively absorbing new information, trained to use the knowledge gained for many years.

It is children’s fears, despite their insignificance in the life of an adult, for many years interfere with the full life, affect behavior, behavior, attitude to others. Of course, the higher the confidence in one’s own abilities and capabilities, the less space there is for children’s fears.

To increase self-esteem, fear can and should be paid attention, as it helps to understand why he remained in the subconscious, what he needs, what he can teach.

It is important to understand that the subconscious through fear indicates a low level of self-confidence, own strength, that the life journey has become complicated, leads to the goal through all sorts of problems, the source of which you yourself.

Combating childish fears does not always bring results and is often meaningless.

Therefore, to increase self-confidence, development of self-esteem is important not to suppress, but to learn to interact with their fears, redirect their energy to a positive channel.

To increase self-esteem, one has to turn to the subconscient to transform imaginary fear into one or another positive emotion.

This approach allows you to live easily, freely and happily, do your favorite thing, achieve your goals.

First of all, in order to get rid of fear and increase self-esteem, it is necessary: ​​

  1. Choose one kind of fear – the moment in life, the offensive of which for some reason is afraid, mentally draw the corresponding negative picture. For example, dismissal from your favorite work.
  2. Determine what exactly triggers this fear – sound, smell, image, object, person, animal, etc. For example, a call to the office to the chief.

The next step is to learn how to get rid of the negative picture.

You can imagine that the picture is painted in watercolor on the glass. And you wash it with a damp cloth, making the glass clear and transparent.

Another way – to remove the negative picture as much as possible so that it becomes small, turned into a point, disappeared beyond the horizon.

Now to improve self-esteem, you need to draw a positive picture. For example, imagine yourself busy with an interesting important project in your favorite work, when a lot depends on you and everything goes as it should. Try to feel the high spirits and everything that you see, hear, feel as clearly and clearly as possible. Keep the positive image longer, so that you can enjoy it.

The next stage of increasing self-confidence is to alternate negative and positive pictures. First, remember the picture that causes fear. Then change it to a positive picture, holding it for a few minutes and enjoying it. Distract, relax, smile. Then repeat this exercise 8-10 times, replacing the negative picture with a positive one. As a result, after a while, you will have to make efforts to recall negative experiences and fears.

To check if self-esteem has increased as a result of getting rid of fictitious fear, it is necessary to imagine that there was a situation that triggers fear. For example, imagine that you were summoned to the office by the head. If far-fetched fear has disappeared, a negative picture will not appear. In this case, you can see yourself as calm, enjoying your favorite business. Or even a former boss’s office as a full-fledged mistress.

Imaginary fear creates a mental image of an unfavorable situation, which is projected onto reality. If you increase your self-esteem and get rid of fear, this situation never materializes. On the contrary, positive, favorable expectations will start to be translated into reality, which sooner or later will be fulfilled.

How to love yourself and increase self-esteem for a woman

How to increase self-esteem

Increasing self-confidence is required for many women. Their false belief in the impossibility of counting on success, the best fate in life, often leads to overeating, abuse of alcohol, unsuccessful marriage, choice of non-prestigious work, on which it is impossible to fully realize all of its capabilities.

In an effort to achieve high self-esteem and self-esteem, many women have tried for many years to achieve excellence in their own body proportions, gaining an ideal appearance, reaching professional heights. This approach helps to overcome the false sense of personal insolvency, feel your own invulnerability and significance.

The side result of chasing the ideal is chronic fatigue, abuse of medicines, various diseases.

Some women are hampered by excessive concentration on their weaknesses and almost completely ignoring the merits of increasing self-esteem. Ironically, the beautiful half is a false opinion of yourself on the list of all kinds of shortcomings, and not an impressive list of positive qualities.

For example, attractive women who are satisfied with their work or who care for their children consider themselves to be mostly fatty, and not the possessor of these advantages. As a result of this approach, depression develops, which women suffer twice as often as men.

To increase self-esteem and self-confidence, concentrate on the merits, not shortcomings, it is important to realize that the sense of insolvency, the need to strive for an unattainable ideal have not been formed from scratch. Negative attitudes towards oneself could develop in childhood as a result of ridicule of peers, parents who let go of jokes about excessive fullness, snub nose or rare hair.

To love yourself the way you are, increase self-confidence, it is useful to make a collage. In the center of the sheet of paper put your photo. Write in words, depict in the form of a symbol, picture, illustration from the journal their qualities – positive, negative, neutral. Place the most significant closer to your photo, less significant away, to the edge of the sheet.

This simple method allows you to see the full picture of all your qualities, to see the different sides of your personality, in order to finally cope with the uncertainty.

In most cases, what you do not like about yourself is very little. In the general picture, the negative characteristics become dissipated, become a part of it, which for some reason is given excessive importance in real life. A simple comprehension of this fact helps to stop concentrating on them.

In addition, figuring out with the help of a collage, which you really are, you should start acting. This requires some courage. Some will have to decide on the changes in their personal lives, the break with the hateful husband, the change of work.

The reward will be the awareness of yourself by another person, the ability to act in accordance with real self-esteem, self-confidence and your true abilities.

True self-esteem allows you to treat yourself with respect. Increase self-confidence helps the following behavior:

  • more often say “I” (“I believe”, “I think”);
  • with a certain tact, say what you think;
  • sincerely express your feelings;
  • not afraid to object;
  • agree with praise;
  • improvise, behave at ease and directly.

Exercise for developing self-esteem

How to increase self-esteem

This exercise balances the processes of excitation and inhibition in the brain, helps to increase self-esteem, self-confidence, easier to endure stresses.

  1. Stand upright, arms down, feet close.
  2. Loosen the left leg, quickly bend it in the knee, hit the heel on the left buttock, immediately return the leg to its original position. Repeat kick with your right foot.

Observe a steady rhythm when performing the exercise. Start with 5 strokes, add 1 each day, bringing the total to 25.

It is important to feel warmth in the coccyx region, a pulsing golden light, gradually changing the shade to red-orange.

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