How to look expensive and well-groomed without much expense – the secrets of an expensive image

How to look expensive and well-groomed without much expense - the secrets of an expensive image A person who looks presentable, successful and well-groomed, always causes disposition and trust. The image of respectability contributes to the rapid establishment of contacts, the emergence of understanding, the location of the opposite sex, etc.

And, in order to look like this, it is not necessary to be the daughter of an oil tycoon – you just need to know a few secrets to create your expensive and stylish image.

Content of the article:

  • 12 lessons on creating an “expensive” image
  • How to look expensive and well-groomed at no particular cost?
  • Avoid bad taste and vulgarity in the image! 12 lessons to create an “expensive” image – lessons of style for every day

    Of course, when there is money – all is easier. You can refer to a stylist who will help with the creation of the image, undergo a course of procedures in the beauty salon, choose expensive clothes in a fashion boutique, etc.

    Alas, most of our citizens do not pay by their wallet.

    But this is not a reason to drop your hands, because there are many ways to look expensive without investing a lot of money.

    The most important style lessons for your image:

    1. White and black. When choosing your image for the day, stick to the same color in your clothes – neutral. “All in white” or “all in black.” Finesse will add a game with texture textures. And, of course, take care of your hair – it should look like you just left the salon.
    2. Monochrome. Option for those who do not like monotony in the image. We choose a wardrobe in a monochrome. For the basis we take one color, and then tastefully (!) “Layer” the other elements of clothing in the shades of the selected color. The emphasis is on the texture of the tissues. For example, suede and knitwear, wool and leather, or silk with jeans. How to look expensive and well-groomed without much expense - the secrets of an expensive image
    3. Clothing to order. You do not need to go to the studio. A talented seamstress can be found in her city and outside the atelier. Exclusive sketch (to the best of ability) we draw independently, and then we give it to the seamstress and wait for the masterpiece. This method will help dilute the wardrobe is not the same type of “market” things, and stylish and fashionable, which no one else will.
    4. The style is “out of time”. It is not necessary to “run” for seasonal trends, the best choice is the classic, always remaining out of time. This option allows you to look expensive, and makes it easier to create your own fashion image. For example, we put on dark brand jeans and a beautiful T-shirt with a cut-out “V”. To the image we add the right shoes and accessories.
    5. The final accent. In this case, we are talking about the details that complete the image. Just put on a fashionable set of clothes – a little, you need to add, for example, a stylish hat, trench coat or raincoat. A small but important nuance, which, moreover, can be removed at any time.
    6. Gold. We are not fond of jewelry. The main secret of the jewelry part of the image is a little, but expensive. Do not need to hang on a whole box of diamonds, chains and rings – just one expensive bracelet or chain with a pendant. In the absence of funds for gold, choose high-quality brand jewelry (not market!). However, the silver of the author’s work is always in the trend! Cheaper, more affordable and also effective.
    7. “Geometric” bags. Any woman knows that one of the most important items in the image is a quality expensive bag that must necessarily fit your ensemble. Do not save on bags – do not take them on benches near the house, “where cheaper.” If the salary does not allow, it is better to take 1-2 handbags, but – expensive and versatile. That is, suitable to any image. It is better to choose models from a smooth skin, preferably – a geometric shape. And, of course, with a minimum of details. How to look expensive and well-groomed without much expense - the secrets of an expensive image
    8. Easy print. Not intrusive, bright and large-scale, but light, emphasizing your style. For example, vertical or horizontal stripes.
    9. Your individual style. No decorations? No closet, densely packed with a mountain of expensive things? No problem! We create a harmonious image of what is. The main task is to create your own unique style, adding a few catchy details. For example, a fashion hat, a scarf, a wide belt, gloves, etc.
    10. We are updating the old wardrobe! Today there is a sea of ​​ways to give old things a second life: make old fashioned shorts from old trousers, update knitted shoes with rhinestones, decorate old worn jeans with embroidery, beads or other decor, sew a lot of fashionable pockets on the attrition of the shirt, etc. A little imagination, one “magic” basket with needlework – and voila! A new fashion image is ready! How to look expensive and well-groomed without much expense - the secrets of an expensive image
    11. Spectacular hairstyle. Even beautiful, but simply loose hair – is far from a sign of an “expensive” image. The hairdo should look like you ran out of beauty salon 5 minutes ago and ran further on business affairs. Start every day with the styling. Look for online hairstyle options that are right for you, and which you can do yourself. Do not forget about hair care! At the “expensive” woman hair is always in a posh state, shine with a healthy shine, beautifully laid.
    12. Cosmetics. One way to emphasize dignity and, as is known, to hide skin imperfections. Use cosmetics only with the observance of this rule and, of course, at a minimum, and not in the “3 layers of plaster.”

    And do not forget about perfume ! Choose gentle and refined aromas – refined, not cloying.

    How to look expensive and well-groomed without much expense - the secrets of an expensive image

    How to look expensive and well-groomed at no particular cost?

    Image, of course, does not “solve everything”, as it is customary to say. But it depends a lot on the image. After all, at all times we are met “on clothes” – from the business sphere to personal life.

    It’s important to always be toned and keep your hand on the pulse!

    Your attention – a few more secrets to create an image with “singing finance” in your wallet:

    • Bought a new inexpensive thing? Add her gloss with the details. For example, expensive beautiful buttons. Today in shops “for sewing” there are the present buttoned masterpieces.
    • If you have risen on the fashionable path of an expensive woman, do not use knitwear in the image. In any case, in public. Also go and past suede.
    • Fashion trends – to the back burner! элеган Your elegant beacon should be an elegant classic. Buy yourself a black “little dress” – it fits well even with a full , a jacket, a pencil skirt, a jacket and a few other classic things that you can work on, depending on the image being created.
    • Bags, belts and shoes are chosen exclusively from genuine leather. It is impossible to regret this money. How to distinguish natural leather from artificial leather when buying things?
    • Polyester lining on the coat can be replaced with silk.
    • Particular attention to hair, make-up, choice of perfume – and, of course, on the hands. The hands of an expensive woman are always well-groomed, neat, without “pimples” and with a beautiful fresh manicure.
    • We do not buy things on the market. Throw this bad habit and never return to it. On sales in fashion stores (which happen twice a year) you can buy quality clothes with solid discounts.
    • Do not shovel everything by going shopping. Learn to deny yourself stupid things and unnecessary rubbish, so that you have enough money for worthwhile things.
    • Do not buy cheap perfume. Do not buy too much sweet perfume. Do not pour out half a bottle of perfume at a time. The fragrance should be light and refined.
    • Get rid of bad habits, gestures and words. An expensive woman will never allow herself to smoke like a steam locomotive in public, spit, swear and drink more than half a glass of wine in any company.An expensive woman is always cultured, polite and is a “born” diplomat.
    • When buying things, carefully check their quality – seams, lining, all zippers and buttons.
    • No arrows on pantyhose, holes on socks, hooks and spools on clothes , old underwear and elongated knees on trousers or sports pants. You should always look like a queen. Even if you spend all day at home alone, if you take out garbage or run out for bread. Mistakes in the desire to look expensive and well-groomed – how to avoid bad taste and vulgarity?

      The word “vulgarity” is familiar to everyone. But, unfortunately, not everyone remembers about it, choosing for themselves an image for the day to come.

      This word became very popular among aristocrats after the revolution in France: this label was hung on representatives from the bourgeois class who did not have blue blood, knowledge and traditions, or appropriate upbringing.

      In our time, the “symptoms” of vulgarity have somewhat changed, but still the essence remains the same.

      So, what can not be done if you want to be an expensive woman – your potential mistakes in the image:

      • Too bright, bright, inept makeup. Once again we remind you – beauty should be natural! That is, gently and unambiguously emphasize the advantages and equally neatly hide the shortcomings. And nothing more! Only high-quality thoughtful make-up can become your “weapon”, but not the military coloring of the girl from the village, which first came into the hands of cosmetics.
      • Unnatural hair color. No green and violet, as well as red and blue “overflows”. This is “fashionable” for a girl of 15 years, but not for an adult “expensive” woman. Tired of the monotony? There are lots of opportunities to change the haircut – haircut, curling, coloring and highlighting, etc.
      • Do not overdo with the manicure. Yes, the nails should be well-groomed and beautiful, but not exaggerated with a mass of spangles, pebbles, etc. The ideal option is a stylish classic jacket on oval or square-shaped marigolds (not triangular, not pointed!).
      • Forget about the extended eyelashes and creepy painted (instead of plucked) eyebrows! Be closer to the image that Mother Nature has bestowed upon you.
      • Too much naked body. A dress with an open back is a good option for going out with a gentleman. But not for shopping. Also, forget about too deep neckline, too short skirts and shorts, and other things that open to the public what should be hidden from the eyes.
      • Bad taste is the main enemy. If you do not know how to walk on stilettos and high heels – choose other shoes. Thick platforms are for teenagers. The disheveled image of “hippies” is for teenagers. Dress with sneakers – for teens. A translucent blouse with a solid excess weight – tasteless. A tight dress with too little shape is tasteless.
      • No rhinestones and sequins on clothes, if there are too many. The accent in the image must be on one thing! If you sparkle like a Christmas tree, it’s inappropriate to talk about style. Do you wear a bright scarf? Stop only on it. No more bright details in the image. Decided to wear a jacket with print? Select the rest in the 1st color, black or white.
      • On skin substitutes – a definitive taboo. Everything should be natural. Ruchechki, bows, an abundance of lace – also “in the furnace.”
      • If you decide to slightly open any part of the body, adding an image of seductiveness, choose – either the legs, or the decollete zone, or shoulders. Open all at once – the top of vulgarity.
      • Accurate with red color! Yes, it is winning, “expensive” and attracting attention.But only under certain conditions: you have an ideal figure, there is not too much red, the image is laconic, literate and completed.
      • Pantyhose with a large mesh , with “original patterns”, with the seal in the form of “cats”, etc. vulgar! Choose the classics!

      Well, one more tip in the end:

      Forming your new expensive image, make a discount on age, constitution of the figure, color type, etc.

      And find time for a healthy sleep, sports, hairdresser, body care.

      If you liked our article and have any thoughts about this, share it with us. It is very important for us to know your opinion!

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