How to lose weight fast at home

How to lose weight fast at home


  • How to count calories to quickly lose weight at home
  • What foods to exclude to quickly lose weight at home
  • How to quickly and effectively lose weight at home
  • How quickly to lose weight at home using folk remedies

You do not need to be a genius in the forehead to arrive at an obvious conclusion: the amount of food that is eaten during the day and the amount of motional, as well as intellectual or nerve activity for burning into the body gp calories to be balanced. And if the balance is broken towards excessive supply of delicious food or, what is the same, in the direction of lack of energy, sooner or later one will have to think about how to lose weight at home quickly. And usually you want to lose excess weight without too much time, and also without discomfort. That is, if possible, going against the popular opinion that beauty requires sacrifice.

As you know, the most important thing in any business is interest. And every woman decides for herself why she needs to lose weight. It may be a desire to look slimmer and healthier. Or to attract the attention of a known representative of the opposite sex. In the end, a well-groomed healthy appearance is an asset that in modern life has its price. An attractive woman is easier to meet, more willingly promoted or taken to a high-paying job. In a word, you need to control your weight!

How to count calories in order to lose weight quickly at home

How to lose weight fast at home

It turns out that it is quite easy to make fast weight loss at home without dieting. To do this, just need to timely monitor the amount of energy consumption and incoming calories. When there is a small excess body weight, it is sufficient to adhere to the discipline of nutrition and eat a little less than is actually necessary. Such a simple measure allows you not to abandon the recipes of the usual dishes and eat deliciously.

This method allows you to lose weight and at the same time enjoy the following benefits at home:

  • you can eat all the usual dishes;
  • counting and controlling calories allows you to optimally adjust the diet;
  • In this way it is easy to monitor your weight, choosing a gradual or intensive method of correcting it yourself.

To quickly lose weight, you need three things:

  1. record the number of calories consumed at home and at work;
  2. approximately determine your energy consumption during the day;
  3. every day in the morning weighed.

Of course, the presence of a clear goal, which must be achieved at all costs – a wonderful incentive, how to effectively lose weight without dieting.

It turns out that for fast home weight loss it is necessary to spend about 7700 kcal per kilogram of excess weight. That is, to lose a kilogram of unwanted mass, it is necessary in any way to ensure that either the body receives less calories, or performed more work while maintaining the former portion size.

The table of caloric content of products is easy to find on the Internet. It does not matter that the sources are slightly different. To lose weight, you can always take an approximate average.

To determine the approximate energy costs during the day, it is useful to know:

  • at home, with a sedentary lifestyle, the body spends about 1200 kcal per day, therefore it is more difficult to lose weight;
  • an average office worker who is not subjected to stress and brainstorming, daily energy consumption is higher – about 1800 kcal;
  • male managers easily burned for a day and 2800 kcal;
  • in women managers energy costs also increase and are about 2200 kcal.

Regulating the intake and consumption of calories, you can always choose an individual way to lose weight quickly and without harm.

What products to exclude to quickly lose weight at home

How to lose weight fast at home

Often, your favorite recipes are in conflict with the recommendations of nutritionists. Judge for yourself. If you want to lose 10 kg or more, you definitely should not eat sweets. That is, for at least a certain period, one must categorically refuse chupa-chups, pops and other tasty, but harmful products. Once the body detects the intake of sugar, it immediately begins to convert it into fat stores at the waist and hips. Therefore, in order to lose weight in the thighs, you must abandon the sweet, easily assimilated carbohydrates.

Using at home or at work pasta, fresh bread will also not allow you to lose 10 kilograms at a reasonable time. Not everything is clear with the use of potatoes, since there is no consensus, it helps to lose weight or not. Therefore just in case it is necessary to limit its use.

Mayonnaises, sauces and various dressings are also enemies of the aspen waist. Waiver of these products is also a great opportunity to lose weight in the legs. In addition, pepper and other spices stimulate appetite, so it often turns out to eat more than is actually necessary.

How to quickly and effectively lose weight at home

How to lose weight fast at home

For rapid weight loss at home, you need not only the discipline of nutrition, but also willpower. As it is by extraordinary strength of will you can overcome your own laziness and begin to perform physical exercises at home.

A wonderful way to lose weight is to do exercises at home, in the room. Do better every other day, 2-3 times a week. The optimal time for classes is closer to dinner, 10-11 hours. Or no later than 2-3 hours before sleep, that is, until 19 pm. After the last meal should take at least two hours, otherwise it will be hard to deal with.

A prerequisite is to start a home sports activity with a warm-up, before the onset of sweating. At the same time, the muscles warm up, the movement becomes easier, the probability of injury decreases. The warm-up can consist of running on the spot, with the knees rising higher. If the size of the room allows, you can jump over the rope, twist the hoop. This exercise especially effectively kneads the abdominal muscles and abdominal muscles. The duration of the workout is 3-5 minutes.

After you need to stretch the shoulder joints – the usual swings with your hands, combined with the turns of the trunk. Slopes to straight legs are best not to do – they create a big load on the spine. It is enough to stretch the hip joint with rotations. Then perform the legs with legs, keeping the balance behind the back of the chair, perform the “scissors” exercise – when the legs alternately change the position and then one or the other leg is in front.

To make your legs slender, it’s useful to do sit-ups at home. You need to put your hands on your waist or on the back of your head, and put your feet to the floor. Then, with an inspiration, sit down, while the back remains straight. And on exhalation return to the starting position. Exercise allows you to reduce the amount of hips, and quickly lose weight.

Another effective way to quickly lose weight at home is to give pressure to the abdominal muscles. To strengthen and pump the press, you need to perform exercises for his upper and lower muscles.

  • To train the lower muscles, you need to lie down on the floor and, holding hands for a reliable support, raise your legs with exhalation, and lower them to the floor with inspiration.
  • To train the upper abdominal muscles, on the contrary, it is necessary to fasten the legs in a reliable support. And lift up the trunk, hands on the back of the head, lying on the floor. Exhale – the body tears off from the floor and rises to the feet. Inhale – return to the starting position on the floor.

It is important that both exercises are performed in a row, without rest, for one approach. And as many times as it turns out. Ideally, you need to complete up to three approaches, alternating with rest. These exercises can pump the press and quickly lose weight in the abdomen.

How to quickly lose weight at home using folk remedies

How to lose weight fast at home

Those who seek to reduce weight by just 10 kg in a few days can face the next trouble. Indeed, the body first gives in to stress and does not have time to react quickly to a sharply reduced supply of food. As a result, you manage to lose weight in a short time. It seems that this is exactly what was required!

In fact, soon after overly aggressive weight loss begins intensive weight gain. The organism seems to be reconsidered and considers a sharp reduction in nutrition the beginning of hunger. To which evolution has taught to respond simply: an order is given to accumulate incoming useful substances. As a result, the weight returns and often becomes even larger than it was at the beginning. To prevent this from happening, after completing the diet, you need to gradually increase the diet.

  • A common cause of excess weight is various metabolic disorders. Folk remedies based on pumpkin help to lose weight and improve the body. Pumpkin can be consumed alone or in combination with other vegetables. For example, at home it is useful to eat a pumpkin salad with carrots, pumpkin porridge. It is prepared simply. Sliced ​​pumpkin pieces stew for half an hour, after adding a tablespoon of rice or oat flakes, stew for half an hour. Porridge it is desirable not to salt.
  • For more effective body cleansing during weight loss, it is useful to take cabbage juice. It also normalizes metabolic processes, prevents the formation of fats from carbohydrates. In a day it is recommended to drink 2-3 glasses of cabbage juice, in the morning on an empty stomach, then one hour before a meal. Cabbage juice is useful to mix with carrot or beet juice.
  • The use of cholagogue on the basis of immortelle, dandelion, fiber allows the body to quickly break down fats and thereby lose weight. Fat burns, and not deposited on the waist or hips. These fees should not be taken in the case of pancreatitis, hepatitis, or irritable bowel syndrome.

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