How to lose weight properly by the type of build?

How to lose weight properly by the type of build? Grueling workouts every week, exhausting diets, dietary supplements and slimming beverages – which only ways and tools are not used by a woman for losing weight. And all in vain – the extra pounds “dead weight” stick out under your favorite dress and hang over the strap.

Why? Maybe you missed something important?

For example, your body type, on which the choice of diets and training depends to a large extent …

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  1. How to determine your body type correctly?
  2. Nutrition and Exomorf Exercise
  3. Slimming Rules for Mesomorph
  4. How to lose weight and gain muscle endomorph?

The main types of physique – how to determine your body type correctly?

The shapes and sizes of the body are different for everyone.

But, in general, they can be divided into 3 basic types of physique , respectively, which should choose a specific program for weight loss.

How to lose weight properly by the type of build?

The main thing – do not concentrate on destroying every extra centimeter, but clearly follow the rules, gradually returning to your body harmony and beauty.

Especially because some girls (a certain physique, for example, with figure “skinny fet” ) strong weight loss is contraindicated.

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And what do you need – to discard excess, or build up mass?

It depends on the type of your physique, which can be determined by certain characteristics:

  1. Ectomorph. A girl with a figure of this type has a pronounced thinness, long limbs, anemic and weakly developed muscles. Circumference of the wrist – up to 17 cm. Most often, it is to such ladies that they stick the label “skinny fet” – that is, thin with flabby muscles and lack of relief of the body. Such girls practically do not gain weight because of the rapid metabolism (“I eat what I want and I do not get fat”), but the fat still has the property of accumulating where it is not necessary, and the lack of training and muscle mass leads to the fact that the beach in one swimsuit is scary and embarrassing.
  2. Mesomorph. These beauties easily build muscle mass and differ proportionality of the figures. The posture is usually even, the torso is long, the wrist circumference is 17-20 cm, the overall impression is an athlete and just a beauty. Lose weight as quickly as they gain weight.
  3. Endomorph. Soft, round and mouth-watering girls who easily accumulate excess fat (regardless of their desire). With this type of build, there is usually a difficulty in controlling the level of fat. The wrist circumference is over 20 cm.

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The rules of effective weight loss for the ectomorphic body type

The most important for girls with the figure “ectomorph “- this buildup of muscle mass, regular strength training, proper nutrition.

Nutritional rules:

  • We use only high-quality fats, do not forget about complex carbohydrates.
  • We eat 4-5 times a day.
  • Additional morning snack on days, devoid of training, we give to the enemy.
  • Must eat before going to bed. For example, a glass of yogurt and fruit.
  • The diet should consist of high-calorie food (about 2500 Kcal / day), which should not slip past or be deposited in the buttocks, and go to muscle mass.
  • Power scheme: 20% fat + 25% protein + 50% carbohydrate.
  • We focus on sports nutrition.
  • We use products to increase appetite (garlic, nuts, fragrant spices, etc.).
  • From cereals we choose buckwheat and rice, oatmeal; do not forget about the beans (a source of protein) – peas, beans, etc.
  • For mass gain, we use multivitamins and protein shakes, enzymes, creatine.
  • For better assimilation of nutrients from food, drink 2 liters of water per day.
  • Half an hour before the workout, we eat a product that is rich in carbohydrates. For example, a handful of nuts, a couple of spoons of honey or a cup of muesli with milk.

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Rules of training:

  1. We focus on strength training – regular, without failures.
  2. Cardio-perfusion – at a minimum. Only as a warm-up or finishing touch in training.
  3. Training time – 20 minutes, 3 r / day. Since morning – muscles of a breast and bicepses, we work in the afternoon with shoulders and legs, and in the evening – triceps and muscles of a back.
  4. Periodicity of classes – every other day. Overload the body ectomorphs can not (overload slows the growth of muscle mass).
  5. обязательно A warm-up of about 15 minutes is mandatory before the session.

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mesomorphic figure – diet, exercise and rules effective weight loss

have mesomorphs there is no urgent need for muscle mass and for people with this type of the figure, the main emphasis is on training endurance, burning fats, maintaining the body in a form (the latter is the most difficult, given how hard it is for mesomorphs to drop the “extra”).

Nutritional rules:

  • Track the amount of proteins consumed with amino acids. We consume only quality fats.
  • number of required daily calories in this case is calculated by the formula: A (weight in kg) X 30 = norm Kcal / day.
  • Power scheme: 60% protein + 25% fat + 15% carbohydrate.
  • Do not lean on carbohydrates! The body, of course, needs the courage that carbohydrates give, but the mesomorphs are by themselves sufficiently hardy and cheerful.
  • Lose weight, sitting only on fruit or on a squirrel, the mesomorph can not. It is important to create a balanced and varied (!) Diet for yourself.

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Rules of training:

  1. We focus on exercises that train endurance. And also on VIIT and plyometrics. For stretching we add yoga or pilates.
  2. Training should be powerful and effective, but short.

  3. Strength training and rapid movements contribute to the formation of the mesomorph muscles. In particular, pull-ups, squats with a barbell or, for example, sprinting.
  4. On the run – 75 min / week. Not more. . That is, 3 times for 25 minutes, including 5 minutes it will take to warm up, 15 – a run, a 5 – to “cool down.”
  5. During the workout, we follow the work of the heart.
  6. The ideal option is to combine loads. For example, 4 weeks of intensive work, and 1-2 weeks – only light workouts to support the form.

How to lose weight with an endomorphic body type?

most, in practice, difficult to endomorphs – is to realize that he – really endomorph. And to accept the idea that weight will always be typed very quickly.

But to accept, not lowering your arms, and straightening your shoulders and clearly following the slimming program . Endomorph metabolism does not forgive mistakes!

Nutrition rules:

  • The most important thing is to speed up the metabolism. That is, all the forces need to be thrown on the creation of a habit – to eat right.
  • The amount of light carbohydrates and fats in the diet is at a minimum.
  • The emphasis is on “protein” products.
  • We keep under control (this is also important!) The level of sugar and insulin in the blood.
  • In a day without training, breakfast is easy and slow right after waking up.
  • Before the training we do not eat, just after it – too.
  • Protein in endomorphs is digested only by 30%, so it should be taken from sports nutrition.
  • Power scheme: 60% complex carbohydrates + 30% protein + 20% fat.
  • Calorie limit per day: A (weight in kg) x at 30 = normal Kcal.
  • We eat 7 times a day and a little.
  • The best food “friends” – beans, sour-milk products, chicken fillets and eggs with fish.
  • The norm of complex carbohydrates should be used in the first half of the day.

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Rules of training:

  1. The emphasis is on reducing fat mass and building muscle.
  2. Charge should become a habit.
  3. Choose VIIT, crossfit and, of course, light exercises for the development of endurance.
  4. The main thing in training is to focus on losing excess weight. Otherwise, your fantastic cubes on your stomach no one will just see under the folds of fat.
  5. Training time: 4-5 times / week, of which 3 workouts should include aerobic exercise.
  6. We do not combine all the tasks in the 1st training at once! We also train in detail how we eat. For example, today we train the chest and shoulders, tomorrow – the legs, the day after tomorrow – the press.
  7. We practice twice a day, studying basic exercises in the morning, and devoting an evening to training one muscle group.

Of course, in addition to the type of physique, you should be guided by other factors.

Be sure to ask your trainer and do not forget to listen to your own body and its potential.

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