How to make drops in the nose of Kalanchoe

How to make drops in the nose of Kalanchoe


  • What is useful for Kalanchoe
  • How to make drops in the nose of the Kalanchoe juice

As you know, if you treat a runny nose, it goes through two weeks, and if not treat, then after fourteen days. At the same time it is true that any person has ever had a nasal congestion or a runny nose caused by a cold at least once in his life. Of course, if you become tempered and watch your health, a cold will never happen. But if you still have a cold, you need to treat it as soon as possible. If you start the disease, an overly frivolous attitude can cause a number of different inflammatory processes in the lungs or bronchi. Modern pharmacies offer a lot of different drugs against the common cold. No less effective means of traditional medicine. For example, for colds, the Kalanchoe juice is used.

What is useful for Kalanchoe

The plant is used to treat a variety of diseases:

  • for rubbing the nose from the inside;
  • cooking drops with a cold;
  • in case of burns and for early healing of wounds;
  • natural remedy effectively against decubitus and fistula;
  • trophic ulcers;

  • purulent infections;
  • is used in case of gum bleeding.

The plant has the ability to purify the air and kill harmful microbes. For treatment, leaves or stems are used.

How to make a drop in the nose of the Kalanchoe juice

How to make drops in the nose of Kalanchoe

  1. As a rule, the plant can be used in its pure form to cure a cold. Make the juice simple. You need to grind the sheet, wrap it in gauze and squeeze out with a spoon. Bury up to five drops.
  2. Another way to treat colds is to mix aloe and calanchoe juice in equal parts, mix well. Bury three times a day.
  3. You can mix the onion juice and the Kalanchoe. Onion finely cut, wrapped in gauze and squeezed out the contents of a tablespoon. The proportion here is slightly different than with the use of aloe: in the finished composition, two parts of the Kalanchoe and one part of the onion. The resulting composition is buried in the nose.
  4. If the proposed compounds seem too vigorous, you can prepare a decoction. A few leaves are poured a small amount of boiling water, insist. After the broth cools down, it is filtered. Bury them three times a day.
  5. Especially effective results are achieved by mixing the juice of leaves of a medicinal plant and honey. To prepare healing drops, a small amount of honey is added.

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