How to make hair thick

How to make hair thick


  • What prevents you from making your hair long and thick
  • How to maintain and increase the density of hair
  • How to quickly grow thick long hair
  • Flax seeds are a simple effective tool for hair density

Long thick hair not only adds beauty and attractiveness. Brilliant luxurious head of hair speaks of remarkable health. Many are convinced that with sufficient length, the hair turns into a kind of antenna, with which it is easier to receive information from the universe, which is especially important when practicing magic. A curl wrapped around a button on the clothes of a loved one constantly reminds one of his half, and also protects him from various misfortunes. Many know how to make hair thick from early childhood – do not cut the child until it turns a year old. Too early haircut can prevent hair from getting longer and thicker.

What prevents you from making your hair long and thick

How to make hair thick

  • For a normal life cycle of hair follicles, a balanced diet is needed, primarily rich in vitamins and trace elements . Especially harmful is the lack of vitamins C, E, P, Group B.
  • Hair is 90% composed of protein , which means that you need a sufficient amount of protein food.
  • To make the head of hair longer and thicker, you need a sufficient supply of microelements copper and zinc .

Copper is considered a “female” element, contributes to the production of sex hormones. If enough copper, the hair and skin are strong and healthy, the body is flexible and slim. A useful trace is contained in cucumbers , pork liver , nuts , cheese , meat of birds , yolks eggs , chocolate , infusion hips .

Recommended daily dose of “male” element zinc is from 5 to 20 mg. This amount should come with food. Zinc is a part of cell membranes, rejuvenates and revitalizes the skin, promotes hair growth. It is especially useful to use products containing zinc, along with vitamin A. In this case, the vitamin is more efficiently delivered to each cell. A lot of zinc in sprouted wheat and other cereals, strawberries , beef , liver , nuts .

Prolonged intake of one of these trace elements in vitamin complexes causes deficiency of the other, because they are antagonists. So do not take them at the same time.

It’s no secret that modern cosmetic procedures that help both to make hair thick, and to give them shine, well-groomed appearance, are not useful to their health. Chemical perm, dyeing, use of a hair dryer interfere with growing a thick long hair.

How to maintain and increase the thickness of hair

How to make hair thick

  • The head is best washed with soft water, it rinses well and revitalizes the hair.
  • The frequency of washing depends on the degree of contamination of the head. In this case, you need to use a care product, chosen to take into account the type of hair. It is better not to use shampoos with conditioning additives, as shampoo and conditioner are antagonists.
    In spite of the fact that manufacturers have found a way to make the air conditioner work only when it is necessary to wash off the formed foam, which speeds up the washing of the head, the concentration of active substances in such formulations is lower than in specialized products. Especially useful are those that use natural moisturizing proteins, made, for example, from salmon. They attach volume and strengthen hair scales, why the hair ceases to become tangled.
  • To wash the head, it is necessary to use warm water, hot stimulates the work of the sebaceous glands. Wash off shampoo with cool water. Do not rub hard to avoid sebum.
  • To make your hair thick, do not go for a long time with a turban, dry your head with a hair dryer.
  • To improve blood supply and metabolism, it is useful to use such an effective means of giving a density, like a scalp massage. It is performed by the pads of the fingers, the movements can be stroking, rubbing, circular. The procedure helps to awaken the “sleeping” hair follicles.

How fast to grow thick long hair

How to make hair thick

The number of hair follicles is determined genetically, so it’s unlikely to exceed the level set by nature. But if, due to one or another reason, the hair’s hair thins, becomes thin and brittle, one has to choose one way or another to make it thicker. The result is achieved by using natural masks and folk remedies.

Homemade onion mask without smell to increase hair length

Onion juice helps to make hair thicker and longer, and stops the processes of falling out, reversing them. The natural density is restored after two to three months of the procedure.

For making onion juice, it is better to use a meat grinder. Pass through it two large bulbs, immediately separating the resulting juice from the pulp with a strainer, and then squeezing the pulp with fingers or a spoon.

The onion mask for growth and hair growth is rubbed into the roots. The head is covered with a plastic wrap and a towel. After two hours, the juice is washed off with shampoo, the head is naturally dried. A simple measure effectively removes the characteristic onion odor.

How to make a honey mask for hair density

One chicken yolk mixed with 1 tsp honey , 1 ч.л. cognac , 1 tbsp. Burdock oil . The thoroughly mixed composition is rubbed into the hair roots.

The head is covered with a film and a towel for 1.5-2 hours, then the mask is washed off with shampoo.

Folk recipes make hair longer and thicker

  • Take 15-20 g roots or 1 tbsp. leaves of burdock , brew with a glass of boiling water, simmer on a water bath for half an hour, drain.
    Rub the broth into the scalp, wash it off after half an hour.
  • Prepare a decoction of herbs, taking 1hl. rose petals , peppermint , sage . Brew the mixture with a glass of boiling water, insist 10 minutes.
    Moisten the head and rub the beaten egg , making a light massage. Leave the mask for 5 minutes, then rinse with warm water, where to add the cooked herbal decoction. The head should dry naturally.

After washing and drying your head well, rinsings using herbal decoctions are useful for hair growth and increase in their density.

  • It is believed that for dark hair, nettle , oak cortex , hop cones , St. John’s Wort лучше are best suited.
  • For light, use chamomile or roots of aura .

Recipe for broth: 2 tablespoons. selected herbs pour 3 cups of boiling water, insist for an hour, drain.

How to make hair thicker at home

First, an herbal decoction is prepared, corresponding to the color of the hair.

Then 1 с.л. broth, egg yolk, 1 p.s. yeast mix, put in a warm place for one hour. Before application, so that the hair becomes thicker, add 1 tablespoon. Burdock oil . The head should be covered with polyethylene and wrapped with a towel, after half an hour wash.

Use this tool twice a week for a month, then take a break for at least two months.

Flax seeds – simple effective means for hair density

How to make hair thick

Flax seeds and the resulting oil are half composed of polyunsaturated fatty acids Omega-3, as well as Omega-6 and Omega- 9. It is known that the daily requirement for Omega-3 is 1.1g for women and 1.6g for men. In a tablespoon contains about 1.8 g of oil. This means that women are required to take an in-house tablespoonful.

Adequate receipt of oil and flax seeds helps prevent cardiovascular diseases, lower cholesterol, normalize blood pressure.Reception with the preventive purpose inside improves a kind and a density of a head of hear without application of special masks, helps to lower weight.

Natural flaxseed oil is rapidly oxidized, therefore, in no case should it be fried, as when heating oxidation processes are accelerated. In plant seeds, useful acids are kept in a more stable state.

The way to make hair a thick intake of oil inside requires a certain caution, especially when there are stones in the gallbladder. The fact is that muscle contractions can cause hepatic colic.

How to make a mask for the density of hair based on linseed oil

To improve the appearance and condition of the hair, it is useful to apply a mask of linseed oil .

Flax seed oil in the amount of 1 p.s. mixed with 2 leaves honey and 4 yolks of chicken eggs . The mask is applied over the entire length of the head of hair, the head is covered with a film and a towel for 40 minutes.

Apply the mask twice a week for a month.

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