How to normalize the work of the intestine

How to normalize the work of the intestine


  • What causes failure
  • What should be the right diet?
  • Why it is necessary to regularly clean the intestines

  • Prevention measures
  • Home cleaning of the intestines with proper nutrition

Obviously, the use of quality food has a positive effect on health and well-being. But even the best quality food needs to be digested and assimilated, so that the body uses the useful substances and energy contained in it. If the stomach or intestine fails, a deficiency of vitamins, microelements is formed. There are various ailments – insomnia, headache, skin rashes, exacerbations of chronic diseases. Knowing how to normalize the work of the intestine, it is possible to improve the health of the entire body without drugs.

  • use of poorly purified water;
  • increased pathogenic intestinal microflora;
  • a long reception of antibiotics, resulting in the death of useful microorganisms, with which the body learned to live in symbiosis.
  • If frequent manifestations of diarrhea are accompanied by fever, nausea and vomiting, you should self-medicate. It is necessary to consult a doctor. In simple cases it is possible to normalize the work of the intestines on its own.

    What should be the right food? Some get a bad habit of washing down food with water, tea, compote. Sometimes it takes root so firmly that it is taken for granted to wash down the soup.

    In fact, liquid consumed during a meal flushes out gastric juice. The organism has to work it out again. As a result, the digestive system constantly works with the maximum load, which ultimately can lead to gastritis.

    Extra fluid is only needed when eating excessively dry food so that it does not lie in the stomach and afterwards you do not have to worry about normalizing the bowels.

    Some specially drink tea not after eating, but 20 minutes before eating. During this time, the liquid appears in the blood, and in the body there is a supply of moisture for natural digestion, producing enough gastric juice. After eating, it is best not to use the liquid for more than an hour.

    Regular inclusion in the diet of semi-finished products, as well as foods flavored with preservatives, diluents, disintegrants, sweeteners significantly increases the load on the intestines and liver.

    Proper nutrition habits need to be purchased in order to optimally consume the vital resource of the digestive system, without its excessive underload and overload.

    The digestive system works optimally if fresh natural foods are used. They contain a lot of different vitamins, enzymes. When heat treated, their amount is significantly reduced.

    Why it is necessary to regularly cleanse the intestines

    How to normalize the work of the intestine

    It is not accidentally said that a person is what he eats. And if the place where it is digested what it eats, is heavily polluted and not cleaned for years, expect various diseases, premature old age.

    If you use unsuitable products that complicate the digestive process, the complexion, overall well-being deteriorates. Therefore, it is worth periodically cleaning the intestines one way or another.

    To normalize the activity of the intestine, at least twice a year, get rid of the pathogenic microflora, the accumulated harmful substances. It is known that almost any serious disease is accompanied by a mass of parasites in the digestive system of the patient.

    It is useful to periodically take courses to cleanse the intestines from parasites with a triple Ivanchenko.For its preparation, buy in the pharmacy flower baskets tansy , leaves or wormwood fruit , in the supermarket seeds of carnation . Grind each component in a coffee grinder, mix 4 parts of tansy, 1 part wormwood, 2 parts cloves.

    Take a triplet for 1 hour. without the top half an hour before a meal, drinking half a glass of water:

    • on the first day before breakfast;
    • on the second day before breakfast and lunch;
    • eight consecutive days 3 times a day before meals.

    After triad is taken once a week for several months, up to six months. The composition contributes to the normalization of the intestine, destroys the parasites.

    Prevention measures

    How to normalize the work of the intestine

    In order to prevent and restore intestinal microflora, it is useful to include in the diet dairy products, sauerkraut. Such food creates a favorable breeding ground for the reproduction of fermented bacteria, which produce and give up the necessary enzymes and other useful substances to the body.

    Sour and fresh dairy products are useful in the content of lactic acid. It is a nutrient medium for saprophyte microflora. In some cases, in order to normalize the work of the intestine, it is sufficient to restore the balance of saprophytic and pathogenic microflora, “good” and “bad” microorganisms.

    During meals, it is important to engage in food, and not give all attention to the TV program or film.

    Worsen digestion and peristalsis stress, nerve strain. In an agitated emotional state, it is recommended to slightly snack or completely skip the intake of food, as it will not benefit from it.

    The work of the digestive system is slowed down by products containing tannins. First of all, strong tea – black or green, cocoa, walnuts.

    Tanning agents act on the mucous membrane, which makes its ability to promote content deteriorate. As a result, the natural processes of self-purification of the body are suspended or significantly slowed down.

    or yarrow .

    Normalizes peristalsis, stimulates the secretion of bile intake on an empty stomach sour cream or 1с.л. vegetable oil .

    To clean and improve bowel function, it is useful to eat vegetable juices, natural kvass, fermentation.

    продукты For natural self-purification of the intestine, foods containing fiber are useful. It is worth including in the diet bran , mushrooms , bread from wholemeal, buckwheat or barley porridge , beet , carrots , cabbage . Dietary fibers effectively remove harmful substances from the body, perform internal cleaning.

    To naturally cleanse the digestive system, it is useful to include in the diet and take cold dishes on an empty stomach: okroshku , beetroot .

    Grapes , dried apricots , apples , peaches , melons , blueberries also possess purifying properties.

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