How to organize family leisure time and find time for it – types of family leisure for parents and children

How to organize family leisure time and find time for it - types of family leisure for parents and children How difficult it is to find time for a family vacation, when parents work endlessly, while children have studies, then additional classes in groups and sections! And when free time still appears, the only thing that households have enough fantasy is watching TV or a collective “meeting” on the Internet.

And after all, common leisure is also the formation of strong and good family traditions, which are so important for children and the family as a whole …

  • How to find time for leisure?
  • Planning and best options for family leisure
  • Types of family leisure for parents and children – what to do all together in your spare time?

    The interests of children of different sexes and ages do not coincide very often (each has his own preferences) – what can we say about the interests of children and parents!

    But the role of general family rest is extremely important – both for a favorable atmosphere in the house, and for the formation in children of the right attitude to the family.

    Despite the difference in interests, it is quite possible to unite the family with one idea. Of course, only with the desire of everyone, enthusiasm for the process of preparation and the very conduct of recreation.

    Leisure for the whole family – what is it? It can be active (joint trekking in the mountains) or passive (playing a monopoly). The choice of a type of recreation depends on the weather, conditions and opportunities – as well as wishes.

    How to organize family leisure time and find time for it - types of family leisure for parents and children

    What are the options for a family holiday?

    1. Active games. Ideal if they are conducted in the fresh air. Such a rest will not only give everyone a boost of energy and will raise the mood, but it will also be an excellent foundation for laying out the child’s strong health. There are a lot of games, and you can choose the one that the whole family will like – fitness, swimming, playing volleyball or basketball, family bike riding with a picnic at the end of the trip or skating (roller skates).
    2. Dancing. This type of outdoor activity has become very fashionable today, both among adults and among children. And places in which you can learn to dance with the whole family is also enough. It remains only to choose the direction – classical ballroom dances or modern. It is not necessary to set a goal – to reach any heights. It’s enough just to enjoy the rest.
    3. Board games. Option for lazy fans of passive rest. If fatigue after school and work is too great and there are no forces for active rest, then one can choose one of the table games (monopoly, puzzles, maps, scrabble, etc.) that will enthrall the whole family. And if it does not have the strength, then you can choose an interesting movie for everyone and arrange a family viewing in the home theater on a fluffy carpet and with a bag of “yummies.”
    4. Cultural rest. Rest is not just a beach, barbecue and a sofa with TV. Why not spend a holiday culturally? Learn something new, expand horizons, instill in children the love of beauty. If the children are still too small for exhibitions and art galleries, you can choose a circus show, an interesting museum, a colorful play or even a new cartoon in a good movie theater. And you can go on a tour of those urban corners, in which even mom and dad have not yet looked.
    5. We create a workshop at home. If in your family – all creative households, and all have golden hands, then you can find a common passion that will save a family from boredom on a rainy or frosty weekend, and unite all of one creative activity. However, if every member of the family in this workshop has his own occupation – it’s also good. Dad and his son can design, work on wood or create robots, and mother with daughter – drawing, quilling, making soap or making toys by felting.Yes, few interesting studies! And the lack of experience is not an obstacle, because today there are detailed master classes on the web for any creative activity. And if it goes, then such joint weekend can even be gradually brought to a profitable family business.
    6. Family scrapbooking books. An interesting idea that can become a good family tradition . Within a week, we need to collect all the little things that we usually put in books and boxes for memory – dried flowers from a memorable walk, tickets from an interesting movie session, funny photos, funny flyers from a box and ads from newspapers, and so on. At the weekend, the whole family with these memorable little things is filled with a scrapbooking book, which is supplemented by funny comments of all household members.
    7. Family tourism. If time and money are lacking, then this is one of the most wonderful ideas for family leisure. Speech, of course, is not about a trip to the islands to sunbathe on the golden sand near the ocean, but about useful tourism, combining interesting excursions and active recreation. It also includes family trips with a tent, fishing rods and a guitar: we teach children to light a bonfire, live without gadgets, enjoy reality and simple things without the Internet, distinguish edible mushrooms from inedible, survive in the woods and look for ways to get people to moss / the sun and so on.

    Of course, there is much more to do. We brought only the most popular and relevant.

    But most importantly – this is not a kind of leisure, but the attitude of all household members to it. How to distribute responsibilities in the family equally?

    Even a general cleaning or planting a seedling in your garden with the whole family can become a wonderful family pastime, if the family likes to spend time together.

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    How to find time for leisure in the family – and correctly calculate it?

    For more than one year, psychologists, educators and home-grown Internet experts have been looking for a way to tear children away from computers. Thousands of ways to do this have been invented and thousands of tips have been written for the parents who have left their hands. But the solution to this problem of the century is more than simple: you just need to spend more time with the children.

    Of course, when our cute kids become teenagers, it’s too late to change anything (although there are chances!), But if your children are still young – do not waste time! Even an hour or two spent by parents with children is already great. And to find an hour once a day – only the most busy parents will be able to find only their child (exclusively for him!).

    And, of course, family vacation – as a prevention of any teenage problems that modern parents face.

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    How to find the time for this holiday?

    • We plan to have family leisure. And we start to do it at the beginning of the week. Naturally, taking into account the wishes of all members of the family and their interests. Where you go and what you do – it should be decided for a family dinner, when everyone is in a good mood. If you choose something concrete does not work out because of disagreements, decide by voting.
    • Next – preparing for rest. Children (and parents!) Should look forward to every weekend, knowing that they will spend 2 more memorable days with mom and dad.
    • Do not plan any business for the weekend – and remind the household of it. If someone has urgent business for the weekend, you should be ready to quickly adjust / restructure the “schedule” of rest so that everyone gets on it.
    • Plan 2-3 vacation options “for every fire case.” Life is unpredictable, and it’s better if you have a “plan B” in reserve.
    • Prepare lists of family vacation options that will suit you financially.
    • Prepare for your holiday in advance! If you are going to the cinema – find the best movie theater, book the best places. If you are going on a trip, find the most interesting excursion, collect all the inventory that you may need. When choosing the option with a hike together, find the most beautiful place for rest, fishing and other pleasures.

    Parents to note:

    What do you remember when you think of your childhood? General family holidays, hiking with a tent, merry events “on a potato”, preparation of gifts for the whole family for the new year, roller-coaster ride for the whole family on cardboard or on one sled, and much more.

    And what will your children remember? You do not want the most vivid memories of them to be views of stupid programs or hundreds of likes in a social network?

    Look for time for your children – no matter how old they are!

    Only your personal attention and your sincere interest can distract them from bad companies and actions, instill all the bright, kind and useful things.

    How to organize family leisure time and find time for it - types of family leisure for parents and children

    We plan leisure and choose the best options for your family!

    Why is leisure planning so important?

    Because in the absence of preparation, there will certainly be some obstacle to a full planned rest, and you will have to be tired of boredom at home, eating at the TV or computers with the whole family. As a consequence – no positive emotions, no active rest, but also extra pounds.

    Therefore, a clear plan and preparation is an obligatory and main condition for a good rest!

    We remember the most important rules for planning family leisure:

    1. We compile lists of all possible activities that would be of interest to all household members. It is better if each member of the family compiles his list, and after they can be combined into one.
    2. We break all the activities into categories. For example, passive, active, financially expensive, and so on.
    3. We choose an event for a day off, which everyone should like. For someone who is not very happy with the choice, you need to come up with some encouragement. For example, he chooses a type of rest for the next family weekend.
    4. We carefully study the plan of the event , so as not to spoil your weekend. No less carefully working out a backup option.

    And – the main thing. Do not miss this opportunity – to spend with family members a warm family weekend.

    It does not matter if it’s a lotto and tea with cookies, or an ascent to the top – the main thing is for you to be well together.

    Those very moments that are priceless will be pleasant gifts for the whole family and a wonderful anti-stress.

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