How to properly sunbathe

How to properly sunbathe


  • Why tanning is needed
  • What is the sun tan in the sun different from that obtained in the solarium
  • What is the SPF factor
  • How to take sun baths
  • How to properly sunbathe in the sun for the first time
  • How much sunbathing to properly tan
  • Contra-indications

The sun is a natural doctor, and so you need to sunbathe. Although some people find it dangerous to health. How true is this? As usual, the truth is somewhere in the middle, as it is proper to sunbathe – means, first of all, to observe the measure. Take sun baths carefully, taking into account existing contraindications and health status.

Why tanning is needed

Many people are convinced that ultraviolet rays are harmful. First of all, that the skin is aging. In fact, both their overabundance and the deficit are harmful.

  • Under the influence of ultraviolet in the body, vitamin D, the so-called “vitamin sun”, is formed. It strengthens the muscles, bones, its sufficient intake serves as the prevention of rickets .
  • The necessary ultraviolet stimulates in the body metabolic processes, blood circulation, improves endocrine activity.
  • Ultraviolet helps to cope with various lesions of the skin: acne , eczema , fungus . Of course, in this case, before sunbathing, it is worth consulting with a doctor.

Than sunburn differs from that obtained in the solarium

How to properly sunbathe

It is believed that in the solarium it is possible to more accurately and optimally match the combination of ultraviolet waves of spectra A and B, while excluding the S- wave, which makes the salon procedure safer. It is possible to shorten the time of onset of the cosmetic result, since the tan “sticks” faster than on the beach.

The intensity of radiation can be controlled in the solarium. The sun’s rays are subject to a large number of factors, they act depending on the time of the day, the season, the latitude of the place.

On the other hand, according to available research, the power of the B-spectrum lamps used in some salons is equivalent to the power of solar radiation, while the power of UVA lamps often exceeds the Sun by a factor of 10-15, although such irradiation does not cause burns.

The predominance in UV-A radiation does not cause an increase in the synthesis of the pigment melanin , which is part of the iris of the eyes and imparts color to the hair, this tan is less durable. If there is no UV-B in the spectrum, there is no increase in the production of vitamin D.

Doctors do not recommend going to the solarium more than 2 times a week, in the year of sessions there should not be more than 30.

However, when the solarium is visited, the melanin production is exactly as well as on the Sun, it’s a natural tan. Some people going on vacation specially visit the solarium to prepare pale skin for the upcoming sun baths by the sea.

Artificial darkening of the skin is also caused by sprays, special compounds for dyeing the skin. The procedure is called “bronzing”, or “sunless tanning.” Keeps such a “tan” for a short time, on average a week or a little longer, after which it is washed off. Obviously, the body does not benefit from UV radiation in this case.

What is the SPF factor

How to properly sunbathe

When using this or that anti-tanning protection, you can often see the SPF marking. The abbreviation stands for Sun Protection Factor, a sunscreen factor. Values ​​can range from 2 to 50, with the strongest protective properties of a cosmetic product with an SPF value of 50.

The value determines how many times you can stay in the sun and not get burned than if you do not use this tool.

Of course, it all depends on the type of skin. If it is white, a cream with a higher value is required than the owners of the swarthy skin.

  1. In case of white skin, light hair without risk of burning, it is allowed to stay in the sun for no longer than 5 minutes.When using a cream with an SPF factor of 50, the time theoretically increases 50 times, but it is not worth the risk.
  2. In the presence of light blond hair, brown or blue eyes and light skin, you can choose a means with a value of 30-40.
  3. If the skin is light, but the hair is light brown or chestnut, the eyes are dark, there is enough remedy with an SPF value of 8 to 15.
  4. If the skin is dark, the hair and eyes are dark, in the sun without adequate protection it can be up to half an hour. It is quite enough cream with SPF-factor 8.

It is important to understand that two layers of cream with SPF = 20 do not give the same effect as applying one layer of SPF = 40.

How to take sun baths

How to properly sunbathe

To properly tan, you need to fix the time of the first application of the cream. Even if the cream is absorbed and re-applied, for example, after bathing, the total time allowed for sun exposure is still counted from the initial moment of skin protection.

Additional information in the form of combinations of the abbreviations UVA, UVB can be indicated on the package of the remedy, which indicates additional protection against ultraviolet radiation of the type A or B.

  • The excess of UV-A causes the formation of pigment spots, birthmarks, skin aging rough and less elastic.
  • Excessive irradiation of UV-B causes a burn, in moderate dosage it is necessary for the formation of sunburn.

Correctly start to sunbathe using a sunscreen with a higher degree of protection than is required. Typically, this means with the value of SPF 20 and above. When the skin adapts, you can go to a tool with a lower value of the protection factor.

To protect the eyes from wrinkles and too bright light, water glare, it is recommended to use correctly selected sunglasses.

The head must be protected by a suitable hood to protect against heat stroke. Do not tightly tie your hair with a kerchief, sunbathe in a bathing cap.

How to properly sunbathe in the sun for the first time

If for the first time this season you went to the sea, the beach or to the country, you should get the right tan gradually, preferably in the morning or evening. But not by day, when the risk of getting the greatest burn. Especially in the morning and evening hours, there is less heat from the ground and air.

Sunbaths should be taken more correctly 30-40 minutes after eating. Do not go to the beach on an empty stomach.

It’s better to lie with your feet to the sun, to turn over more often. To sleep better at home, since falling asleep on the beach, it’s easy to get burned.

After a sun bath, lie in the shade, letting the body cool down. You can take a cool shower, go for a swim.

It is useful to sunbathe, performing various physical movements, participating in sports games and competitions.

How much sunbathing to properly tan

How to properly sunbathe

Being in the south of Russia, the most optimal time for tanning is from 7 to 10 hours. In the middle lane in the summer, you can practice recovery from 8 to 11 am. It is better to go out of town so that you can not distort the spectrum of solar radiation.

  • When in the sun, do not soften the skin with Vaseline or glycerin. Their droplets form microlenses, which enhance the action of the rays, resulting in a burn.
  • Going into the water, it is useful to pre-apply sunscreen on the skin, as the sun works remarkably through clear water.
  • On a hot beach, it is often necessary to lubricate the skin with a sunscreen, as sweat quickly neutralizes it.

In an effort to make the most of summer heat and the life-giving effect of the sun’s rays, one should not be too fond of the sun. Since the skin is stress, from the excessive exposure to sunlight, it is more intensely aging.


It is not necessary to sunbathe in the sun or in the solarium with a significant number of birthmarks, freckles, after a long sunburn, if close blood relatives recorded malignant melanoma .

Caution should be exercised if the body has moles of considerable size, from one and a half centimeters. A strong southern sun can cause their most negative mutations. Moles, especially large, it is better not to substitute the rays, protecting a special cream.

Particular attention should be given to the correct suntan in the case of tender sensitive skin.

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