How to pull a splinter

How to pull a splinter


  • What are the dangers of a common splinter?
  • How to pull a splinter with a needle

  • How to remove a splinter from under the nail
  • How to pull out a broken splinter
  • How to properly treat the wound

Getting a splinter is relatively easy, much harder to pull it out. How to pull the splinter correctly and without possible complications, so that afterwards you do not have to go to medical help or even do an operation? Seemingly insignificant skin damage can cause the most serious consequences.

What are the dangers of an ordinary splinter?

It is important to understand that if there is a splinter in the skin, it must be removed as soon as possible. Otherwise, if it will be in the tissues for about six hours, there is a danger of getting an acute purulent inflammation of the fingers – panarits. External inclusion can cause swelling. In some cases, tetanus is possible – an acute bacterial disease, in which the nervous system is affected, there is a muscle strain accompanied by convulsions.

The first thing to do before pulling a splinter is to maximize the disinfection of the skin around the lesion. You can use hydrogen peroxide, alcohol. Cologne, iodine, vodka and green are suitable.

руки Hands must be clean before pulling a foreign object out of their own hands, they must be washed with soap. The assistant also needs to wash his hands. It is recommended to treat with twig or iodine solution tweezers or a needle, through which the extraction will be as easy and safe as possible.

If the splinter is not very well visible, place around it is useful to moisten with a solution of potassium permanganate. In addition to disinfection, this technique helps to distinguish foreign inclusion much better, since the wound becomes significantly darker.

How to pull a splinter with a needle

How to pull a splinter

  • The needle needs to be gently, at right angles, inserted into its body. The splinter is pulled out after the tip of the needle is securely fixed.
  • If the method does not work, you can gently enlarge the wound with a needle and try to pull out the tip with tweezers.
  • If the body of the inclusion turned almost parallel to the skin, with the help of a needle it is necessary to pry the skin, destroying it. After that, the foreign inclusion is easy to pull out.

How to remove the splinter from under the nail

Despite the apparent harmlessness, extraneous inclusion under the fingernail, if it can not be immediately pulled out, causes a lot of inconvenience and discomfort. After all, this place is especially sensitive and therefore painful. This circumstance was used even at the time of the Inquisition, when a person was required to obtain this or that confession. To achieve recognition, under the nails drove the needles.

Because of the high probability of infection, the lesion under the nail is especially dangerous. If delayed with pulling out, under the fingernail there may be an anaerobic infection (gas gangrene). When germs that are capable of multiplying exclusively in anoxic environment get into the wound, if blood vessels are damaged and arterial blood flow stops, gas bubbles form in the tissues. Then the tissues are dead, and the infection spreads further, causing a lethal outcome. Pathogens of anaerobic infection live in the soil, their spores persist for a long time in air dust.

If the object caught in the skin is not pulled out in any way, you can try to steam out your finger. In the maximum hot water that can be sustained, add soda or salt. Then lower your finger and keep it under water until the water cools down and becomes warm. If necessary, steam can be repeated. Often, this method helps in the most difficult cases.

If the splinter is under the fingernail and can not be pulled out, you need to go to a medical facility.If necessary, before it is pulled out, local anesthesia will be done, and the wound will be treated skillfully.

How to pull out the broken splinter

How to pull a splinter

If part of it remains in the thick, you can try to apply the following folk way to pull the splinter. It is necessary to thoroughly chew a piece of bread (without crust), sprinkled with salt. Then place the gruel at the site of the lesion, fix it with a plaster. After 4-6 hours, the balance should come out. Place the lesion to be cleaned of the remains of bread and disinfected as described below.

How to properly treat the wound

After the splinter pull is successfully completed, you need to disinfect the area with a solution of potassium permanganate, and then grease it with iodine or greenery. Cologne, alcohol or vodka are suitable.

Despite this, the place of pulling out can become inflamed. For inflammation it is necessary to apply liniment of synthomycin . After all, if there is no infection in the wound, it is quickly prolonged. But the signs of suppuration is an alarming factor and therefore it is recommended to see a doctor.

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