How to pump the press to the dice

How to pump the press to the dice


  • How the muscles of the abdomen are arranged
  • Proper nutrition during inflation of the press cubes
  • How to pump the dice correctly
  • Home exercises for the upper abdominal muscles
  • How to pump up lower cubes of the press
  • Exercise to inflate the upper and lower press cubes
  • Is it possible to pump the ideal cubes of the press in a week?

It is believed that the pumped-up musculature of the abdomen is a sign of beauty, harmonious physique and health. This is true, especially if you remember that, for example, the transverse abdominal muscle is important for the optimal functioning of the lumbar region. With her weakness, the back can hurt, more often spinal injuries occur. The abdominal muscles participate in walking, maintain the stomach, liver, kidneys, pancreas. With their lack of training, a paunch is formed. To train the abdominal muscles, it does not necessarily become a bodybuilder, since to pump the press to cubes at home on the strength of each. The main requirement is the regularity of training, sufficient rest and proper nutrition.

How is the musculature of the abdomen

To properly pump the press at home, it is worthwhile to figure out what “cubes” are, although they are more correctly called “squares”, and how many of them should appear as a result of training .

The so-called “cubes” are formed by straight muscles. There are two, one on the left and one on the right. Each muscle is divided into 4 cubes, there are 8 in all. The square shape is only in the top six, the lower pair is more like two triangles.

Proper nutrition during inflation of the press cubes

How to pump the press to the dice

достато For a faster increase in muscle mass, a sufficient supply of protein is required in front of the stomach. It is necessary for the effective disposal of excess fat, since the digestion and assimilation of protein products consumes a lot of calories.

Carbohydrates should be eaten after a sports load, so they do not have time to turn into fat, because the tired muscles of the press need a quick recovery and energy for growth.

It’s important to keep in mind that the abdominal muscles recover fairly quickly, so the training load needs to be regularly modified.

To practice better every day, doing 15-20 repetitions of each exercise.

Of course, a beginner athlete should not be subjected to too much work, otherwise the next day the muscles will begin to ache. Better gradualness and enjoyment of training. We need to give time to get involved and have a little patience, not aiming to achieve relief cubes for a week. It will not be very long, as sports will begin to give pleasure and improve mood because of the released into the blood endorphins .

The first workout can consist of 3-4 exercises, each performed in three approaches. Gradually, the number of repetitions can be increased, bringing to the recommended 15-20.

To improve the abdominal musculature constantly increasing, you need to train the upper and lower abdominal muscles. Then we can expect a faster result.

Home exercises for the upper abdominal muscles

How to pump the press to the dice

To quickly pump the press to the dice, at home, you need to regularly perform the following sports moves.


Lie on your back, bend slightly diluted legs in your knees to keep your feet pressed to the floor. Palms to place on the back of the head, but if the level of training is low, they can be located along the trunk.

Lifting the shoulders and torso, try to reach the right shoulder to the left knee. Hold for a few seconds, return to the starting position, then repeat for the other side.

Raising the legs

полезно To raise the cubes of the press, it is useful to lift the hips. Lie on the floor on your back, palms behind your head or stretch your arms forward.Raise your legs at an angle of about 45 degrees. Movements should be smooth, in the upper position they will stay for a while, then slowly lower their legs to the floor.

Simultaneous lifting of hands and feet

To inflate and emphasize the relief of cubes, it is worth learning how to do the following exercise for the press. It may seem difficult for beginners, since it requires appropriate sports training.

Lying on your back, stretch out your arms. Smoothly raise your straightened legs and arms, trying to reach the top position with your fingertips until the feet rise. After touching, you need to wait a couple of seconds and take the original position.

To strengthen and develop the lower abdominal muscles, lie on your back, stretch out your arms, Raise your straightened legs, pulling the hips off the floor. When doing the exercise, you should try to touch your toes over your head.

  • If there is a turnstile at home or in the yard, you need to hang and raise your legs to inflate the press, trying to touch your knees with your shoulders. This exercise helps to quickly cope with the bulging belly and achieve “cubes”.
  • Lying on your back, bend your knees to keep the feet on the floor. Hands are parallel to the trunk. Try to touch the right knee with the left knee, but with the right knee of the left hand bend. After touching, take a short pause and slowly take the starting position.
  • Exercise “bike”: lying on your back, imitate with the feet the rotation of the bicycle pedals. The palms are attached to the back of the head. Try to reach out with your right knee to the left elbow, your left knee to the right elbow.
  • Exercise to inflate the upper and lower dice of the press

    How to pump the press to the dice

    This exercise also requires some sports training, so it can be difficult for beginners to do. On the other hand, it excellently develops the upper and lower abdominal muscles, which makes the cubes become more prominent.

    Lying on your back, stretch your arms along the trunk. Raise your straightened legs approximately at an angle of 45 degrees, hold in this position, then slowly lower them down, and without touching the heels of the floor, raise your legs again and touch them to the right of the trunk, then to the left. Take the original position.

    Is it possible to pump the ideal cubes of the press for a week?

    How to pump the press to the dice

    It is not difficult to make sure that the proposed exercises for training the press to cubes at home do not require special adaptations, except that the rug. Doing regular and not overtraining, especially at the beginning, will soon come close to the intended result.

    Of course, to achieve a relief press for a week will be few, especially when the level of sports training is low. Muscle mass grows much slower. Some manage to improve the figure in a month, others need several times more time.

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