How to pump up the buttocks

How to pump up the buttocks


  • What are the buttocks
  • How to lose weight in the buttocks
  • How to tighten and pump up the buttocks without special exercises
  • How to pump up the buttocks at home and at work
  • How quickly pump up the buttocks with effective exercises at home

Every girl or woman tries to avoid large buttocks. The ideal ass looks proportional, strong, tight and elastic. Knowing how to pump up the buttocks at home with properly selected exercises, the girls manage to quickly give a beautiful shape to the lower back so that after enjoying the admiring glances of men and envious women. In addition, moderately inflated gluteal muscles give additional confidence, the ability to wear things that are still difficult or embarrassing to wear.

What are buttocks

Gluteal muscles at the end of the spine are necessary for a straight gait. Outside they are covered with a fat pad.

Nutrients accumulate in fat cells. Due to a special device, female fat cells increase in size much faster than males.

If the fat pad is practically absent or thin from nature, it is not comfortable to sit for a long time. Gluteal muscles begin to swell quickly and dumb.

How to lose weight in the buttocks

How to pump up the buttocks

Fat deposits on the lower back, on the abdomen, hips accumulate for various reasons.

Before training and inflating the buttocks, you need to reduce their large size, eliminate fat stores. Excess body weight, even in a calm state, creates an increased burden on the heart and blood vessels. When performing exercises for the buttocks, thighs and abdomen, the accumulated fat causes excessive rapidity of the pulse, jumps the blood pressure.

Therefore, before you pump up the buttocks, it is necessary to revise the diet, to ensure the optimal intake of calories. Exclude foods with food additives, preservatives. The body is not always able to evacuate through the intestines the waste products of processing these products. As a result, harmful substances accumulate in adipose tissue.

The accumulation of fat on the buttocks, abdomen or thighs is often associated with a slow metabolism.

The optimal rate of metabolic reactions is affected by the hormonal level, the intake of sufficient amounts of vitamins and minerals, the necessary daily physical activity.

The rate of metabolic processes decreases the harmful substances accumulated on the walls of the intestine. In a natural way, the digestive system is purified by the regular consumption of vegetables and fruits, rich in plant fibers-soluble and insoluble fiber.

In addition, twice a year it is necessary to get rid of intestinal parasites, which generate a lot of waste, weakening the immune system and the speed of metabolic processes.

The rate of exchange reactions slows down when fasting, when the body goes into austerity.

Learn about the specific ways to speed up the metabolism, how to clean the stomach and sides can be in the relevant articles of the site “The power of health.”

How to tighten and pump up the buttocks without special exercises

How to pump up the buttocks

The simplest exercise for the buttocks and thighs is a morning or evening walk. For a pedestrian route, you will definitely need the appropriate shoes. On the heels of pleasure and benefit is not enough.

Walking in the fresh air, performed at the appropriate pace, pumps up the buttocks, tones the muscles, causes the lower back to move, trains the heart and blood vessels, strengthens blood circulation and lymph flow, helps the body get rid of excess fluid.

More effective exercise is to pump up the buttocks and thighs, reduce body fat – regular jogging in the morning or evening. Initially, the duration of training the gluteal muscles should not exceed five minutes, the pace is moderate. After being drawn in, you can gradually increase the duration of the run for one or two minutes. It is believed that fat deposits burn down from the fortieth minute.

The pace of the running exercise is calm, measured. Running should be easy, give strength, do not cause shortness of breath or fatigue. The main task is getting rid of excess fatty tissue to make the buttocks firm and tight.

In the beginning, it may seem that the ass has become larger. The feeling of extra volume creates an increased tone of the gluteal muscles, since the fatty tissue has not yet burnt. After a while, the big buttocks will begin to decrease.

Girls involved in bicycles, jogging, skating, skiing are practically not required to pump up the buttocks with squats, other exercises. Regular physical load delivers a lot of pleasure, slim, makes the buttocks elastic.

How to pump up the buttocks at home and at work

How to pump up the buttocks

When sitting down, each time remembering the goal is to pump the buttocks, making them firm and tight.

Simple exercise, performed sitting: strain and relax the gluteal muscles, trying to lift the trunk as much as possible up. In the beginning, the number of repetitions should be small, otherwise the muscles become unhealthy.

At work during the day more often use your own feet. Take the habit of personally making visits to neighboring offices. Of course, it is easier to state a request by phone or electronically, but in this case, the mobility of the lips and fingers, fluttering along the keyboard, are trained. In addition, a small movement is a good prevention of blood stagnation in the small pelvis.

Take the habit of climbing the stairs without using an elevator. If the mode of work allows, at lunch break stroll, pumping the buttocks.

How to quickly pump up the buttocks with effective exercises at home

How to pump up the buttocks

Regular home exercises can quickly strengthen the lower back. It is not necessary to force events and hope that the ass will be perfect in a week. To achieve the result, it will take at least 1-2 months.

Warm up

Any workout starts with a warm-up to warm up and prepare for gluteus muscle loads. As a rule, walking or running on the spot is applied for 5-10 minutes.

  • The gluteal muscles are trained especially effectively during running, when the heels alternately touch the bottom of the back.
  • During warm-up, it is useful to move around the room on your toes in small steps, training your hips and gluteal muscles.

At the end, perform gymnastic exercises for the muscles of the shoulders, the waist, the development of the flexibility of the joints.

Jumping rope

Jumping rope heated, pumped up the buttocks and thighs. Performed at the appropriate pace, tone the muscles of the legs, eliminate fat deposits.

At home, the number of jumps is small. To whom this exercise is especially liked or brings a quick result, in one class they carry out 3-5 approaches.


Squats performed at home, quickly pumped up the buttocks, they become tight and elastic.

How to pump up the buttocks with the right squats:

  • Set the feet to the width of the shoulders, the back is straight. During the squat, the feet do not come off the floor, the load on the legs. Palms on the waist or folded on the back of the head. At first, 3-5 approaches to 10 smooth sit-ups are enough.

With the increase in fitness, the home exercise becomes more complicated:

  • The back is straight, the legs are wider than the shoulders, the knees are turned outward. The body does not fully lower, stopping for 3 seconds. approximately at the level of the chair seat, when the hips and tibia form a right angle.

To maximally effectively pump the buttocks and hips, crouch as slowly as possible, without rushing.

Training the buttock muscles on the bench

To make the buttocks elastic and pumped up, the girl in the complex of home exercises should include training on the bench:

  • Stand upright, feet together, hands along the trunk. Put the foot on a low bench or chair, strain the muscles of the buttocks and legs. Move the weight of the body forward and be on the bench. Return to the starting position.

Repeat the exercise, alternating legs.

How to Sit Pumping Hips and Gluteus Muscles

Exercise 1 . Sit on your heels, straight back. Palms on the waist or the back of the head. Lifting slightly, lower the lower back alternately until it touches the floor to the left and to the right of the feet. Gluteus muscles, hips are being trained.

Exercise 2 . Sit down “in Turkish” and roll the body to the left and right, flattening the fat deposits and giving the buttocks the ideal shape.

Exercise 3 . Sit on the floor, legs straight. Alternately stretching his legs forward, “walking” on the buttocks, transferring the weight of the trunk to the left or right stannum.

Exercise 4 . Sitting on the floor, bend the knees, grab the ankles, elbows between the hips. Bring your knees together, creating an opposing force by elbows.

How to pump up the muscles of the buttocks lying

Exercise 1 . Lying on his back, bend his knees, touching the heels of the lower back. Hands on the floor, stretched along the trunk. Raise and lower the pelvis, using the muscles of the buttocks. To achieve the maximum result, perform the exercise by keeping the torso lower on the weight, without touching the floor.

Exercise 2 . Lie on your stomach, hands along the trunk. On inhaling, tear off the upper trunk, caving in the back. Straightened legs also rise as much as possible, the body is strained. On exhalation take the starting position, completely relax.

Exercise 3 . Lying on his side, slowly raise and lower his straightened upper leg as far as possible.

Exercise 4 . Lying on his back, pedaling for 3-5 minutes, depicting riding a bike.

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