How to quickly cure angina

How to quickly cure angina


  • What are tonsils for?
  • Types of sore throat
  • Characteristic symptoms of the disease
  • How to start treatment of sore throat
  • Rapid treatment of sore throats with folk remedies?
  • How to cure a sore throat

The exact name of a sore throat is acute tonsillitis . When the disease becomes inflamed, the so-called glands , palatine tonsils located on both sides of the entrance to the pharynx. The most common cause is infection, this or that type of cocci: streptococci , staphylococcus , pneumococcus , meningococcus . Pathogens can be sticks typhoid fever or anthrax , hemophilic rod, klebsiella, herpes virus, adenovirus, fungi Candida . The disease manifests itself by a sharp rise in temperature, a sore throat, it becomes difficult to swallow. Tonsils are covered with plaque or ulcers. Knowing how quickly to cure angina, very soon you manage to eat without any discomfort.

What is needed for tonsils

The so-called lymphoid tissue , which consists of tonsils – is an important component of the immune system. It neutralizes the pathogens of various infections that try to get into the body with food or with air.

If the tonsils (in Latin tonsilla ) get too much, they become inflamed. In this case, tonsillitis диагности is diagnosed.

Thus, various viral infections that cause reddening of the throat, are the cause of tonsillitis. It should be borne in mind that the sore throat is a common symptom of many diseases.

Types of angina

Depending on the type of raid on the tonsils, the following types of disease are distinguished:

  • point pustules are a sign of follicular form;
  • accumulation of pus in the lacunae (grooves) of tonsils allows to diagnose lacunar form;
  • ulceration of the tonsils surface and the formation of necrotic tissue serves as a sign of necrotic variety;
  • if plaque is absent, but the tonsils are swollen and strongly reddened, the catarrhal form is diagnosed.

Characteristic symptoms of the disease

How to quickly cure angina

It must be understood that you can only get sore throat. This is not a disease that lives in the throat for years and waits for the body to subcool or become wet by feet. Infection is possible only from the carrier of streptococcus. In other words, exacerbation of chronic tonsillitis and tonsillitis is not the same. Despite the similar symptoms, the treatment of these diseases is different.

Of course, infection will occur more quickly if the immunity is weakened.

Symptoms of sore throat:

  • Lymphoid tissue, from which tonsils consist, through lymphatic vessels exchanges lymphoma with lymph nodes. Therefore, the right sign is an increase and increased soreness of the lymph nodes located down from the ear and under the lower jaw, because they collect the lymph flowing from the tonsils.
  • The temperature rises sharply.
  • There are signs of intoxication: weakness, sweating, lack of appetite, headache, shivering.
  • The tonsils are inflamed, they become larger in size, blush and become bloated. Swallowing is getting hurt.

It should be noted that redness of the throat, pain when swallowing, enlarged lymph nodes are also symptoms of diphtheria and infectious mononucleosis:

  • diphtheria affects the heart, kidneys, nervous system;
  • infectious mononucleosis – lymph nodes, liver and spleen.

Angina is treated with antibiotics, diphtheria – with antidiphtheria serum. With infectious mononucleosis, there is no cure for antibiotics and serum.

How to start treatment of sore throat

How to quickly cure angina

Begin to be treated in the spring, autumn, winter or summer – you can get sick at any time of the year – you need to rinse your throat. They can be performed:

  • solution of baking soda (1 tsp.for a glass of warm water);
  • salt solution (1 teaspoon per half liter of water);
  • a mixture of soda-salt-iodine;
  • furatsilinom;
  • Propolis;

  • a decoction of sage and chamomile.

Rinse several times a day, but not too often. Tonsils need time to recover, too frequent rinses prevent it.

To reduce the pain in the throat, a frequent hot drink is indicated.

Even if you make a mistake with a diagnosis and cure in this way an ordinary ARVI, worse from rinsing will not be. Especially angina is poorly diagnosed in the early stages.

Rapid treatment of sore throats with folk remedies?

How to quickly cure angina

It is important to understand that it is possible to quickly cure an acute infection, the common causative agent of which is streptococcus, and also to avoid serious complications only by taking antibiotics.

Streptococcus affects the heart, kidneys and joints. It’s no secret that streptococci are the source of rheumatic diseases and glomerulonephritis. To such unfortunate consequences leads to a leg injury or an incorrectly cured disease.

Angina requires systemic treatment. It should not stop even after the symptoms are eliminated. Do not rely on folk remedies and various anti-inflammatory pills like Ingalipt , Kammofamena , Faringosept , Anti-angina , Septotelet , etc.

Local treatment can not be cured. In the case of a lacunar form, Lugol or sprays like Joks эффектив, used in complex treatment, are effective.

Antibiotics are still effective Penicillin , Ampicillin and Erythromycin .

Aspirin , Analgin and Paracetamol are taken with fever and pain.

Antibiotic treatment should not be shorter than 5-7 days to reliably eliminate the risk of complications. But you should take the pill with the mind, it all depends on the frequency of use of antibiotics by a specific person.

Some people use the following scheme of rapid treatment: antibiotics for angina are taken on the third or fourth day of the disease. By the evening there are symptoms, the patient feels healthy the next day.

In some cases, after antibacterial therapy, Bicillin , a long-acting antibiotic, is prescribed. Influencing the pathogen, it does not allow the development of possible complications.

How to cure a sore throat

How to quickly cure angina

To quickly cure the disease and avoid complications, the following recommendations should be observed:

  • plentiful drink (mors, tea, warm milk) – to eliminate the consequences intoxication;
  • rinsing of the throat and lubrication of the tonsils;
  • peace;
  • reception of antibiotics according to the doctor’s prescription;

  • lack of physical activity and hypothermia after recovery;
  • monitoring of joints, heart and kidneys within half a year after the treatment of angina. When there is swelling of the joints or pain, consult a doctor and be sure to tell about the transferred disease.

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