How to quickly gain weight

How to quickly gain weight


  • Psychological causes of leanness
  • Physiological causes of thinness
  • What’s wrong with excessive leanness
  • How to correctly and quickly gain weight at home
  • What to eat to gain weight
  • How to increase body weight and not grow fat

Despite the fact that many suffer from excessive body weight, no less urgent is the problem of how quickly to gain weight. The reasons for leanness are different: excessive physical activity with insufficient or improper diet, high nervous or intellectual stress, metabolic disorders, this or that disease of the thyroid gland, the need to restore health after a disease or surgery, the presence in the intestines of parasites intensively absorbing their intended food .

Psychological causes of thinness

How to quickly gain weight

The need to gain weight occurs in men, women, adolescents. Of course, if the cause of excessive leanness is a certain deviation of health, before adjusting the mass upwards, one must be cured.

If the health and well-being are okay, but the body weight is clearly less than normal, you have to look for one way or another to gain weight at home. Do not rush to increase the size of portions. First you need to try to understand the reasons for the reluctance to have a large mass.

First of all, the reason for thinness can be an emotional rejection of oneself, a refusal to recognize your own significant qualities. This psychological attitude soon leads to the fact that the mentality begins to prevail as unobtrusively as possible, why the body loses mass.

As a rule, fat people are good-natured funny people. Sinful and evil are often thin. Malice and negative emotions interfere with the full absorption of food, which makes thinness happen. Therefore, in order to gain weight correctly, it is necessary to reconsider the attitude towards others, becoming kinder and more responsive. This will necessarily affect digestion, improve blood circulation in the stomach.

The increase or decrease in weight is affected by the prevailing temperament:

  • Phlegmatic is often obese, there are many body fat on their body. Even if it is not so, it’s quite easy for them to gain weight.
  • Melancholics usually thin, while increasing the mass does not help the most intensified nutrition.
  • Sanguine is characterized by an increased amount of muscle mass.
  • Cholerics are mostly not completely complete, because the amount of fat tissue they have is small.

To find out more precisely the psychological temperament, it is useful to pass the appropriate test, it is not difficult to find it on the Internet.

Even after calculating the “optimal” weight by one or another formula, it is by no means always possible to be sure that this is the correct value, taking into account the constitutional features of the organism and the habitual rhythm of life.

Imaginary shortage of mass in comparison with a certain standard can actually be the norm, given the factor of upbringing, attitude towards others, temperament and many other reasons.

Therefore, before applying this or that “quick” way to gain weight, it is necessary to take into account the individual psychological temperament, be sure to answer the question “Do I really need to get fat?”

  • unhealthy diet, the prevalence of raw, low-calorie food, significant time intervals, lack of fluid, malnutrition or self-restraint;
  • excessive physical or intellectual activity;
  • regular fatigue;
  • lack of sleep or rest;
  • predominance of negative emotions, stress;
  • disease of the digestive system;
  • excessive increase in intestinal parasites.
  • What’s wrong with excessive thinness

    How to quickly gain weight

    If the weight is below normal, the desire for speedy weight gain is fully justified.The fact is that in this case:

    • the resistance of the organism to various diseases decreases;
    • decreases the vital activity;
    • there is insomnia, nervousness;
    • appetite disappears;
    • often a bad mood prevails;
    • tissues grow older;
    • hair turns gray and falls out;
    • more often limb fractures occur;
    • decreases sexual desire.

    How to correctly and quickly gain weight at home

    How to quickly gain weight

    To quickly gain weight, you must act correctly. Namely, to increase not reserves of adipose tissue, but to increase the volume of muscles. This is much more difficult, since the possibilities of increasing the volume of muscle tissue depend on much more factors than the conversion of incoming calories into fat. The rate of muscle building is determined by the genetic predisposition, the amount of protein, the level of testosterone, and a number of other factors.

    It’s no secret that the weight remains more or less constant, if the balance between the intake of calories and their expenditure is maintained. If calories are not enough, the body begins to burn fat stores. If the food is excessive, it is possible to gain the volume of adipose tissue, although this measure does not increase the muscle mass.

    Thus, having set a goal to quickly increase the weight, at home it is necessary to perform various exercises. This can be squats, push-ups, exercises on the press and giving loads to different muscle groups. After a sport lesson, you need to eat more effectively for mass gain, especially if a strong sense of hunger has developed. In this state, calories are assimilated especially quickly and qualitatively.

    What to eat to gain weight

    How to quickly gain weight

    Of course, the diet should include high-calorie foods:

    • nuts – peanuts , almonds ;
    • dried fruits;
    • lean beef , mutton , pork ;
    • chicken breast ;
    • eggs ;
    • macaroni , rice and bread ;
    • cottage cheese , cheese , dairy products ;
    • fish .

    Vegetables, salads, oat flakes are voluminous and at the same time not enough calories, they quickly cause a sense of satiety. Because of this, it is not always possible to get the required amount of calories and at the same time not to overeat.

    Rapid weight gain and increase in the volume of the figure are impossible without the intake of protein, it is he who is the building material that helps to grow fat. Especially its a lot in eggs , curd , chicken , fish .

    Is at night is not recommended, since it is hard to fall asleep with a full stomach. Tight dinner should be completed no later than two hours before bedtime.

    You should not eat a lot of carbohydrates, sweet because of the risk of developing type 2 diabetes.

    To not too sharply change the habitual home diet, it is enough to increase the size of portions in 1,5-2 times. This measure will allow you to add 0.5-1kg each week.

    How to increase body weight and not grow fat

    How to quickly gain weight

    For accurate control of weight gain at home, it is useful to keep a record of caloric intake. Otherwise, it will be difficult to respond in a timely manner to the body’s intake of excess fatty tissue.

    If you notice an increase in body fat, you need to reduce the number of calories delivered during the day by 10%. As a rule, this is enough to make fat start to go away. If too quickly reduce the diet, this will slow down the increase in muscle mass.

    Thus, it is necessary to find the golden mean by trial and error. If you receive too many calories, the volume of the abdomen, thighs and buttocks grows. If energy is not enough, you can not quickly build up weight by increasing the volume of muscle tissue.

    The goal should be a remarkable sports form, a set of muscular volume, and not an increase in the fat layer.

    Remember to eat regularly. There is a need every three hours, and a hearty breakfast is mandatory.Otherwise, the body, when it needs energy, will begin to split its own tissues, which is unacceptable in case of rapid weight gain.

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