How to relieve stress

How to relieve stress


  • Types of stress
  • Symptoms of stress
  • Why not need to overcome negative stress
  • Development of stress resistance
  • Simple rules how to prevent and relieve stress
  • How to take off stress exercises
  • How to relieve stress at home

Stressful condition causes situations or events that disrupt the existing order of things. Out of the usual rut, failures on the personal background, family troubles, misunderstandings between business partners, unloved work, nagging at the trivialities of the boss, a lot of unfinished business. At a psychological, emotional stress the nervous system is overstrained. Since it is possible to remove stress and restore a comfortable state with the help of adaptive functions of the body, to quickly overcome discomfort and stress management, it is necessary to increase the adaptive capacity and develop stress resistance.

Types of stress

From English stress is translated as pressure, oppression, load.

psychological or emotional stress takes a lot of energy and is often caused by problems in personal or family life, the illness of loved ones, the upcoming marriage, the birth of a child, etc.

The cause of <style becomes heat, cold, thirst, hunger, etc.

In case of unexpected events – natural disasters, change of social order, inflation – the so-called short-term stress случа happens. Often, it is so strong that it causes a shock.

Recurring memories of a tested shock can cause a long-term stress that breaks the emotional balance.

In the case of significant information overexertion, the so-called information stress может can happen. Typically, overexertion occurs when you have to take a lot of important decisions in a time of shortage or inefficient distribution of effort. IT-specialists, managers, human rights activists, drivers, students are exposed to this type of stress situations.

The need to remove information stress occurs when there is an unexpected loss of information due to a breakdown, computer crashes. In a number of applied areas it is necessary constantly to improve knowledge, to study new computer programs. The regular congestion of information, as well as the unfriendly interface of the program cause long-term stress.

Eustress . The situation or event, accompanied by a tide of creative forces, with great joy, causes eustress. I do not want to remove positive stress, even if there are tears in my eyes.

Regardless of the reasons, a positive shake causes an increase in activity and abilities, brings the desired result closer. For example, eustress allows you to overcome adverse natural conditions and conquer a mountain peak.

Distress . The form of negative stress called distress is often delayed. It is necessary to remove the stress of this variety as soon as possible, to eliminate the causes of the negative state. Otherwise, the defenses of the body suffer.

The common cause of negative stress is fear. For example, an alarming nervous state is observed when there is a threat to lose your favorite job, to be unfairly circumvented through the ranks.

Stress symptoms

How to relieve stress

Under the circumstances, knocking out of the usual rut, the body mobilizes the potential to commit acts that in the ordinary quiet state can not be performed.

The symptoms of stress do not depend on the form of manifestation and the type of exposure.Physiological reactions of the body remain universal and are accompanied by:

  • anxiety to mobilize and adapt to change;
  • resistance to oppression by means of adaptive capabilities;
  • depletion, when the adaptation resource is developed.

In a stressful state, the hormones in the blood are:

  • adrenaline , which increases blood pressure, heart rate, appetite, the need for high-calorie food.
  • cortisol , which contributes to the development of a stress reaction and hence called the stress hormone . Under the action of cortisol, the body retains energy resources, raises blood glucose levels, increases immunity. At the same time, cortisol reduces the activity of the digestive and reproductive systems.

Hormones mobilize, increase efficiency, force them to react to stressful situations with the most effective concrete actions, even with the use of force.

When you get rid of stress, you must use force to ultimately accomplish super-action. Some spend their energy on mastering theoretical and practical knowledge, professional skills and skills, others on the development of muscles, improving fighting techniques.

If the overcoming of the obstacle is delayed, as the adaptation resource develops, the following symptoms of stress appear:

  • inadequate behavior, self-control is lost;
  • becomes difficult to objectively assess the problem;
  • the reasonable arguments of others are not practically perceived;
  • jokes cause resentment, the desire for sympathy for the problems of others disappears;
  • do not want to follow the rules of business etiquette, politely communicate;
  • often the mood changes;
  • feeling of powerlessness before external events;
  • appetite is broken, it can disappear or, conversely, gluttony occurs;
  • feeling of loneliness.

If, for some reason, stress can not be removed by concrete actions, hormones that are in the blood cause harm to health:

  • insomnia develops;
  • there is a migraine;
  • heart begins to hurt;
  • the manifestations of depression become more frequent.

Often negative stress can not be removed, it disappears by itself as soon as emotional sensitivity and tension decrease.

Constant neural congestion leads to stress and the so-called muscle contraction, why stoop, radiculitis develops, the digestive function is disrupted, a nervous tic appears.

Why it is not necessary to overcome negative stress

The vast majority are looking for and applying various ways how to remove negative stress. First of all, to cope with the discomfort. But there are also those who are sympathetic to this situation and are not making any attempts to restore the existing order of things.

It turns out that persistent and purposeful people short-term negative stressful condition gives a shake, helps to concentrate more precisely efforts in the chosen direction. In the end, they manage to achieve their goals. Without strong negative experiences, the result would have gone for many years.

In addition, the periodically experienced distress helps to feel the fullness of life in all its manifestations.

Development of stress resistance

How to relieve stress

One of the important points of the job interview is to determine the respondent’s reaction to a stressful situation. In some professions this quality is required.

There are wide prospects for applicants with high stress tolerance. It is much easier to reach professional heights, the difficulties are mobilized. They are able to make the right decision in the most unfavorable situation. The vast majority of their colleagues in a similar situation will seek to find a way to relieve stress.

On the other hand, daily resistance to pressure, the need to make decisions in the face of uncertainty or lack of information, the willingness to take responsibility for possible errors dull the sensitivity. An employee with a reduced need to relieve stress becomes indifferent to the problems of others, which often leads to negative consequences in his personal life and professional activity.

The ability to remain in unfavorable circumstances for a long time, to overcome stress without compromising the results of professional activity, the health of others, and your own health is determined by:

  • remarkable health;
  • strong-willed qualities;
  • temperament;
  • upbringing;
  • character.

As a rule, even with the most brilliant individual data, one or another way to do away with everyday stress.

Simple rules how to prevent and relieve stress

How to relieve stress

Rule 1 . To develop stress resistance requires the ability to avoid conflict and stress. It is important to learn to understand the motives of actions, to take into account the emotional state of others. Take the rule to react to an unfavorable situation only after the analysis done.

Rule 2 . The expenditure of significant personal resources to overcome intellectual, volitional, emotional pressure creates enormous load and stress. It is necessary to remove stress, in one way or another, “let off steam,” because the negative destroys the body.

A wonderful way to overcome stress is to periodically switch activities. If the profession is intellectual, give the necessary physical load, and vice versa.

Fighting with stress is helped by practicing your favorite sport, this or that hobby associated with a significant expenditure of physical strength. For example, an independent construction on a suburban land plot, the arrangement of a dwelling with own-made products.

Representatives of technical professions are useful to periodically turn to the world of art, visit theaters, concerts of favorite performers.

Rule 3 . Regularly maintain a reserve of physical strength, find time for the necessary night rest, sleep, comply with the regime, do not forget about a healthy full-fledged nutrition during the day.

Rule 4 . To get rid of stress, you need to focus on a particular problem, rather than an abstract general situation.

Rule 5 . A lot of discomfort causes unfulfilled hopes. Do not expect a 100% result, when it is impossible to fully control the situation. Otherwise, coping with stress will be more difficult.

Rule 6 . Before going to bed, you can remove or reduce stress by knitting, unfolding solitaire.

How to reduce stress by exercises

How to relieve stress

Normalize the emotional state, relax or mobilize the body by using simple breathing techniques:

  • Slowly breathe the abdomen to reduce the excitation of nerve centers to relax more quickly. The thorax is practically immobile.
  • To mobilize in a short space of time, to become capable of the maximum result, as often as possible to breathe the thorax.

Exercise 1 . To relieve stress, relax a little, undo the trouser belt. Slowly inhale the lower body, protruding belly. With a fully bulging stomach for a few seconds, hold your breath, slowly exhale. After 3-5 minutes you will be able to relax.

Exercise 2 . Breathing in with the belly, count, for how many seconds it will be possible to take a breath. Exhale twice as long.During the exercise, repeat to yourself: “It gives me great pleasure to talk calmly and confidently, I’m calm and calm.”

Exercise 3 . Often, the stress is prevented by intermittent, with delays, breathing. Because of the violation of the respiratory reflex, there is not enough air. To normalize breathing, completely exhale and do not inhale as much as possible. Then take a few deep breaths and exhale. After exhale and again hold your breath, so several times.

Exercise 4 to get rid of stress. Stand up, feet on the width of the shoulders, straightened hands in front, palms on top. On exhalation, rise on toes and bend in the spine, so that your hands are pointed vertically upwards. Imagine how with the exhaled air the body leaves negative, negative emotions, fear, conflicts.

Exercise 5 to relieve stress. Legs are shoulder width apart, arms extended forward. On inhaling, squeeze the hand, slowly move to the chest. On exhalation sharply throw forward, unclenching fingers. Run 3-5 times.

Exercise 6 . Push ups. Position lying down. Breathe in and out, exhale. Run 20-30 times.

Exercise 7 . If time permits, it is worthwhile to do some form of fitness. Half an hour lesson significantly reduces anxiety, stimulates intellectual activity. A regular half-hour walk helps to get rid of stress.

How to relieve stress at home

How to relieve stress

различные Various means are used to get rid of stress after a busy day, warning or relieving the discomfort. Medicamental treatment of stress is prescribed by a doctor.

To cope with stress, help sedatives, herbal preparations based on valerian, motherwort, mint. To normalize sleep and fall asleep, a sedative dose is used. The greatest effectiveness of herbal remedies in the first days of use, they are not addictive.

Preventing and getting rid of stress is helped by the inclusion in the diet of products rich in magnesium . Also, resistance to stressful situations increases, intellectual efficiency improves.

A lot of magnesium in pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, flax, chocolate, cocoa. More detailed information is presented in the article “What products contain magnesium” site “Strength of health.”

Magnesium deficiency is indicated by:

  • increased excitability, propensity to “break” over trifles;
  • frequent depression;
  • diffuse attention;
  • cramps.

Enough <style removes stress. Lower blood pressure values, blood levels of cortisol are lower, it returns to normal more quickly. The severity of the subjective reaction to the pressure exerted is reduced.

<style . The plant tones up, strengthens intellectual abilities. The effect comes quickly, lasting several hours.

It is not necessary to relieve stress in this way in case of increased nervous excitability, hypertension, insomnia, sleep disorders.

Coping with stress, reduce nervous excitement helps the viburnum. Berries reduce blood pressure, are used in atherosclerosis, spasm of blood vessels.

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