How to remove tartar

How to remove tartar


  • What is plaque and stone
  • The causes of calculus formation
  • Preventing the appearance of brown plaque and stones on the teeth
  • Removing tartar by ultrasound
  • As yourself remove the plaque from the teeth with a special paste
  • How to remove tartar at home

On the surface of the enamel there are about ninety species of microorganisms, mainly streptococci and anaerobic sticks. As a result of their life activity, a characteristic raid is formed. In the absence of proper care for the oral cavity, the presence of bad habits, advanced age, certain culinary preferences over time, one has to look for a way how to remove dental calculi.

What is plaque and stone

If you carefully examine the enamel of the house in front of a mirror, gums can be found near the gums, a characteristic brown coating. In the dark color, calcareous deposits forming tartar , stain colonies of microorganisms, salt deposits, particles of dead cells.

It is necessary to remove the stone on the teeth in places where it is difficult to get a brush or a thread. There is almost no solid food, naturally removing the dental deposits. The stone must be removed from the teeth, which are almost not involved in chewing due to an incorrect bite.

If you do not regularly fight with tartar and plaque, periodontal disease may develop over time.

As you know, teeth connect with the bones of the jaws through periodontal tissues. If microorganisms penetrate there, the gums become inflamed. Over time, connective tissue becomes less durable. In the end, the gums exfoliate, the teeth begin to stagger and drop out.

Reasons for the formation of tartar

How to remove tartar

Plaque and stones on the teeth appear for various reasons:

  • using an incorrectly selected brush or paste;
  • consumption of mostly soft food;
  • habits of chewing on one side of the jaw;
  • special arrangement of teeth;
  • incorrect bite.

The resulting soft coating can easily be removed by brushing at home. If you neglect the hygiene of the oral cavity, the enamel quickly accumulates mineral deposits, actively multiplies the microflora. Just a week later the raid becomes denser, it turns out in the prigesnevoy part, why on the tooth appears “real” stone.

prevention of brown plaque and calculus on the teeth

How to remove tartar

To not have to remove tartar, it is necessary to stick to simple home oral hygiene:

  • clean the surface with a brush enamel between teeth special thread;
  • чи once a week, brushing your mouth with tooth powder;

  • after eating, rinse the mouth with water or a special remedy. The procedure is especially effective when using an irrigator;
  • if there is no opportunity to rinse your mouth, eat an apple or chew gum;
  • for natural removal from the teeth plaque, strengthening the gums include in the diet solid vegetables and fruits. For example, apples or carrots.

ultrasonic tartar removal

How to remove tartar

The dental clinic formation painlessly removed when ultrasonic teeth cleaning .

The surface of the enamel is cleaned of deposits with a light touch of the appliance. In difficult cases, tartar is softened first with special preparations.

After the procedure should be asked to polish the enamel to microorganisms it was more difficult to attach to it.

Unlike bleaching by ultrasonic teeth cleaning enamel is not clarified, on its surface only removed deposits.

How to manually remove plaque from the teeth with a special paste

How to remove tartar

Simple homemade way to remove or prevent the emergence of dental plaque – clean mouth in the morning paste with protivoparadontoznym effect , on the night of fluorine .Perform a prophylactic procedure for a month every six months.

The deposits are also removed with bleaching pastes. The effectiveness of the procedure is determined by the composition, the presence in the selected means of abrasive particles, the rigidity of the brush.

Smokers, lovers of strong tea or coffee have to remove plaque from their teeth more often.

How to remove tartar at home

How to remove tartar

    чи To remove plaque, clean mouth with bark infusion walnut . Brew in a glass of boiling water 30 g of dried and crushed bark, simmer for ten minutes over low heat. Strain when the broth cools and is infused. Clean your mouth for at least five minutes with a soft brush.
  • To remove the coating from the enamel, cook the infusion celandine . Brew 1ch.L. grass with a glass of boiling water, insist for 30 minutes, drain. Rinse your mouth several times a day.
  • It is possible to remove and prevent the appearance of stones honey . To dissolve 1 ч.л. honey in a glass of warm boiled water. Rinse your mouth several times a day.
  • For ingestion, prepare the infusion from 1 tsp. roots burdock and 2c.l. pods of beans . Put vegetable raw materials in a liter of water, simmer for four hours. When the infusion cools, drain. Take half a cup five times a day.

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