How to remove the second chin

How to remove the second chin


  • Why you have to remove the second chin
  • How to remove the second chin with masks
  • Home massage against the double chin
  • Exercises from the second chin
  • How to remove the chin by correct posture

Women and men are trying to get rid of the ugly fold under the lower jaw. Some cosmetic defects appear in 30-35 years, because of which the jaw line falls, the face looks older than its age. Uncomplicated home exercises can remove the second chin or prevent its appearance.

Why it is necessary to remove the second chin

How to remove the second chin

Usually, the cosmetic defect is related to the natural changes in the body in the age-related changes. The skin loses moisture and elasticity. Becomes thinner fatty tissue, why the nose is pointed. Cheeks fall, the contour of the face becomes more blurred. Wrinkles form on the forehead and near the eyes.

A certain influence is exerted by the heredity , as well as the lifestyle .

To the sagging of the skin under the lower jaw results in incorrect posture, staying for a long time with a bowed head – for example, sleeping on a high pillow, reading or working at a table.

The need to remove the second chin can be associated with a lack of salt intake. Its deficiency stimulates the production of saliva, for which more blood enters the salivary glands, its weight pulls the skin under the lower jaw, and also on the cheeks and neck.

In some cases, the second chin has to be removed due to a violation of the function of the small intestine . They are also signaled by difficulties when turning the head from one shoulder to the other, mouths and lips appear sores, sore throat and lower abdomen.

For a long time to maintain the perfect outline of the chin will help mask, massage, as well as regular exercises to strengthen and maintain muscle tone.

How to remove the second chin with masks

How to remove the second chin

Mask from tomato and strawberry juice . To remove the chin, as well as wrinkles on the neck, apply for half an hour to the saggy skin a gauze cloth moistened with tomato juice. At the end, rinse off the leftovers of the juice, grease the skin with a fat cream and apply for 20 minutes a bandage moistened with a cool strawberry juice. Apply the mask after 1-2 days.

Paraffin mask . It is used to improve the flow of blood and lymph, eliminate stagnant phenomena, smooth wrinkles. This method to remove the second chin is contraindicated in hypertension, cardiovascular diseases.

  • To mix the mask, stir 1 tsp. lanolin (animal wax from wool of sheep), 1 ч.л. honey , 1/2 tsp. juice of lemon , 1/2 tsp. castor oil .
  • сма Before applying the procedure, lubricate the flaky skin with fish oil .

  • Fix the mask with a wide bandage, wrapping it around the face. Take a position lying or reclining to eliminate the sagging of the skin.

Therapeutic procedure should be applied after 2-3 days for two weeks. After doing the paraffin mask to get rid of the second chin no more often than once in ten days.

Home massage against the double chin

How to remove the second chin

  • To stimulate the function of the small and large intestines with the tips of the fingers through the cheeks, vibrate 15-20 seconds in the root area of ​​the teeth. Tighten the teeth tightly.
  • In order not to have to get rid of the second chin, stretch the tissues, pressing the thumbs of the hands under the lower jaw.
  • When sitting, squeeze your teeth, pat the back of your hands under the lower jaw. Tilt your head back for 5 seconds, then lower it as far as possible.Moisten linen napkin with cool water, pat her sagging skin at the bottom of the face.
  • Raise your head slightly to smooth the crease. Fingers of the right hand perform stroking movements from the right side of the lower jaw towards the ear. Repeat for left side.

Exercises from the second chin

How to remove the second chin

These exercises, performed at home, help to quickly eliminate sagging skin, to train the muscles of the neck. Typically, each need to perform 5-6 times, gradually bring the number to 10-12. To quickly get rid of the second chin, perform these exercises 2-3 times a day.

1. Sitting on a chair, push the lower jaw and toss your head back to feel the tension in the problem area. Hold the moment of maximum tension for 2-3 seconds, relax. Put out your tongue for 2-3 seconds, hide your tongue. Lower your head down, relax your muscles.

Gradually increase the interval of the maximum voltage, bringing it to 10-15 seconds.

2. Squeeze your teeth and press 2-3 seconds into the front, back of the palate, gums, to strain the muscles at the bottom of the face. Gradually increase the duration of pressure by the tongue, as well as the tempo.

3. Place the palm under the lower jaw. To remove the second chin, press the palms from the bottom to the top and, giving in, open the mouth (the skull remains stationary). Hold for 2-3 seconds, slowly shut your mouth.

With each lesson, increase the delay time and pace of exercise to get rid of the second chin.

4. Try to touch the tip of the nose with your tongue sticking out.

5. Standing to place crossed palms under the chin. Press them with a bottom-up, trying to throw back, but not throwing back his head. Maintain a static muscle tension for 5 seconds. Then relax and tilt your head forward.

6. Press the palms on the back of the head, trying to tilt, but not tilting the head forward. Hold muscular tension for 5 seconds. Lower your arms and relax your muscles.

7. Lie on your back, hands along the trunk. Tear off the back of the head from the floor, stay for 5 seconds, return to the starting position.

8. Sitting on a chair, lower your head down. On inspiration, with an arcuate movement, bending his head to the right shoulder, raise his chin upward to feel the tension under him. Repeat for the other side.

9. Sitting, raise your chin slightly and turn your head to the left and right. If the exercise is performed correctly, the tension of the skin under the lower jaw should be felt.

10. In the sitting position, place the crossed palms in front at the base of the neck, so that the thumbs are on its sides. Slightly move the skin so that it stretches. Wide smile with closed lips, eyes point up. To tip your head to feel the tension of the neck muscles and under the chin. Hold for 3 seconds, return to the starting position.

Repeat this exercise to get rid of the second chin, turning the head with the inclination to the left and right shoulder.

11. Pull out your lips with a tube and pronounce the vowels “y”, “and”, “o” without sound.

12. Movement of the head to write in the air letters of the alphabet.

How to remove the chin with a correct posture

How to remove the second chin

One of the reasons for the ugly hanging of the skin is a prolonged stay of the head in an inclined position, for example, during reading, knitting, cooking.

  • To form a correct posture, regularly 10-30 minutes to be near a wall or any other level surface, so that it is simultaneously touched by calves, buttocks, elbows, shoulder blades, and the back of the head.
  • At home, put a book on your head in the top of your head and walk with it so that it does not fall.

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