How to strengthen immunity

How to strengthen immunity


  • Why it is so important to strengthen immunity
  • How to strengthen weakened immunity – preventive measures
  • When symptoms need to strengthen immunity
  • Do I need to know the immune status to strengthen immunity?
  • Can immunity be strengthened by taking stimulants?
  • How to strengthen the immunity of a child by hardening
  • How to strengthen the immunity of adults and children with folk remedies

In Latin, immunity means “getting rid of something.” The immune system is formed by organs and tissues that counteract various external factors in various ways that can harm, cause a disease. Protective forces are aimed at the timely recognition and control of viruses, bacteria, fungi, parasitic worms, tumor cells, as well as a special protein prion, causing severe diseases of the central nervous system. Know how to strengthen immunity, it is necessary for everyone, because the ways of infection constantly evolve, which complicates the timely recognition of the threat. In addition, its regular strengthening increases the effectiveness of the innate or acquired response of the immune response.

Why it is so important to strengthen immunity

How to strengthen immunity

Although immunity and the immune system are the result of evolution, they are constantly changing and adapting, health. As a rule, strengthening of immunity takes place taking into account the general state of the organism, the metabolic reactions taking place in it, as well as hereditary factors.

The organs of the immune system are the spleen, bone marrow, blood, thymus gland. This system is closely related to other systems, for example, with excretory, respiratory, endocrine, nervous, vascular. On the other hand, if there is a decrease in immunity or a malfunction in its work, the entire body suffers: the kidneys begin to purge the blood worse, the liver poorly neutralizes harmful substances, the quality of gas exchange in the lungs deteriorates, and the microflora balance is disturbed in the intestine.

Good immunity, especially if it is strengthened, does not allow you to get sick in case of contact with an infection, or be ill in an easy form.

  • Innate immunity is able to fight with any pathogens, including if they have to deal with for the first time, although they are recognized with much less accuracy than the acquired immunity does.
  • Acquired immunity is the result of the once held struggle against a particular pathogen. For example, those born in childhood measles or chicken pox do not cause a recurrence of the disease.
  • If a molecule is recognized as a foreign agent, it is called antigen . Interestingly, the antigen may be a molecule produced by the body itself. In this case, there is an autoimmune reaction , as a result of which healthy tissues are destroyed, inflammation occurs. An example of autoimmune disease is diabetes mellitus of the first type (insulin-dependent).

Active immunity called protective forces, both congenital and acquired. Passive immunity is formed by vaccinations, the admission of special drugs, folk remedies.

If antigen appears in the body, antibodies , which are complex proteins, are produced for counteraction and neutralization. As a rule, with vaccination introduced weakened or killed strains of microbes to form an immunity to a particular disease.

How to strengthen weakened immunity – preventive measures

How to strengthen immunity

First, we need to eliminate the factors and causes that cause it to decrease or decrease: in order to fill the leaky barrel with water, first we need to eliminate the leak, because otherwise the effort will be a waste of effort, time and money.

Therefore, the use of even the most effective vitamins may be insufficient, as well as periodic physical education. For the “real” strengthening of immunity, rather than the constant stimulation of it by one or another means, it is necessary to approach the solution of this task in a complex manner.

The restoration of immunity should begin with the normalization of the way of life, eliminating all possible leaks of the resources of the defensive forces. Perhaps to strengthen it, you will have to reconsider the mode of work and rest:

    ча It is necessary to exclude frequent nervous and mental stress. If you have to constantly experience stress, is in a depressed mood, this worsens the ability to effectively cope with various health threats.
  • Everyday work with full dedication, regular fatigue causes chronic fatigue. As a rule, the defenses of a tired body are reduced.

Health can be strengthened by eliminating various violations of the proper functioning of the intestine:

  • dysbiosis, which is the result of improper eating, taking antibiotics. In the case of dysbacteriosis, there is a breakdown in the absorption of nutrients coming from food, which causes a lot of waste in the blood of intestinal microorganisms, as well as toxins and poisons formed by decay and fermentation of food residues. It is obvious that if a significant part of the defense forces is spent on neutralizing the consequences of dysbacteriosis, they remain significantly less to counteract viruses and infections.
  • presence in the intestine of a large number of toxins, slags, as well as intestinal parasites ( helminths or simply worms ). Various harmful substances, waste of parasites eventually end up in the blood. To neutralize these negative manifestations, a certain part of the immunity is also involved. To stop wasting defenses in vain, you need to regularly cleanse the body of toxins and toxins.

It is interesting that in the International Classification of Dysbacteriosis is not mentioned. Specialists colon dysbiosis is usually called a chronic condition, which is corrected by the “introduction” of certain microbes. Although the intestine is able to independently normalize the disturbed balance, as soon as the conditions for this are created.

Often the decrease in immunity is caused by the habit of eliminating only the symptoms of a disease, carrying it on its feet. As a result, the focus of infection may remain. Resources begin to be spent on the constant resistance to infection, and they are already not enough to stay healthy, for example, during an epidemic of influenza.

Immunity is affected by unfavorable ecology, the prevalence in the diet of canned food, poor vitamins and microelements. To strengthen health, it is necessary to switch to a high-quality diet, which is dominated by natural products, periodically consuming vitamins.

As a result of rapid mutations of viruses and bacteria caused by the active use of antibiotics and the deterioration of the environment, immunity does not always have time to adapt to a new version of the virus. To be sick it is necessary much more often. It turns out that the defensive forces are coping worse with their duties, and therefore they say that immunity is reduced and it must be strengthened. In a number of cases, diseases caused by a mutation of the virus acquire a chronic form.

Symptoms that need to be strengthened

How to strengthen immunity

It is not right to talk about the need to restore immunity in cases where, for example, ARI happens quite often – about ten times a year, in an adult or child. The most important indicator is the ability to recover independently and without significant effort. If this is the case, any medication to strengthen the body’s defense is not required.

Symptoms of lowering immunity and the need to strengthen it are:

  • a constant decline of strength, lethargy, drowsiness, do not want to do anything;
  • frequent headaches, aches in muscles and joints on the background of lethargy and drowsiness;
  • frequent colds, runny nose, otitis, sinusitis, tonsillitis and chronic tonsillitis that do not go away for a long time;
  • repeated purulent or fungal diseases of the mucous ( candidiasis );
  • recurring skin diseases – for example, recurrent herpes zoster ;
  • elevated temperature (37 ° C).

Do I need to know the immune status to strengthen my immune system?

How to strengthen immunity

It would seem that if there are any symptoms of a decrease in protective forces, then before taking special drugs to strengthen them, it is necessary to examine the basic indicators by building an immunogram ( immune status ). It turns out that this study is useless in many cases, besides it is not cheap.

Generally, the blood is drawn from the finger or from the vein for analysis. The test material can be saliva, mucus from the nasopharynx, if you want to know more about the immunity of mucous membranes. Spinal fluid can be taken for analysis if it is necessary to determine specific parameters of the nervous system.

Different characteristics are reflected in the immunogram. On it it is possible to reveal possible infringements and to solve, whether it is necessary for the patient strengthening of immunity.

Knowledge of the immune status is really useful in a small number of cases:

  • with primary immunodeficiency , which manifests itself at an early age and is associated with a genetic malfunction. It is treated by bone marrow transplantation or by the introduction of immunoglobulin.
  • in the case of acquired (secondary) immunodeficiencies . These conditions arise from the use of drugs that suppress the immune system, in the case of HIV infection, cancer, radiation sickness, diseases of the immune system.
  • in case of suspected autoimmune disease.
  • if organ transplant was performed.

In the vast majority of other cases, failures can be identified in a simpler way, such as a general blood test. Therefore, before the examination of the immune status, it is absolutely necessary to consult an immunologist. Especially in some cases in patients with good health, there may be some deviations in the immune system, which only a specialist can truly recognize.

Can immunity be strengthened by stimulant intake?

How to strengthen immunity

Immunostimulants , also called immunomodulators , perform a kind of training of the immune system without the risk of getting sick. As a rule, such properties are possessed by means of bacterial origin ( Broncho-munal, IRS-19, Imudon, Biostim, Ribomunil ). On the appointment of a doctor, they are recommended to be taken during vaccinations, as the effectiveness of vaccination increases. Taking medications helps to strengthen both local and general immunity, these drugs are usually used in ARI and chronic ENT diseases: pharyngitis, tonsillitis, sinusitis.

The effect of artificial stimulants ( Arbidol, Amiksin, Anaferon, Cycloferon ) is aimed at stimulating the production of interferon – specific proteins secreted by cells to counteract the virus. During the intake of artificial drugs and a few months later, the activity of immunity increases, it really manages to be strengthened. Then comes a decline, during which the body is protected even less than before the start of the drug. In addition, repeated courses of artificial immunomodulators may require an increase in the dose. In some cases, after they are taken, the immune system may refuse to fight antigens on its own.

To accept any immunostimulants is necessary only for the doctor’s prescription, and not for self-prevention of catarrhal or viral diseases.Particular care is required for children, as the child’s immune system completes formation only by age 14. It is also necessary to know that some diseases – for example, cancer or autoimmune ones – require not to stimulate protective forces, but, on the contrary, to suppress. In this case, the doctor prescribes immunosuppressants .

For the prevention of catarrhal diseases, Immunal , a drug for increasing the immunity of plant origin based on Echinacea purpurea лучше, has proved to be the best. The drug strengthens and protects against various infections.

How to strengthen the immunity of a child by hardening

How to strengthen immunity

After birth, the child has almost the same immunity as the mother. With natural feeding this situation persists for several months. Then you have to rely on your own defenses. To strengthen immunity, it is necessary to begin tempering from the earliest childhood.

Empress Elizaveta Petrovna, having taken her son Pavel from Catherine II, established extraordinary care over him. Catherine II recalled:

He was lying in an extremely hot room, in flannel diapers in a crib studded with fur of black foxes; he was covered with a blanket from a satin pike on cotton wool, and above that else with a blanket of pink velvet, black fox fur lined with fur … The sweat was flowing from his face all over his body, so that when he grew up, he caught cold and fell ill from the slightest wind.

импера The future of Alexander I, the son of Pavel Petrovich, was brought up by the Empress Catherine II in a different way:

The little bed of Mr. Alexander, since he does not know either the cradle or the rocking, is iron without a canopy; he sleeps on a leather mattress covered with a sheet, he has a pillow and a light English blanket … From his birth he was accustomed to daily bathing in the bath if he is healthy; at first this water was warm, now it’s cold, brought only on the eve … He does not know the common cold, he is full, great, healthy and very cheerful, has not yet a single tooth and never screams.

To strengthen your strength, you need to spend as much time as possible on the street, three to four hours a day. In the case of unfavorable weather conditions – strong winds, frosts below -15C – you still need to walk for at least half an hour a couple of times a day.

Many hypochondriacs are afraid of panic and therefore excessively wrap up the child. This turns out that after a while he begins to catch cold, just by taking off mittens on the street or running home on a cool floor without slippers. It is necessary to teach him to coolness from early childhood, gradually tempering.

Children should be worn considering that they are in constant motion. Motor activity causes a natural strengthening of immunity. Especially the child on the street is often hot, but not cold. Overheating is also harmful to health, like hypothermia.

To strengthen health, it is useful to harden by means of water procedures. It is possible to take daily a contrast shower for the whole body or just for feet. Initially, the temperature range can be small, from 36-38C to 23-25C. Then you need to gradually reduce the lower limit. Finish the procedure with warm water.

A simple method of hardening, so that you do not have to treat sore throat, is to regularly rinse your throat with cool water in the morning and in the evening. You need to start with the room temperature of the water, then gradually lower it.

In addition, frequent illnesses in children can be associated with the presence of worm, chronic adenoids, sinusitis, tonsillitis and even bad teeth. Having identified and eliminated the focus of a chronic infection, it is possible to raise immunity by strengthening it, and less likely to sit on a sick-list.

How to strengthen the immunity of adults and children with folk remedies

How to strengthen immunity

  • Simple folk remedy for strengthening immunity – bury in the nose a weak solution of table salt or sea salt at a rate of 1 tsp per glass of water .It is useful to gargle with such a solution, starting from the age of four. You can buy a ready-made salt spray for the nose – Aquamaris, Aqualor, Salin, Marimer . Popular Oksolinovuyu ointment should not be used during pregnancy and lubricate it with mucous nasal small children.
  • Fish oil contains vitamins A, D, trace elements and unsaturated fatty acids. In the North, this means take all months, in the name of which the letter “p” is contained: January, February, March, April, September, October, November, December.
  • A dog rose is a proven folk remedy for immunity. This natural remedy, used in the case of a lack of vitamins, especially vitamin C. In addition, dogrose has a diuretic, choleretic, wound-healing effect. Four tablespoons of dried fruits are poured half a liter of boiling water and insisted in a thermos for half a day. It is useful to drink with honey in the morning and in the evening.
  • Another useful folk remedy for improving immunity is garlic. It is useful to add little by little to food, especially during epidemics. In addition, garlic does not like intestinal parasites, which also cause a decrease in protective forces.
  • It is useful to prepare morsels from hawthorn, cranberries, cranberries, raspberries. To do this, you need to prepare raw materials – berries, ground with sugar. One kilogram of berries (cranberries, raspberries) is mixed with 1.5-2 kg of granulated sugar. In order for the sugar to dissolve faster, the container in which the mixture is located can be slightly heated, but do not bring the composition to a boil. The resulting jam is placed in clean dry jars, covered with plastic covers and kept in the refrigerator.
  • Through a meat grinder, skip a half a kilo of cranberries, one lemon without pits, mix, adding honey to taste. Take 1-2 tablespoons of tea with tea.
  • Nettle infusion is useful: 1 tbsp. The dried leaves are brewed with a glass of boiling water, infused for 10 minutes. Take one third of the glass three times a day.
  • But the recipe for a tasty and useful remedy for immunity: to pass through a meat grinder dried apricots, prunes, walnuts, raisins, lemon with peel. In the prepared mixture add honey to taste, put in a glass jar and store in the refrigerator. Take an empty stomach 1 tbsp. several times a day.
  • Products for immunity should be high in zinc. This element is especially necessary for providing antioxidant protection. A lot of zinc in pumpkin seeds, pine nuts, almonds, lentils, rice, fried turkey, sardines, yogurt.

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