How to strengthen nails at home

How to strengthen nails at home


  • Nail structure
  • How to strengthen the nails with proper nutrition
  • Salt baths
  • Nail treatment with home creams
  • Strengthening nails with wine
  • Simple recipes with vitamins
  • Trays with green tea
  • Lemon masks for strengthening nails
  • Other home recipes

Beautiful well-groomed nails – one of the indicators of the overall health of the body. If they are stratified, become thin, brittle, grow poorly, they have white specks – it is worth considering how to strengthen the nails at home.

Nail structure

How to strengthen nails at home

Nails are modified claws. They provide mechanical rigidity to your fingertips, allow you to perform manipulations that are impossible or difficult to accomplish – to scratch anything, scratch it. In addition, they help to quickly eliminate the itching. The bottom is called the matrix. There are special epithelial cells containing onychoblast, from which, after keratinization, a translucent nail plate is formed. It consists of hardened protein due to its high sulfur content (amino acid cysteine), as well as calcium, zinc, selenium, copper, phosphorus.

Its strength depends not only on nutrition, but also on genetic characteristics. The high content of cysteine, inherited, will make the nails strong from birth.

The longer the matrix, the thicker the nails. Those who are naturally thin, can not change their thickness in any way. If thick nails become thin, you need to establish the cause, and only then choose a way to strengthen them.

The white semicircle below the nail is called lunula . This place is most sensitive because of the minimum thickness of the nail plate.

The nail plate is located on the nail bed . It is lined with a special epithelial tissue that holds and simultaneously determines the direction of nail growth. Otherwise, the plate would be located perpendicular to the plane of the finger. Its pink color is due to translucent capillaries.

The junction of the nail plate and matrix is ​​called cuticle – dense skin protects against penetration of the infection.

The cutaneous growth pterygium continues the cuticle and grows together with the nail plate.

There are lateral nail rollers

on each side. If they are damaged, painful burrs form.

The joints of the side rollers and the bed are called nail sinuses .

How to strengthen the nails with proper nutrition

How to strengthen nails at home

Nail health determines the food. Insufficient intake of vitamins and trace elements, frequent and severe diets weaken them.

For example, the formation of white spots does not bode gifts at all. In fact, it is a signal that the body needs magnesium, calcium, sodium.

Admission in sufficient quantity magnesium strengthens nails, eliminates white spots, delays formation of gray hair.

Many magnesium in wheat bran, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, flax, cedar and walnuts; chocolate, lentils, beans, sprouted wheat seeds.

To enhance the growth of nails, it is worthwhile to diversify the home diet with products rich in calcium: nuts, dried apricots, sunflower seeds, pumpkin, raisins, cabbage, parsley, beans, spinach, carrots , a green salad.

Sodium strengthens the nails, promotes their growth. They are rich in sausages, bacon, salted fish, caviar, cheeses, cottage cheese, vegetables, greens, corn flakes.

To strengthen fragile layered nails, it is necessary to include more protein in the home diet. Its sufficient supply also makes elastic and smooth flabby skin.

Prolonged rejection of fat to quickly lose weight at home, can also cause delamination and brittle nails.

Salt baths

How to strengthen nails at home

Nail plates strengthen baths with table salt or sea salt:

  • Dissolve 2 tsp. sea salt in a glass of warm water. Dip the fingertips for 15-20 minutes in saline. At the end, get wet with a towel and apply a nourishing cream.

Instead of water, you can use wine:

  • Dissolve in warm red wine cooked salt at a rate of 1 tsp. to a glass of wine. Place the fingertips for 15 minutes, then dab with a napkin and apply the cream.

For preventive purposes salt baths for strengthening nails are enough to do once a week. With delamination, thinning performed for 10 consecutive days. In a month, repeat the course.

(30% fat) add 30ml aloe juice , 30ml calendula oil , 40ml sea buckthorn oil , 50ml burdock oil , mix thoroughly. Keep in a jar from under the cream in the refrigerator.

Rub the compound into the weakened nails and the skin around.

Firming cream for weakly breaking nails:

  • In 1/2 tsp. any nourishing cream add 1 drop of oils eucalyptus , lavender , thyme , mix thoroughly.

Finish the product into the nail plates.

Strengthening the nails with wine

How to strengthen nails at home

With puffy, brittle nails apply fortified red wine , which stimulates growth, moisturizes and nourishes, counteracts the fungus.

  • In a quarter cup wine add 2 tsp. sea buckthorn oil (or grind 3 tablespoons fresh berries). Insist in a sealed glass dish for five days in a dark cool place.

Apply the composition with a cotton swab for 45 minutes, then rinse and apply the cream. Carry out treatment every day for 14 days.

Another recipe for the treatment of thinned, breaking nails:

  • In half a camp white wine add 4 tsp. any vegetable oil , 5 p.s. vinegar , mix thoroughly.

Place the fingertips in the prepared composition for 15 minutes. The course of treatment is 10 days, after a one-week break it can be repeated.

Simple recipes with vitamins

How to strengthen nails at home

To restore the health of brittle nail layers, prepare a bath:

  • In 200 ml of warm water, dissolve 1 tsp. table salt , 4 drops vitamin A, 3 drops of alcohol tincture of iodine .

Hold the fingertips for 10 minutes, at the end of the procedure, lower them into slightly warmed vegetable oil.

Simple recipe for vitamin mask for nail strength:

  • Add 10ml vegetable oil one drop vitamins A, E, D, alcohol tincture of iodine , all mix thoroughly.

Apply to the nail plates for 20 minutes, then wipe with a tissue after drying.

Baths with green tea

How to strengthen nails at home

This method helps with brittleness and bundle of nails, stimulates their growth.

  • In half a cup of green tea mix 2 tsp. olive oil .

At night, before going to bed, keep the tips of your fingers in the mixture for 10 minutes. Then put cotton gloves on at night.

Another simple homemade recipe:

  • Brew 400ml of boiling water 2hour. chamomile , 1 ч.л. green tea , infuse for 10 minutes, drain. Add 1hour. alcoholic tincture of eucalyptus .

Keep in warm composition finger tips for 20 minutes.

Lemon masks for strengthening the nails

How to strengthen nails at home

Recipe 1 . Wash the lemon, cut the peel and part of the pulp.

Put the tips of your fingers on the ground for 10 minutes, get wet with a napkin, apply a nourishing cream.

Recipe 2 .Add in warmed vegetable oil lemon juice per 100 ml of oil 5 ml of juice, mix thoroughly.

Keep fingertips in oil for 10 minutes, wipe off excess with a napkin.

Recipe 3 . Grate egg yolk with 10ml lemon juice , add 1 tbsp. shallow salt , mix thoroughly.

Apply a cream to strengthen the nail plates.

Other homemade recipes

How to strengthen nails at home

Tip the grapefruit with a small amount of pulp rub the nails, rinse, after the application of the cream. This method nourishes and strengthens the nail plates.

Nails strengthen the juice of cranberries, black or red currant, table vinegar, they are used every 2-3 days.

To eliminate brittle nails, restore their strength and health, make a bath:

  • In warm olive oil (100 ml) add the essential oil cedar or fir (10 drops).

To keep fingertips 10 minutes, wash hands with soap, wipe, apply a nourishing cream.

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