How to treat chronic lack of sleep

How to treat chronic lack of sleep


  • What motivates chronically nedypsyat
  • What is dangerous is the regular lack of night rest
  • How to get rid of chronic sleep deprivation

About one third of the population suffers from chronic lack of sleep, , that health is impossible without proper rest. During sleep, the body is relaxed and gets the opportunity to get rid of everyday problems. If sleep is not enough regularly, fatigue accumulates very soon. It is best not to allow this, because with time, lack of sleep results in irritability, decreased efficiency, stress and depression.

  • Men give a lot of time to work, and in the evening they can help their wife to take care of a small child – wash it or iron clothes. But after a late night sit in front of the TV or play a computer game.
  • The reasons for student lack of sleep during the sessions are obvious.
  • Only a very small percentage of people suffer from lack of sleep due to a disease and the lack of sleep associated with it.
  • What is dangerous is the regular lack of night rest

    How to treat chronic lack of sleep

    Many people do not think that the well-known proverb “who works as he eats” can be paraphrased with regard to sleep: That and works.

    Everyone can experience the validity of this statement on their own experience. If the day before did not get enough sleep, the next day, everything falls from his hands, and his head refuses to think.

    The reverse is also true. As it should a rested person is full of strength and energy, his mood and vital potential at an altitude, almost any task is possible.

    Lack of night rest makes thinking difficult. What is obvious – what else can you think of in a state of fatigue, how not to sleep off? Attention is dispelled, much more effort is required to perform even the usual actions. The number of errors increases. Planning or solving complex problems in this state is bad.

    If the chronically nedosypat, memory weakens, as the daytime impressions during insufficient night rest do not have time to be properly reprocessed, as it would be if the organism had a chance to sleep. As a result, much less events are remembered. And what is remembered, is held in the memory less firmly.

    Chronic fatigue associated with lack of sleep, creates a disastrous mood, provoking confrontation and overcoming the imaginary obstacles of the surrounding world. For a long time in such a state the psyche does not stand up, sooner or later an emotional breakdown or depression occurs. Lack of sleep can lead to neurosis.

    How to get rid of a chronic lack of sleep

    How to treat chronic lack of sleep

    Many people try to struggle with lack of sleep and go to bed as early as possible. Unfortunately, this does not always work – a tense psyche can not instantly relax and you have to toss and turn for a long time before falling asleep.

    Some “put on” the full for a week and then try to sleep at least on weekends. And on weekdays in the mornings, to quickly come in a cheerful state, they drink coffee. Of course, this measure can not replace a full rest.

    It turns out that to stop chronically nedosypat, you need to carefully plan the regime of the day. Namely:

    • stop playing at night in computer games or watch TV for a long time;
    • to stop thinking about production problems in the evening, from this the brain “accelerates” and it will be difficult to fall asleep.

    The simplest measures will help the rapid onset of sleep and the elimination of lack of sleep:

    • evening warm milk with honey;
    • leisurely evening walks;
    • enough fresh air in the bedroom at night.

    Some “white-collar workers” are useful to learn that intellectual overwork is removed by moderate physical exertion. Of course, physical education should end no less than two hours before the night rest.

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