How to visually reduce wide shoulders with clothes – five tricks for women with wide shoulders

How to visually reduce wide shoulders with clothes - five tricks for women with wide shoulders Many owners of broad shoulders sound alarm and try to hide them in every possible way.

Tell us what things must be present in the wardrobe of women with wide shoulder belt, and which to refuse at all costs, as well as determine the ideal combination of top and bottom for a broad-shouldered.

content of the article:

  1. clothing details, visually narrow the shoulders
  2. neck and neck clothes for broad-
  3. Sleeve, visually reducing the shoulders
  4. Clothing Styles for broad-shouldered women
  5. Accessories for broad shoulders
  6. What is not recommended to wear broad shoulders?

What details of clothes visually narrow the broad shoulders of women?

Many stylists give recommendations to women with broad shoulders for choosing clothes. Remember the details of the women’s wardrobe, which can visually hide the shoulders or make them smaller:

  • Elements, pulling the silhouette up. For example, these are notches. Girls can wear sweaters, blouses, shirts with V-shaped, U-shaped or O-shaped cutouts. Do not be afraid to experiment. Any cutout will open the neck, chest, pull you a little up.
  • Wear long necklaces. It’s imperative that they are not too heavy. Suitable light jewelry, for example, such as a thread with beads, pearls.
  • Collars-clamps or scarves, elegantly flowing downwards , on the chest, will also pull out the silhouette and narrow the shoulders.
  • Straight jacket with sleeves will help reduce the shoulders. The cut must be straight, shirt-like.
  • Things without shoulder pads.
  • Do not be afraid to open your shoulders. Wear tops with wide straps.
  • Vertical fasteners on clothing able to reduce the shoulder girdle.
  • Any other details that take emphasis on yourself. For example, try to highlight the bottom of clothing with bright colors, and leave the top unicoloured.

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These are the main tips that you should pay attention to when choosing clothes. We will try to reveal some of the details in our article.

What type of figure are you?

neck and neck for the broad-top clothes women

Tell us how to choose the upper cut-out neck and clothing that does not provide the wide shoulders:

  1. Try to pick clothes for the top, so that was V -shaped or round neckline . They have a vertical direction and will reduce the shoulders.
  2. Another great option – too deep neckline . Opening the chest, you shift attention from the shoulders.
  3. Under no circumstances do not buy clothes with a square neckline or “boat” , they have a horizontal direction, widening the shoulder girdle. How to visually reduce wide shoulders with clothes - five tricks for women with wide shoulders
  4. The American armhole is also an ideal option. Opening your shoulders, you narrow them visually.
  5. Clothing should not be decorated. Any decor will expand the shoulders. The top should be without epaulettes, epaulets, prints and other details.
  6. There should be no jewelry along the neck. Patterns, rhinestones, even embroidery – all this you must forget.
  7. It is not necessary to focus on the chest by a decorative trim , for example – folds ruches, frills and even more unprofitable pockets. So you will only aggravate the situation and emphasize not a beautiful chest, but broad shoulders. In the chest area, the accent is only on the décolleté.
  8. Collar-collar or collar-loop also suitable for broad-shouldered girls, as they slightly extend the silhouette.

Follow these tips when deciding to buy yourself a new thing, then there will be no problems.

How to choose clothes according to the type of figure – tips of stylists

Sleeves dresses, blouses and outer clothing that visually reduce wide shoulders

Look at the shape of sleeves, their length when choosing clothes for the top.

Stylists recommend to achieve a proportional silhouette and follow these rules:

  1. Choose a sleeve that is narrowed from above on the armhole and widened from below. This is the best option.
  2. Wear clothes with straight sleeves.
  3. You should not wear clothes with “flashlights”, since such sleeves are wider than shoulders. How to visually reduce wide shoulders with clothes - five tricks for women with wide shoulders
  4. The length of the sleeves should be three quarters.
  5. You can wear blouses and sleeveless dresses.
  6. Tops can be without sleeves, but on wide straps.

When selecting clothes, you must learn to reach the golden mean. Things should not be too open or on the contrary baggy, spacious. They should be adjacent or semi-attached to the body, then the silhouette will be proportional.

How to choose the right bra model?

We select clothes for the top:

  • Blouses must have a vertical cut, giving an image of femininity, lightness, tenderness. The shoulders can be both open and closed at the blouse.
  • The blouse can have a basque – a wide frill extending the bottom from the level of the waist.
  • The shirt should be in the style of a “bat” to equalize the level of the shoulders and hips.
  • Sweaters, jackets, cardigans, tunics should have a length below the waist, approximately to the middle of the thigh.
  • You can put on clothes in several layers. For example, under a waistcoat, or a cardigan of a dark color, put on a simple white shirt.
  • Models should be with decorative trim or pattern on fabric in the form of vertical or diagonal lines.
  • Clothing should be without shoulder pads.

Pick up clothes for the bottom to add volume or just to concentrate attention on the legs:

  • Pants with overhead or side pockets will add volume.
  • Split trousers will also increase the bottom.
  • A skirt with a wide hem, for example, a yucca sun, a bell, a tulip are your options.
  • под Select the bottom of the light tones if the top is dark. Visually, you can achieve the effect of bulk from below and narrowing of the shoulders.

  • If you chose trousers, a skirt with a low waistline, then add a bright, unusual, wide belt to them.
  • It is better to pick up trousers with an overstated waist, emphasizing the waist with a thin belt.
  • Try to choose them with bright pictures, prints, folds. The top should be monophonic at the same time.
  • Openwork tights. Another way to shift attention from the shoulders to your feet is pantyhose. They can be of a variety of shades, but the main thing is that they do not stand out from the general image in a wide range of colors.
  • Clothing for the bottom should be spacious. It is worth noting tight skirt pencils or narrowed trousers.

Choose a jumpsuit and a dress:

  • The overall should be expanded to the bottom. An excellent option – free pants and an open top with wide straps.
  • The perfect dress for a girl with broad shoulders – with a puffy skirt and an open top.
  • It is better to choose free-cut dresses.
  • It is good, if the dress has a cutout, while it can be tight.
  • Dresses can be with a basque, a wide frill along the waist line.

When choosing a dress, remember: it is worth discovering one part of the body – either the neck, or neckline, or shoulders. So you can focus attention on the hips.

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Accessories for clothes, as a way to hide the broad shoulders

Follow these rules when choosing accessories to complement / decorate your image:

  • Choose wide straps. They look great in the zone just below the waist line. It is better to wear them with a dress, a skirt. If you chose a narrow belt, then it should be worn with pants, coats.
  • Scarf should be long , so that its ends hang down, thereby extending the figure and narrowing the shoulders.
  • Bracelets and other ornaments on the hand should be bright and large.
  • Beads and chains should be worn long. They just like the scarf will extend the silhouette.
  • Bag should be chosen large, “pot-bellied”, but you will not wear it on your shoulder, but in your hand.
  • Small clutches on a thin, neat chain also fit the image.
  • Small gloves will give a sense of elegance and attract attention.

Choosing accessories is just the beginning. It is very important to combine the details.

Remember that it’s best not to use everything at once, just one or more elements will suffice.

What is not recommended to wear broad-shouldered women – advise stylists

There are some wardrobe items that increase the volume of the shoulder girdle.

From them it is better to immediately refuse and not to wear them:

  1. Models of the top, dresses with an O-neck or a cutout “boat”.
  2. Things with narrow straps.
  3. Clothes with prints, abundant decor in the chest, shoulders, neck.
  4. Models with too deep neckline.
  5. Sweatshirts with stripes.
  6. Clothes with horizontal stripes.
  7. Too broad, spacious things.
  8. Blouses or shirts with a raglan sleeve.
  9. Things with a shiny bodice.
  10. Shirts with long, flared sleeves.
  11. Sweatshirts with wide collars.
  12. Turtlenecks or other tight things.

How to visually reduce wide shoulders with clothes - five tricks for women with wide shoulders

From the accessories , you should abandon bags that need to be worn on the shoulders, as well as backpacks.

We hope that the recommendations for choosing clothes will help you to reconsider your wardrobe and create a new, unique image.

Experiment, do not be afraid to look for new ideas for your appearance!

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