In the eye burst the vessel, what should I do?

In the eye burst the vessel, what should I do?


  • Why did the vessel burst in the eye?
  • What if the vessel bursts in the eye?

It is not by chance that the eyes are called the mirror of the soul. Often it is the sight, the cut of the eyes and their shape that make it possible to form an impression of the individuality of the person, it is to the eyes that they pay attention when communicating. However, some are convinced that the eyes are a bulging brain. And it’s not such a nonsense.

When something is wrong with the eye, it quickly becomes noticeable. So, often pay attention reddened eyes. The cause of this phenomenon can be a sleepless night, overwork, various eye diseases. And if the vessel burst in the eye, it’s very difficult not to notice. Part of the protein (sclera) becomes scarlet and it is almost impossible to not pay attention to it.

Reddish bruise looks menacing and ugly. But there is nothing to worry about. Since, as a rule, it passes without a trace in about a week. But since this happened, it is important to understand the causes of this phenomenon. Because the weakness of the eye vessels may suggest the onset of a disease, which is best to begin as early as possible to treat.

Why did the vessel burst in the eye?

In the eye burst the vessel, what should I do?

  • The reasons why the vessel could not stand and burst, may be different. One common – just jumped pressure. Quickly cope with a sharp jump in pressure can be called by an ambulance. To provoke an eye hemorrhage also high temperature can.
  • When a vessel bursts in the eye, it can signal a serious illness like diabetes. In some cases, the cause of the destruction of the vessel can be one or another of its pathology. For example, associated with a deficiency of vitamin C.
  • The vessel in the eye may burst due to conjunctivitis or keratitis. In case of symptoms of these diseases, you need to consult an ophthalmologist.
  • The cause of bruising can be a strong blow in the eye area.

What should I do if the vessel bursts in the eye?

In the eye burst the vessel, what should I do?

When the vessel bursts into the eye, it looks very intimidating. But the victim does not hurt at all. Moreover, the modern approach to curing such phenomena is expectant. So in many cases you can not even go to an ophthalmologist. As a rule, all symptoms go through 7-10 days. Much more prolonged treatment requires a disease that can be the cause of hemorrhage.

If the cause is conjunctivitis or keratitis

In the eye burst the vessel, what should I do?

Sign of conjunctivitis is lacrimation, photophobia, redness of both eyes, sensation in the eye of something an outsider that constantly wants to wash off with a tear. If the conjunctivitis is bacterial, pus may form.

If conjunctivitis is allergic, there is also swelling. As a rule, both eyes suffer from the disease, even if the vessel bursts only in one eye. In addition, there is swelling of the mucous, as with a cold.

The best way to cure conjunctivitis is to consult an ophthalmologist.

In the case of keratitis – inflammation of the horny, convex and transparent shell of the eye – the protein also acquires a reddish hue. It hurts to blink, tears flow, it is impossible to look at the light. Frequent causes of keratitis are infectious diseases associated with weak immunity and deficiency of necessary vitamins. If the inflammation is not stopped in time, vision can deteriorate. This disease is no less serious than conjunctivitis. Therefore, you need to contact the oculist as soon as possible.

Other reasons that the vessel may burst in the eye

In the eye burst the vessel, what should I do?

In some cases, the cause of the bursting vessels may be a sudden change in the weather. Especially if the patient is a category of meteosensitive people. A sharp fluctuation in the weather can cause a jump in blood pressure, which, if the vessel walls are weak, causes a bleeding in the eye. The vessel with weakened walls simply can not withstand increased blood circulation.

Causing the destruction of the vessel wall can also cause weight lifting.Hemorrhage in the eye can happen as a result of drinking alcohol, a hot bath, fatigue in front of a computer or TV. In this case, get rid of redness and prevent a possible rupture of the vessel simply. It is necessary as it is necessary to have a rest.

Do not be frightened of those who have excessively expressed eye vessels. As a rule, this is just an individual feature, not related to their fragility. Treatment in this case is not required.

To strengthen the vessels, it is useful to eliminate the deficiency of vitamin C and vitamin P (routine) if there is such a deficit.

In some cases, the vessel in the eye may burst due to excessive dry eyes due to lack of tear film. The cause of the phenomenon may be the habit of overly careful examination of objects, as a result of which the eyes blink less frequently and therefore the thickness of the tear film becomes minimal. Also, dry eyes can be caused by intense visual stress, adverse environmental factors. Cope with the problem will help gymnastics for the eyes.

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