Interesting contests for a boring company in the New Year

Interesting contests for a boring company in the New Year In order to avoid boredom at the New Year’s celebration, it is necessary to plan a fun program in advance, including interesting contests. As a rule, such moments enliven any event, allow participants to feel at ease, to get acquainted more closely.

It is desirable that in the entertainment involved more people – then laughter and fun will contribute to a good mood on New Year’s Eve, driving boredom and drowsiness.

More contests for a fun friendly or family company for the New Year!

1. Snowball

Interesting contests for a boring company in the New Year The competition can be held sitting at the table. This is an acquaintance game, which in an unfamiliar company allows you to remember the names of all party members, and also have fun at the very beginning of the holiday.

The first participant names his name. The second participant names the name of the previous participant, as well as his name. So the game goes on, with each participant the list of names that need to be pronounced becomes longer.

Then the game can be complicated by asking participants to add a nickname to the theme of fairy-tale characters, for example, “Peter – Batman”, “Anna – Fiona” and so on.

In this competition, the winners are difficult to determine, but the process of pronouncing names will already be a real fun.

2. Catch the “snake”

Interesting contests for a boring company in the New Year Two participants sit on the chairs, facing each other’s backs. Under the chairs is a rope – “snake”, the ends of which pass between the feet of each participant.

At the command of the main facilitator, the participants must lean forward, trying to grab the rope faster than the rival and pull it out from under the chair.

The most clever wins – he then competes with the next participant, and so on, until the unconditional winner is determined.

Interesting contests for New Year’s corporate in the New Year 2017 Firecracker

3. Together we will win the winter!

Interesting contests for a boring company in the New Year All become pairs. Each pair is given a piece of ice (ice in the same form must be prepared for the contest in advance). At the signal the couple tries to melt their ice quickly in any way – you can blow on it, lick it, put it on the body, between the palms, rub it. Participants should not use heating appliances and hot dishes in order to melt their piece of ice. The pair with the ice melting first will win.

4. New Year’s songs

Interesting contests for a boring company in the New Year You can not even get up from this table for this contest. The whole company is divided into two teams. The draw will determine which group starts first.

The essence of the contest is to remember all the songs about the New Year, Christmas tree, Christmas, winter, snow, snowstorms, and sing each by the verse. The band that wins more than the songs wins.

You can slightly change this competition as follows. In advance, small pieces of paper are prepared, they are written on the theme of the New Year and Winter – “Snow Maiden”, “Snowstorm”, “Santa Claus”, “Snow”, “Winter”, “December”.

Representatives from the teams get one piece of paper from a colorful box, and try to quickly recall the song where the word is, perform it. This competition can be designed as a small concert-improvisation.

5. Wish List

Interesting contests for a boring company in the New Year This competition should be prepared in advance as follows. In the balls put a note with some task on the New Year theme, for example: “Show the battle of the Kremlin chimes”, “Show the dance of snowflakes”, “Show the snowman”, “Draw an icicle”, “Show the Christmas tree”, “Show the drunk Father Frost” , “Sing the New Year song with a child’s voice” and so on. These tasks should be diverse and fun, they must be prepared sufficiently large number.

In the balls you must also pour small confetti, inflate them and hang them somewhere higher.

For the competition, all present are divided into two groups. The participant of the first team must burst the ball with his hand or a stick – it will be covered with confetti, a piece of paper with an assignment will drop out.Then he must fulfill his task as best as possible to the amicable applause and laughter of those present.

If the participant does not want to perform this task, the team gets a minus 1 point. Together with each participant, all present can perform the task, competing as a reproducible scene. The most active team wins.

How to celebrate the New Year in a sauna or a sauna is the most original organization of the New Year’s Eve for adults!

6. New Year’s alphabet

Interesting contests for a boring company in the New Year This competition can be held right behind the festive table. The leader of the holiday announces that he wants to check – whether they remember the alphabet.

Each participant in turn says Happy New Year to all participants, starting a phrase with one letter of the alphabet, from “A”. For example, “A” – “And let’s congratulate all the ladies present on the New Year!”; “B” – “Be all healthy and happy in the New Year!”.

The culmination of this contest will be attempts to come up with phrases for the letters “L”, “F”, “B”, “J”. Agile and resourceful contestants must somehow get out of the situation or laugh it off.

7. Playing snowballs

Interesting contests for a boring company in the New Year A sufficient number of “snowballs” made of cotton wool are prepared in advance for this competition. All present are divided into two teams and stand on opposite sides of the hall.

At the command of the leader, both teams begin to rush into each other with prepared snowballs, there is noise, turmoil, laughter. Then, at the command of the leader, the “war” ceases. Each team must collect all the “snowballs” that fell on its side of the hall. The one that gets the most out wins.

Then this contest can be continued with comic tasks – the participants of both teams compete in the transfer of “snowballs” on the head, on the chest, on the back – in such a way that they do not hold it with elbows, hands, and that the “snowball” does not fall to the floor .

8. Santa Claus sneezed

Interesting contests for a boring company in the New Year This competition is held not to determine the winners, but to create universal fun and laughter.

All present are divided into three groups. Initially, participants of each group are told that they are on a certain team – for example, by the stroke of the “magic wand”, must shout out each – their magic word. These words for the three teams are “aci”, “eyes”, “cartilage”.

To shout these words of the team must synchronously, all together, and the one who will shout his word louder than others will win from them. On special signals the teams shout their words all together.

In the end, all this noise will be like the sneezing of a giant. The presenter can even more excited and amuse the participants of this contest, answering every “sneezing” – “Be Healthy, Grandfather Frost!”.

9. Skating snowballs

Interesting contests for a boring company in the New Year This competition is held between the “man + woman” pairs.

Gentle music sounds, participants dance a slow dance. Then the music stops, the presenter gives out pairs of small balls, which are placed between the bellies of ladies and gentlemen.

According to a special signal from the leading contest, more energetic music begins to sound, and the partners try to turn their balls to the chin with the movements of their bodies so as not to drop it and not touch with their hands.

10. Festive conveyor

Interesting contests for a boring company in the New Year From the number of those present, five participants are selected into two teams, they are given the names: “open up,” “pour”, “drink,” “snack,” “close -ka. ”

On the tables for two teams in the end of the hall bottles with sparkling water are put (for the adult companies – with champagne or wine), a glass, a sandwich.

According to the starting signal of our presenter, the first participants from the starting point run to the tables, open the bottle. The second participants should run to the tables and pour the drink into the glass to the brim. The third pair of participants runs to drink poured in glasses. The fourth participants of the contest “snack” a sandwich, the fifth – they run and close the bottle with a drink.

The team that is more accurate will win this baton faster.

As an option – participants in teams can be not five, but, for example, three or seven.Sandwiches can be cooked in three, and the relay run until three laps are passed, from opening the bottle to closing it.

11. Boxing ring

Interesting contests for a boring company in the New Year On the “stage” two participants are called, who will compete with each other. The host announces that there will be bloody battles between two real men. Participants are given boxing gloves.

Putting on gloves, the process of preparing the presenter accompanies the “warming up” the audience with the phrases: “Real men fight to the last!”, “Ring will show who is stronger!”. Participants can be undressed to the waist, let them warm up, jump, poboksirovat in the air.

When the participants are warmed up and ready to wage a “battle” with each other, they are given … candy in a wrapper (put on tables). On the starting signal “ring” our “boxers” should try to quickly deploy this candy with their hands in gloves, without dropping it from the table, and eat it.

The task with sweets can be replaced with another task: with your hands in boxing gloves, unfasten the buttons on the lady, on which you pre-put on a home-made dressing gown.

12. Queen of the New Year’s Eve

Interesting contests for a boring company in the New Year What a fabulous evening without a queen? And on New Year’s Eve the participants will have to choose their main queen of the ball. To do this, of course, you need the queens to dress in fitting clothes, for which each team is given 1-2 rolls of toilet paper.

The task of the teams is to create a “royal robe” for their main “queen” for a certain period of time, for example – while all the other participants are singing a New Year song.

The team whose queen’s outfit will be better than the other queens wins.

13. Dancing with balls

Interesting contests for a boring company in the New Year When the time for dancing came on the New Year, participants can be offered a very amusing contest. All the dancing feet to the ankle are tied on the balloon.

The essence of the competition is to dance, protect your ball from the feet of other participants, and at the same time – try to “burst” the balls from them.

Such “dances” turn into a merry fuss, which gives a good mood and general fun.

14. Funny questions – funny answers

Interesting contests for a boring company in the New Year This contest requires a little preliminary preparation. Of thick paper or cardboard it is necessary to cut the same size cards, an even number, in quantity – about two to three times more than participants in the future party. On half of cards it is necessary to write the most various questions, putting them in a separate deck. In the second half of the cards you need to write the answers – this will be the second deck.

Questions can be: “Do you know how to control yourself?”, “If I kiss you – what do you say?”, Interesting contests for a boring company in the New Year “Do you like striptease?”, “Do you often get drunk?” And others. The answers can be the following: “Only after the payday”, “My youth is left behind”, “This is my favorite occupation”, “Only at night” and others.

The first participant names the name of the person to whom the question will be asked, takes a card from the deck of questions, reads it.

The respondent takes a card from the deck of answers, reads. Then the second participant names the next responsible person, takes the card with the question, reads – and the festival of cheerful questions and answers goes on.

15. Snow Lady of Dreams

Interesting contests for a boring company in the New Year This competition can be held with real snow – if on the street it is slightly damp, or if you bring for the contest large portions of snow in the hall on trays. Option without snow – to sculpt “lady of dreams” of cotton wool, sintepon.

Divide all participants into teams. Each team gets a “material” for modeling, a start is announced. The team must “blind” the beautiful sculpture of this beauty as best as possible, faster than competitors. In the process of “modeling” you can use your own things, products from the table.

The most beautiful and original “sculpture” wins.

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