Lightening hair at home

Lightening hair at home


  • How to lighten the hair in antiquity
  • How to properly color and lighten the hair at home
  • What is attractive for home ways of lightening
  • Henna lightening recipe
  • Light peroxide hydrogen
  • Homemade chamomile hair
  • How to light the head of lemon juice
  • Vinegar for dyeing and lightening hair
  • Applying honey for lightening at home
  • Other ways to lighten hair

At home, it’s hard to turn from zhg learn brunettes in blonde, using some folk remedies. At best, it will be possible to lighten the hair for a ton-two, to give the locks a pleasant golden hue. A radical result is achievable only with chemical staining.

How to lighten hair in ancient times

Women of Ancient Rome, following the fashion, used so-called Matthium balls made from a mixture of soap, ash and goat fat to lighten hair.

To brighten the curls, lion’s urine was used in medieval Venice, then the head was dried in the sun. Arab women for the splendor and brilliance of the curls washed their heads with the urine of a camel.

Some modern women use the urine of domestic animals – for example, rabbits – to eliminate skin defects and light hair.

How to properly color and lighten the hair at home

Lightening hair at home

Henna remarkably restores the structure of the hair, penetrates deep inside. As a result, it is more difficult to impart the desired shade to the chemical dye. Shevelura stains unevenly or a completely unexpected color. Therefore, after henna, hair is lightened when they grow well.

When the hair is lightened, the chemical composition is applied from the tips to the roots, and not vice versa, so that the heat from the head begins to act later.

It is better to achieve an ashy or platinum hue. Warm yellow color when home painting is rarely achieved. The curls look overdried, “straw”, with an undesirable orange tint.

By the beginning of the summer it is better not to lighten up so as not to expose the curls to the sun’s rays. Otherwise, the artificial color may change the shade.

Clarified hair becomes drier, fade, uncomfortably creak when wiped and therefore require careful care. It is necessary to abandon the hair dryer, use special shampoos, protective varnishes, sprays. After washing, rinse with warm beer, water with lemon juice.

The more attractive home ways of clarification

Lightening hair at home

It’s no secret that chemical dyes are unsafe. Women-hairdressers, daily engaged in coloring, reduce the chances of giving birth to a healthy child. Harmful even paint without ammonia compounds. Organic dyes are not affordable for everyone.

Folk remedies allow you to lighten your hair without harm to your health at home. A positive result can only be achieved with a blond or light-brown hair. At the end of the procedure, it seems that the curls slightly burned out.

Recipe clarification henna

  • Boil in boiling water 400ml 10g Lapsany tea, 40g henna , boil on low heat for 5 minutes, allow to cool. Add 200ml vodka , insist 2-3 days, drain.

Lighten your hair, applying for 30-40 minutes, after thoroughly washing your hair.

Lightening with hydrogen peroxide

  • To lighten slightly, apply 3% hydrogen peroxide to the spray gun.

Peroxide is not a natural remedy, but its concentration is small enough to cause tangible harm.

To give the clarified hair an ashy hue, rinse the head with a decoction of parsley roots:

  • cook two large roots in a liter of water for 20-30 minutes.

Home lightening hair chamomile

Lightening hair at home

  • To make curls light-colored brew chamomile 100g two cups of boiling water , simmer for 5 minutes, drain.When the infusion has cooled, add a little glycerin . Keep refrigerated.

Apply as often as possible to wet hair for 20-30 minutes. In a few weeks, the hair will become light and golden.

Homemade clarification curls with a mixture of chamomile and peroxide:

  • insist 150 g chamomile in 0.5 l vodka during the crescent, strain, add 50ml 3% hydrogen peroxide .

Apply over the entire length, leaving for 30 minutes. After rinse with shampoo.

Another recipe:

  • Brew 100g chamomile a glass of boiling water, after an hour to squeeze out the vegetable raw materials, drain. Add 30 g of hydrogen peroxide , 4 p.s. vodka .

To lighten hair, apply over the entire length, after half an hour wash off.

To give a light tint, after washing your head rinse the curls with water and add chamomile oil .

  • Brew 100-200g chamomile with two glasses of boiling water, simmer in a water bath for 5-10 minutes, allow to cool, drain.

Rinse your head after washing and dry without wiping with a towel.

How to light the hair with lemon juice

  • Mix lemon juice with hydrogen peroxide , apply with a spray gun.

After a week, the hair becomes lighter, it gains shine. It is important to use the juice of natural lemon, the store citric acid has a slightly different composition.

To shine after shampooing, rinse curls regularly with water and lemon juice . In case of excessive use, they can be dried.

Vinegar for coloring and lightening hair

homemade recipes give mane a light shade:

  • per liter of warm water add 3 drops of oil chamomile , 3 drops of oil lemon , 1c.l. apple vinegar .

Another way to lighten hair:

  • brew in a glass of boiling water 1 tsp. chamomile , insist, add 1 tsp. apple vinegar .

To strengthen hair bulbs, instead of chamomile, add sage . From the combination of rosemary and vinegar hair, on the contrary, becomes dark and shiny.

Applying honey for lightening at home

Lightening hair at home

Sheveluru can brighten with honey. Honey mask acts like hydrogen peroxide:

  • Adding a little soda to the shampoo portion, wash your hair. Apply honey, cover the head with a film for 6-8 hours, wrap it with a towel. Wash off with warm water.

Regular application of the honey mask can clarify the hair, deliver the necessary nutrition, give a healthy appearance.

Other ways to lighten hair

Shaving becomes lighter by applying a mixture of lemon juice with any vegetable oil – olive , almond . Juice and butter are mixed in equal proportions, are applied to clean dry hair for several hours. The mask is washed off with shampoo.

After shampooing hair rinse useful natural means of camomile flowers , ginger root , rhubarb , mixtures of citrus peels – lemons , oranges , mandarins .

To rinse the rinse aid, soak the crusts in hot water, insist for 24 hours. Apply in warm form to a damp head. The longer the exposure, the greater the benefit. Repeatedly moisturize the head from the dipper over the basin, where the citrus conditioner is poured.

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