Medical starvation at home

Medical starvation at home


  • Pros and cons of curative starvation at home
  • Contraindications to curative starvation at home
  • Home-based fasting
  • Daily fasting at home
  • How right to get out of starvation

The human body can sometimes be compared to a perfect mechanism in which all processes are debugged and are in close interconnection with each other. And if from time to time do not give this mechanism the opportunity to self-recover, but just fill up with “fuel” (food) and regularly “ride”, then very soon wait for various surprises with health. Medical starvation at home – and even better conducted in a hospital under the supervision of doctors – can give the body the necessary breathing space, so that he can finally do the necessary preventive work.

It’s no secret that all living and non-living people are very reluctant to part with the energy concentrated in them. Food for faster digestion must be cooked with fire, then digested in the stomach for a long time in order to extract nutrients necessary for the cells. To digest food consumes considerable energy. And when this energy is needed for something else, at the moment more important – for example, fighting the infection – the body goes into starvation mode. That’s why when there is a cold or flu, the temperature rises, you do not want to eat at all.

Pros and cons of curative starvation at home

Medical starvation at home

Domestic hunger treatment is necessary in order to get rid of the accumulated slag. Before the beginning of the healing procedure, it is required to clean the intestines so that the toxins and slags accumulated on the walls of the stomach and intestines, when not fed, are not actively absorbed into the blood.

Before starting the treatment procedure, you also need to get rid of parasites, because these quiet “friends” may not know that there will not be food. And they can even categorically not share the idea about the benefits of starvation in the human brain. And since they will necessarily want to eat, then, for lack of food, especially for a long time, they can easily switch to food with internal tissues, in that they can learn from them.

Fasting for weight loss is actually a type of diet. But since it is fast to lose weight in a week if it is possible, but for health this is a great stress, the results are very discouraging. Namely, kilograms dropped by self-torture quickly return.

During the fasting, existing chronic diseases can become aggravated. Home treatment with hunger, especially with a large number of fat stores, is fraught with the danger of disrupting normal processes of vital activity within cells, which is also a certain disadvantage of this method of recovery.

With prolonged starvation, fat burns down, but not completely. The resulting intermediate products of decomposition are harmful, they must be disposed of as soon as possible. There is an “acidification” of the body, and the sugar content in the blood decreases.

Another disadvantage of starvation is an additional burden on the kidneys and other organs of the excretory system. If you do not comply with drinking regimen and drink little water, convulsions may begin. Water should be enough to dissolve harmful substances in it. In especially neglected cases, toxins and toxins are too much. An unpleasant consequence of the treatment procedure can be an excessive burden on the kidneys, because they have to filter the huge amount of harmful poisonous compounds that accumulated over the years.

Possible damage to fasting can be not only in danger of causing renal or hepatic colic – attacks of acute pain. Stones in the gallbladder or kidneys can also start moving. Therefore, it is better to consult a doctor first.

Fasting is often used to restore health more quickly after surgery or after getting rid of various infectious diseases. This allows you to direct maximum efforts to restore the normal functioning of various organs and systems, do not waste energy on energy-consuming digestion of food. As a rule, under home treatment for hunger means a 24-hour or three-day refusal of food.

Regular daily or daily wellness procedures are more gentle. This is a periodic cleansing of the intestines from toxins and toxins.

The therapeutic effect of home hunger treatment is to allow you to get rid of accumulated harmful substances. As a result, strength is restored and the ability to cope effectively with various diseases is increased.

Contra-indications of curative starvation at home

Medical starvation at home

Like any other method of healing and cleansing, home starvation requires taking into account all existing diseases. It should not be practiced in the presence of the following deviations of health:

  • in the case of malignant tumors;
  • with tuberculosis;
  • in diseases of the thyroid gland;
  • with cirrhosis of the liver and hepatitis;
  • in case of renal or hepatic insufficiency;
  • with inflammation of the respiratory system and abdominal cavity;
  • for heart rhythm disturbances;
  • for parasitic and infectious diseases;
  • in case of body weight deficiency;
  • in the presence of donor organs or artificial implants;
  • during pregnancy and lactation;
  • in young (up to 14 years) and elderly (after 70 years) age.

Under the supervision of a doctor, fasting is allowed in case of the following diseases:

  • cholelithiasis and some varieties of urolithiasis;
  • peptic ulcer of stomach and duodenum;
  • anemia;
  • varicose veins;
  • diabetes mellitus;
  • gout.

Home-based starvation

Medical starvation at home

At the heart of any used fasting technique is the correct medical and psychological attitude. It is necessary not just to read a lot of literature about the benefits of fasting days or about rational nutrition. As a rule, such benefits are written by enthusiasts, inspired by positive results. Therefore, a deceptive impression is created that the treatment of starvation is an easy thing, you will surely survive it and not lose your senses.

In practice, everything turns out to be a bit more complicated. Do not endure all – begin to eat much earlier than the deadline. It’s clear, to feel weak or weak is very uncomfortable. In addition, defeat reduces the chances of ever trying again. But withstood the test of hunger, in addition to the unquestionable benefit to health, there is a feeling of additional self-confidence and one’s strength: I and I can!

Daily fasting at home

Medical starvation at home

It is necessary to completely abandon food, drink only pure distilled water. Water should be consumed as much as you want and when you want. Possible swelling of the face should not bother, especially when there is a lack of water, there is a risk of spoiling the stomach.

It is often recommended to add a little honey or freshly squeezed lemon juice during the treatment. This is not an easing and not a way to somehow support the forces. With the help of these additives, the body clears itself more efficiently of toxins. Natural supplements are much more effective than simple water, dissolve harmful deposits, so that they are then removed through the kidneys.

How to spend a household daily fast? It is performed from breakfast to breakfast or from dinner to dinner the next day, once a week.

Even the right psychological attitude can not prevent you from responding in a peculiar way to the lack of food. There may be weakness, you want to lie down or sleep.The advantage of holding a 24-hour therapeutic fast will be to choose a day when you do not need to go somewhere, so that you can comply with all the health-improving procedures at home. Getting rid of the slag, there will be much more strength. The state of health and appearance will also improve.

How to get out of starvation

Medical starvation at home

You do not need to snap at once to eat, to eat “from the belly.” There is an unwritten rule for the completion of the medical treatment procedure, according to which the amount of food taken should be increased exactly as long as the cleansing continued. Thus, if you starve for a day, you also need to go out for exactly 24 hours. With a more rapid exit, the state of health may worsen slightly.

  • After the fasting, you can eat something light, preferably with a high fiber content. It can be an apple, grated on a large grater. Or a salad of grated carrots with fresh cabbage. Due to the action of fiber, the harmful substances that remain in the intestine are bound and thus the body clears the body of toxins.
  • Then you can go to boiled or stewed vegetables, they are better served without adding sugar and without white bread. It is useful to eat greenery – pumpkin, cabbage, celery.
  • Of course, even after a day’s fasting, you should not immediately take meat or fish, as well as cheese, nuts.

If you clearly represent the goal, you will necessarily succeed.

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