Motivation for losing weight and psychology: how to adjust yourself to losing weight – and not break with the diet?

Motivation for losing weight and psychology: how to adjust yourself to losing weight - and not break with the diet? One of the most global problems, one can say boldly – of a global scale, for the fair sex is overweight. Practically maniacal desire to “lose weight” haunts every second woman on earth, and, regardless of whether it is an appetizing pomp, or already can hide behind a mop.

Methods of weight loss in our time are estimated, probably, by tens of thousands, but all of them are nothing if there is no motivation.

What kind of animal is this – motivation, and where to look for it?

Content of the article:

  1. Motivation for losing weight – where to start?
  2. 7 pushes that will make you lose weight
  3. How not to break with the diet?
  4. The main errors in losing weight

Slimming motivation – where to start, and how to find your true goal for losing weight?

The term “motivation” is used to refer to a set of separate motives that compel a person to take concrete actions.

Success without motivation is impossible, because without it any attempts to achieve success are only self-torture. It is motivation that gives a charge of vivacity and a push to reach the next step with joy and ease, with indispensable pleasure from the methods themselves to achieve the goal.

But the desire to lose weight is not motivation. It’s just a desire from the series “I want to Bali” and “I want a rabbit fricassee for dinner”. And this is how it will remain (“Since Monday, I will definitely begin!”), Until you find your motives for returning the body to a beautiful and healthy state.

Motivation for losing weight and psychology: how to adjust yourself to losing weight - and not break with the diet?

How to find them, and where to start?

  • Define the key tasks . What exactly do you want – to become more beautiful, to tighten the contours, to achieve a powerful relief, just “to lose fat” and so on. Find your incentive for losing weight.
  • Having defined the problem, divide it into the stages . Why is it important? Because it is impossible to achieve an unattainable goal, and even more simply and quickly. Go to the goal gradually, solving one small task after another. If you decide to become an athletics champion after 25 years of sitting office work, you will not become them either tomorrow or a month. But this desire is quite realistic if you approach it with the mind.
  • By splitting the task into stages, it is necessary to focus on getting pleasure from the process. Katorga will not bear fruit, only work on yourself, which brings joy, brings a really necessary result. For example, it is very difficult to get yourself to run around in the mornings, but if at the end of the route you are waiting for a cafe with beautiful views and a cup of fragrant tea, it will be much nicer to run to it.
  • If the motivation is, the decision is made and the goals are set, proceed immediately. Do not wait for Mondays, New Years, 8 am and so on. Only now – or never.

The main conclusion: a dozen small goals are easier to achieve than one unattainable.

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we have found out, the road to success always begins with motivation. If you have not yet found your “why” and “for what” to start acting, then it’s time to think about them.

But, first of all, make sure that you really need to lose weight, so that later you do not have to struggle with leanness.

Finding your motivation is not so difficult. The cornerstone of all the weight loss topics is overweight.

And it is around him that all our motivators are spinning:

  1. You do not fit into your favorite dresses and jeans. Very strong motivator, which often spurs girls to start the process of losing weight. Many even specifically buy a thing for a size or two less, and work hard to get into it and buy a new one, another 1 size smaller.
  2. Gift to yourself, beloved, for diligence. Just a beautiful body is not enough (as some think), and besides it, there must be some reward for all the hard work and suffering that will loom ahead like a piece of ham behind which the dog is running. For example, “I’ll lose weight to 55 kg and give myself a trip to the islands.”
  3. Love. This motivator is one of the most powerful. It is love that makes us make unthinkable efforts on ourselves and reach heights that we would never have achieved on our own. The desire to win a person or to keep his love is able to work miracles.
  4. A good example to follow. Well, if there is an example before your eyes – a certain authority, which I want to equal. For example, a friend or mother who, even at the age of 50, remains slim and beautiful, because she works daily on herself.
  5. Weight loss for the company. Strangely enough, and whatever they say about this method (there are many opinions), it works. However, everything depends on the group – the collective with whom you work. It’s great when this company of good friends who go in for sports, spend a lot of time working on themselves, choosing an active holiday. As a rule, group weight loss “for the company” helps to achieve good results. But only in those groups where everyone supports each other.
  6. Restoring health. The problems and consequences of excess weight are familiar to all who are looking for ways to lose weight: shortness of breath and arrhythmia, heart problems, intimate problems, cellulitis, GI disease and much more. What can we say about the cases when weight loss can directly depend on life. In this case, work on yourself becomes simply necessary: ​​sports and proper nutrition for health, weight loss and beauty must become your second self.
  7. Criticism of their own and the ridicule of strangers. At best, we hear – “Oh, and who has become such a pussy in our country” and “Wow, how you shook your mother, at worst -” Move, cow, do not go through, “etc. Such “pleasantness” is no longer a bell that it’s time to lose weight, but a real alarm. Running on the scales!
  8. “Oh no, I do not like swimming, just sit in the shade and see, at the same time your things will punish.” Often losing weight begins with a desire to walk beautifully along the beach, so that everyone gasp from your swimsuit and its strong elastic content. But, as life shows, losing weight “by the summer” is a senseless process with a temporary result, if the sports lifestyle then does not become a habit.
  9. A personal example for your child. If your child constantly sits at the computer and is already starting to spread out with teles on a comfortable chair, then you will not change his way of life, except by his own example. Sports parents in most cases – sports children, who always take the example of moms and dads.

Of course, there are much more motivators for losing weight. But it is important to find your own, individual , which will spodvignut on the exploits of you and allow you to “stay in the saddle”, despite possible obstacles.

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How to maintain your motivation to lose weight, even at well-laid tables and family delicious dinners, and not break with the diet?

Everyone who has had to lose weight knows how hard the process can become, and how easy it is to break in the middle of the start – or even at the very beginning.

Therefore, it is important not only to find motivation, but also to keep it, not having turned to the nearest fast food from the chosen way.

  • We rejoice at any result! Even if you dropped 200 g – that’s already good. And even if you dropped 0 kg – this is also good, because you added 0.
  • Do not forget about reasonable goals. We put only small tasks in which to really achieve the result.
  • We use only those methods that bring joy. For example, do not sit on carrots and spinach if you hate them. You can replace them with boiled beef and vegetable garnish. In all things, the measure and the golden mean is important. Look for a compromise with yourself. If you hate running, then you do not need to jog yourself – find another way to exercise. For example, dancing at home to music, yoga, dumbbells. In the end, you can rent a couple of simulators home, and then you will not be embarrassed at all – no one else’s views, no need to be dragged into the gym after work.
  • Do not wait for a quick result. And do not think about it at all. Just follow your goal – slowly, with pleasure.
  • Be sure to celebrate your victory. Of course, it’s not about feasting with lots of dishes, but about rewarding yourself for your labors. Define these awards in advance. For example, a trip somewhere, a visit to the salon, and so on.
  • Remove all large plates. Cook in small portions and get used to eating from small plates.
  • Use the benefits of civilization to your advantage . For example, applications that will help you in your work on yourself – calorie counters, counters wound for a day kilometers, and so on.
  • Keep a blog about your successes – and the methods of struggle. It is advisable to lead it on the relevant website, where your works will be of interest to people who are at war with being overweight at the same time as you.
  • Do not be too rigid and demanding – this is fraught with a breakdown and depression, and then a quick set of even more solid weight. But at the same time, do not let yourself get out of your diet, exercise, and so on. It is better to practice 10 minutes a day, but without exceptions and days off, than for 1-2 hours, and periodically lazily “forgetting” about training. It is better to eat boiled chicken / beef than to succumb to the lack of meat in the diet in general.
  • Do not get hysterical if you find yourself getting better again. Analyze – by which you have recovered, draw conclusions and act according to them.
  • Remember that only a few will truly believe in you. And maybe no one in you will not believe. But this is not your problem. Because you have your own tasks and your own way of life. And to prove that you have willpower, you should not only them, but exclusively yourself.
  • Do not weigh yourself every day. It’s just not necessary. It’s enough to get on the scales once a week or two. Then the result will be really tangible.
  • Do not think that only a diet on buckwheat will return you an elastic ass, as in youth. For whatever business you undertake, it will require an integrated approach. In this case, the diet should always be combined with physical activity and activity, changing the way of life in general.

The main mistakes that in the fight against excess weight lead … to excess weight

For success, the goal and your motivation are important. And like, everything is clear and laid out on the shelves, but for some reason, as a result of this “fierce struggle” with the extra centimeters of these extra centimeter becomes more and more.

What if the weight does not go away even with diet and exercise?

What’s wrong?

  • Fighting extra pounds . Yes, it is this struggle that prevents you from dumping those extra centimeters. Stop fighting with excess weight – start to enjoy the process of losing weight. Look for those methods, ways and diets that will be fun. Any “penal service” in this matter is a barrier to the beautiful contours of the body. Remember, struggling with weight and striving for ease – these are two different motivations and, accordingly, tasks, both for the purposes and means of achieving them.
  • Motivation. Lose weight “for the summer” or for a specific figure on the scales – this is the wrong motivator. Your goal should be more understandable, deeper and really powerful.
  • Negative mood. If you are pre-configured for a war with excess weight, and yet are confident of their defeat (“I can not”, “I can not shoulder” and so on), then you will never achieve the goal. Look around. Many people who successfully shed weight, regained not only the ease of movement, but also the elasticity of new contours, because they did not just want it, but clearly went to the goal. If they succeed, why do not you get it? Whichever excuses you think up now in answering this question, remember: if you are not sure of yourself, then you have chosen the wrong motivation.
  • You do not need to give up food , then go into a depression , eagerly look at the plates visitors cafe and make at night the brutal raids on the refrigerator on the principle of “not survive a single cutlet.” Why bring yourself to hysteria? First, give up mayonnaise, bread, fast food and fatty foods. When you get used to replace mayonnaise with olive oil, and rolls with biscuits, you can go to the second level – to replace the usual desserts (buns, cakes, candy-chocolate) with useful ones. When you unbearably want a sweet one, you do not need to rush into the shop for a cake – bake yourself apples with nuts and honey in the oven. The teeth are constantly itching, and you want to chew something? Make in the skillet crumbs of black bread with garlic and gnaw on your health. The next level is the replacement of dinner with milky-curd delicacy of minimal fat content, and so on. Remember that everything needs a habit. You can not just take and refuse immediately from everything – the body will require an alternative. So look for an alternative first, and only then start yourself to prohibit everything – slowly, step by step.
  • High lath. It is important to know that the norm of losing weight, reasonable and useful, with a lasting effect – is a maximum of 1.5 kg per week. Do not try to lose more! This will only harm the body (especially dangerous such extreme weight loss for the cores, as well as kidney disease, etc.), in addition, the weight will quickly return back on the principle of “yo-yo.”

Well, of course, remember that you need a full and competent sleep mode. After all, lack of sleep only provokes stress and the production of ghrelin (almost “gremlin”) – the hormone of hunger.

Stay calm and lose weight with pleasure!

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